Mother+Father Wounds Triggered in Mars -Pleiades Close Conjunction ~ March 6, 2021

The Pleiades is the seat of our Consciousness and assists with our reconnection to higher Consciousness with Alcyone being an important Stargate with respect to a souls journey of incarnation and rebirth on earth. So any conjunction with Pleiades warrants attention, like the closest mars conjunction on the 3;3 Gateway( key aspect – release of emotional baggage) Pleiades is said to be the celestial representative of The Divine Cow Goddess Hathor, The Divine Mother, who provides sustenance, milk and food to all during life, after life and rebirth.

She who sustained , nourishes and nurtures us between her Horns of Abundance / cornucopia. The two major challenges a soul faces on its ascension into higher intelligence journey on Earth are the Mother Wound and The Father Wound , and it is in the very unravelling and healing of these two major wounds that insights, compassion, empathy are administered into our soul essence from which birth our greatest Soul gifts and skills. And it is exactly these two wounds that might be triggered via this Mars Pleiades close conjunction (closest since 1991-2038).

If the Mother figure / central caretaker has been in victim/ survival mode ,she will not be able to provide the child with the Love, nurturing ,protection and safe space to grow and flourish and wise wisdom and counsel to sustain the often confusing growth process .

If the Father Figure is excessively controlling , exacting and demanding , Fear drives the primary reflexes and responses of the child and as we know fear stunts growth esp emotional and psychological growth. Both the wounds lead to a sense of abandonment and sense of loss and further leads to dissociation with our physical embodiment and sense of being and belongingness further complicating our relationship to self and others.

So if you are being triggered during the past few days of this close encounter of Mars (masculine principle) and Pleiades (divine mother) you may need to delve into the deep waters of understanding , empathy and Forgiveness of your primary caretakers as being simply unable/ ill equipped to Step up to the Plate in terms of Nurturer and Protector as they were functioning from a place of sheer Survival and woundedness themselves and possibly knew no better.

And therein lies the OPPERTUNITY for you to BREAK the cycles of woundings and abandonment and instead aligning with empathy and compassion and forgiveness. And therein lies your Greatest Gift and Purpose!! …of being the Present, Aware, Conscious mentor to future generations who lives by Intention (as opposed to victim hood and survival) and leaves the following as a Legacy for the New to Rise;-

@Liberation and

@Freedom (from pain and suffering),

@Sovereignty ( responsible for their own healing and well-being)

@Compassionate ,

@Humble and

@Courageous And thus we BEcome and create ….Future

@Masters …The New Foundations for the New Age …

EnLight ,



By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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