Judith Kusel ~ February 25, 2021

The Sprouting of New Life on New Planet Earth Opportunity is beckoning.

New horizons.

New Beginnings.

New Life.

The 7th dimensional Vibrational frequency band of the New Earth is now making itself felt in immensely powerful ways, and truly, those who was now stepping into the New Earth and totally leaving the Old Earth behind forever, will find a new and stupendously vibrant life-force entering them, lifting ever higher and higher and indeed, into a totally new life in a totally new world.

Its life beyond anything we ever experienced on Old Earth – indeed the new life now sprouting forth is one of harmony and beautiful balance, of co-creatorship and thus highest soul mastery.

It is unlike anything we ever lived or encountered before.

While we still are in the Old earth and the 3D, we cannot even image the freedom which the New Earth is bringing, and with it balance, harmony and thus life in a much higher dimensional vibrational frequency band.

This goes beyond anything science fiction could ever churn up, and indeed is it multi-dimensional, for from the 7th dimension, access is granted to even higher dimensional state, and indeed moves up in levels of Creation not even known to man, as yet.

Indeed, in this moment, there is a vital force, a powerful life force moving through those souls who already have left the old earth behind, and this is going to escalate. Indeed, new seeds of life are sprouting forth from deep within.

The most powerful cosmic energies are pouring in, as more and more keys and codes are activated within these souls, to jog the soul memory banks and to assist them to navigate the New Earth and the higher dimensional frequency bands, and more than this, to fully start to adopt the much higher Light-body form and co-create from deep within.

For the New Creation, is one of harmony and balance within.

It means to take full responsibility for every thought you think, your own self-talk, every word you speak or write, every action you take, or do not take.

Indeed life on the New Earth is like this:

You are the artist, and you have this clean canvas in front of you. First you close your eyes, and you feel deep love and inspiration filling you, as you are ATONE with the Divine and embrace the highest divinity within you, as you step fully into your highest soul truth, as a master.

You now have crystal clear clarity of what you wish to co-create from your heart and soul and with great love.

You have a palette filled with the new earth colours and paint brushes which are higher dimensional. You can now co-create the most magnificent, vibrant, harmonic life, in all ways you can imagine, or not imagine. Indeed, as you start painting, you become a Divine Instrument and the New Creation takes on shape and form, which is truly magical – beyond you own imaginings.

The more you paint and create, the more inspired you become. I

ndeed, so love co-creating the New Golden Age, with great love, that you literally step into the painting you are creating, and BECOME it!

This is the new life on New Earth!

Miracles are indeed happening right here and right now!

Judith Kusel

http://www.judithkusel.com P

Photo Credit: Josephine Wall

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