February 20, 2021: Caution—Exposing, Tearing Down, and Rebuilding in Progress [videos] ~ February 21, 2021

The world Humanity occupies currently is an aberration of Creation. It was never meant to be this way. It was twisted and poisoned beyond recognition. Unfortunately, we have gradually grown accustomed to the damage and adapted.

As tragic as the Human condition appears at the moment, there are light-hearted aspects but we may have to dig to find them. Our new world is birthing and we are creating it as we go. More and more people have donned their hard hats and joined the construction crew—under the tutelage of the Master Builder; Donald Trump.

We hear President Trump will never go back to Twitter. Who cares? Why go back? Always move forward. Perhaps the President will come up with his own social media platform as rumoured.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as they say.

YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview

We can see things are changing… gradually. Australia appears to be making an attempt to climb out of the pit of despair and join the land of the living and the push-back is evident. Canada can no longer fully access Australian media, oddly enough, but we can.

WOW! Australian Media Runs Segment on Joe Biden’s Dementia! — Something the Poisonous US Media Still Lies About

Of course we know it’s all theatre because the man behind the mask is not Joe Biden. And it IS a mask. Truly. At least some of the time. Even Simon Parkes believes we see a combination of clones, body doubles, and tech when the imposter Citizen Biden is on camera.

This will warm the cockles of your heart, folks. Please take a minute to look at this feel-good story from Texas that will restore your faith in Humanity. This the kind of thing I expect to hear about in a crisis situation, because that’s who Humanity really is. I recall in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, etc. when the residents of the battered communities were giving the hapless FEMA workers on site (to do what?)—a hot cup of coffee.

Personally, I don’t think it wise to mess with Texas. Here in the wild west we don’t take kindly to attacks on our freedoms or our way of life. If weather warfare played a role in this “Texageddon”—we will find out.

1/5 Went searching for drinking water today and found the @foodaramatx at Ella and 18th open.

The line of customers wrapped around the entire inside of the store as two cashiers worked their tails off to ring everyone up.

I’d made it about 1/4 of the way when the power went out pic.twitter.com/9v1jTWw8nf

— Jason Spencer (@JSpencer_HCSO) February 17, 2021

Mike Adams, “the Health Ranger” and a Texas resident brings us more information on what has transpired in the Lonestar State during the deep freeze. He says the media is not fully reporting on just how bad it really is and he explains why it has become such a difficult and dangerous situation.

In this detailed chronicle of the past several days from his personal perspective, he explains the numerous ways the system has failed, the impact on Texans, and how it could have been avoided. Most of us never believed we needed to be “preppers” but as we’ve said countless times, President Trump urged all Americans to prepare to be self-sufficient for a couple of weeks, at least. Most didn’t believe it was necessary.

Despite the death toll, Mike does see amusing aspects to it and the absurdity comes through in a few chuckles for us, surprisingly enough. I was glad I listened because I learned a lot about what a broken power grid really means to Humans long-term—even less than a week. Listen to the podcast here.

If failing energy systems and no power or hot water wasn’t enough, Mike’s dog fell through the ice in his pond and had to be rescued. Here’s that podcast.

The winter storm which has engulfed the eastern USA has millions without power in Mississippi and Alabama, as well. In Texas the power is returning to “most”, they say, but there are still millions who have to boil their drinking water. How can this happen in an advanced civilization, you might ask. It’s not like America is a third world country. There are distinct reasons for it, as will become evident. Many reasons.

What has Biden done to help? Did he jump on the emergency aid to relieve the suffering and save lives the way Trump did when the storms hit Cuba, Florida, and California was in flames? I never heard a thing until late this morning, a week later. The storm affected basically all of Texas, which is why some suspect foul play and weather manipulation. What are the chances?

Was Texas not declared “hostile territory” by the globalists on the Jade Helm 15 map? Just sayin’.

Biden signs major disaster declaration for 77 Texas counties, but governor asked for all 254

Thanks, Joe. That’s akin to a $600 relief cheque for unemployed and starving Americans after a year of Covid measures that did NOTHING but destroy the economy and kill people. If it weren’t for Trump’s generous stimulus cheques, it would have been a lot worse. If the cabal’s crony corporations didn’t have their hands out stealing relief funds perhaps you could have managed to cover all the counties in Texas.

We hope relief will come to all the people affected by storm Uri very soon. Has anyone discussed the significance of the name “Uri”, by the way? I’ve not heard anything.

Who would have ever thought people would die of hypothermia in their own homes in a southern state like Texas? A few did. Always remember to check in on the elderly and infirm in a crisis, folks. They’re usually the last to ask for help and may not realize they’re in danger.

This is the other side of the coin from the benevolent stranger story above. We’ve revealed that the globalist crony capitalists are profiting massively from the Scamdemic, and here’s just one more disgusting example.

Those who got in early on the mask manufacturing are killing it now—and us.

There is no limit to how low these vermin in Minnesota (red state) will stoop, but while they’re down there… off with their heads!

