Anrita Melchizedek ~ March 2021

Welcome to this beautiful 333 Gateway (03-03-21) beloved hearts.

This gateway brings through the invitation of renewed balance and equilibrium, as well as a deepening sense of the heart’s calling along the Path of Christos-Sophia, the path of Unity and Divine Love through the embrace of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine archetypes.

As Flames of Divinity, we deepen into the Flame of Divine Love through Self-Love and Love for our brothers and sisters, as well as drawing to us the remembrance and knowing of ourselves as the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of the Light. Through all Golden Ages, as the sons and daughters of God, we have anchored the Christos-Sophia Light codes, and ignited the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom within our loving hearts and within the hearts of all awakening and awakened Souls.

As Sisters and Brothers of the Light, we are facing unprecedented times as we dissolve lower karmic timelines and embrace all that arises to know ourselves as Love. More so, at this time of perceived polarization, as the shadow is embraced into the Light, we release the suppression of the Divine Feminine and the suppression of the Divine Masculine, which created the “war of the sexes” and dimmed the Light of the goddess.

These timelines were important to bring us to this point, this Now moment, where we are asked to simply trust and surrender to All THAT IS, knowing that all is unfolding for the highest good of humanity and that we are indeed accelerating into the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light. So let us take a moment to set our sacred space as we move deeper into the essence of our Divinity as the Light of God We Are.

Breathing deeply into the body, as you focus on the breath. Expanding the lower abdomen on the in-breath, contracting the lower abdomen on the out-breath, as you breathe in through the nose, and breathe out through the mouth. As One Heart and One Unified Field of Light, you now experience the activation of the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom deep within your loving heart. As the three-fold Flame activates more deeply now through the heart and thymus, you release all that is ready to be released in this Now, as you breathe in Love, hold the breath, and breathe out all that is ready to be released.

Breathing in Love, holding the breath, breathing out all that is ready to be released. You have a sense now of this beautiful, three-fold Flame expanding from within your loving hearts into each chakra, now into each body part and organ, and now around the body and energy field. As this beautiful flame continues to expand into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, it touches into the hearts of all awakening and awakened Souls, and now the hearts of all humanity. Wonderful, sweet ones. Bring a focus now to your body. If there is any level of discomfort within your body, you gently move your body from side to side or backwards and forwards, as you find that perfect balance for you right now, to deepen into grace and ease and harmony.

And now, as this beautiful three-fold Flame continues to expand and bathe all life upon this sacred Earth, amplified through this 333 Gateway, you connect to the Heart of One, and the Flame of Divine Love. You now find yourself in a beautiful ceremonial circle with your Brothers and Sisters, Soul and Star Family as One Heart and One Love. Feeling yourself drawn to colors, senses, scents, images, seated in the Heart of Love, you now state: In the space of Divine Love, as One Heart and One Love and One Unified Field of Light, I bring my Self into my Heart’s Temple, and into the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom within my loving heart.

Surrounded in these beautiful Flames of Divine Love, I now experience the healing of my wounded Feminine Spirit, releasing the subjugation, victimhood and persecution of the Divine Feminine Principle through all timelines, parallel realities, universes and dimensions, as I step into a deeper level of appreciation of my Self, of loving and nurturing and forgiving my Self. I now embrace my inner victim within my Heart’s Temple, I now embrace all the sub-personality aspects of my Self, needing to be integrating at this time, through my Divine Love and the Love of Mother/Father God.

And now, as I experience the integration of my Divine Feminine Spirit, loving, appreciating, and letting go, I merge with my Divine Masculine Spirit, amplifying the energy of Who I AM in my magnificence and preciousness, in completion and wholeness, equilibrium and balance, Love, appreciation and One Unity Consciousness, through the alchemical marriage of my Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypes of Light.

And so it is, and so it shall be.

Enjoy the 333 Gateway Beloved Hearts.

Lovingly Anrita Melchizedek source:

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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