Homeland Security Says It Has Seized Roughly 10 Million Phony N95 Masks

Just how far will the slimeballs go to ensure the White Hats don’t out their revolting sex predation and worse to the public? We’ve already seen Fauci wipe his nose on the sleeve of his suit jacket on live television. Look at Justine Turdeau making an ass of himself. You’ve no doubt seen his Indian dancing. This is a piece of cake for a drama queen. They would do anything to avoid We, the People coming after them with pitchforks and torches—and ropes! Watch them perform like trained monkeys, and bravo to the White Hat handlers. If this really is Trudeau and not an actor, it’s got to wake up a few people.

On a scale from 7 to 10, how high do you think Trudeau is right now?pic.twitter.com/AXSkxh9ROS

— Keean Bexte (@TheRealKeean) February 18, 2021

Also in Canada… if you’re one of those skeptical sorts who says, “They would never do that,” well… read on. They did. There is nothing these psychopaths won’t do. When the truth comes out about the despicable crimes they have perpetrated on Humanity there will be people wretching in the streets. Some will not be able to wrap their heads around it.

The Covid crisis cracked the door so they could get their foot in and show Canadians just what tyranny really is. This article exposes the most egregious over-stepping of government powers and the blow-back from the public. We must address this and fight back.

Canadian Govt Sued For Forceful Quarantine Of Citizens At Secret Locations

I listened to a travel update from Dr. Rashid Buttar yesterday wherein he disclosed that on his return from Mexico to the USA, the absurd demands and restrictions appeared to be solely a function of the airlines, not the US government. Once they debarked, no one at the airport in America asked to see Covid testing documentation or proof of health whatsoever. It was just like the old days. It’s time for the airline monopolies to go, is it not?

We’ve been watching a series on Television now that we’re caught up with “Yellowstone” called “Big Sky” which is supposed to be in Montana but it’s actually filmed in Pitt Meadows, BC, near Coquitlam (Vancouver). It’s about a sicko degenerate with “mother issues” who teams up with a Montana Highway Patrol officer and abducts teenagers/young women to sell as sex slaves.

They have shown an aerial view of a farm a few times that is probably supposed to suggest the Pickton Pig Farm where the bodies of the prostitutes, etc. the cabal were finished with were disposed of as pig food. If you can extrapolate that, and you eat pork… It will all come out, Canada.

Willie Pickton actually stated he was the fall guy. Indeed. And implicated the RCMP. Of course. That’s why the worst crimes on the planet continue decade after decade. Law enforcement are in on it. Bought and paid for with our tax dollars.

Pickton says he is innocent of the murders, and says the RCMP made him the fall guy for the deaths, according to CTV.  Source

The activities of the “elite” like Justin Trudeau, the Queen of England, Prince Phillip, Popes, and others will eventually be revealed. The rape, torture, and murder of millions of aboriginal people, prostitutes and homeless women, and on another tangent, the little native kids tortured and dismembered at the Indian Residential Schools and their mangled remains buried in mass graves.

Unlike Red Rose tea, it’s not only in Canada, however. Ireland too, and many other places. It’s always covered up or passed off as a “hoax”. How do we begin to make this right and honour the dead when it’s not even skeletons but portions of skeletons, headless, bones hacked up into pieces?

Fie on anyone who dares to turn their back on this information and pretend it never happened and doesn’t matter because THEY didn’t know about it. The days of reckoning are upon us. Debts must be paid. Retribution is mandatory, and justice is coming.

Former Vancouver Reverend Kevin Annett has written many books and spearheaded operations to expose and arrest the pedophiles and pedovores. Learn more at his website, Murder By Decree.

If you don’t believe Canada (the Republic of Kanata) is a hotbed for genocide and sexual predation, perhaps you should tune in to the video interviews with Dr. David Hawkins on Spiritual Revolution Radio who explains that the “elite” had betting pools for entertainment on how long it would take for a victim to actually die when they tortured them and cut them up.

Snuff films (where innocent people really die) were streamed on Canadian Internet for the cabal sickos to get their giggles in real time and make a bundle on their bets.

It’s time for these demonic “things” (they’re hardly Human) to be removed from our planet. I can’t for the life of me understand why these videos with Bishop Larry Gaiters are still on YouTube. Hawkins holds nothing back. In a series of videos he discusses not only the Human trafficking in Canada, but how his research reveals they pulled off 9/11 and many other horrific crimes of the New World Order.

Dr. Hawkins resides in Canada and is the other half of the Abel Danger team with former Marine Field McConnell.

It’s no longer a question of what would they dare to do, it’s what wouldn’t they dare to do? They’ve done it all from taking down passenger airplanes full of people to destroying helicopters of SEAL Teams to blowing up buildings with daycares in them. Humans are their entertainment.


I find this missive on Gab from The Real Dark Judge foreboding for the dark cabal clowns and indicative of the activities ongoing behind the scenes.

https://gab.com/ROYALMRBADNEWS/posts/105757664607023748THEREALDARKJUDGE@ROYALMRBADNEWS ·

ps- cia meet you the nightmare known as the judges.

you already fear q.

you will learn to fear us.

q will be kind.

we are not q.

chirp chirp.

One of the biggest stories we’re following is, of course, the Supreme Court ruling on the blatant election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Sidney Powell brought us an update, as did Lin Wood. We may need to wait until Monday for any forward momentum or indication of whether SCOTUS will perform in a constitutional manner or fail the People.

Sidney Powell Issues A Statement As SCOTUS Considers Multiple Election-Related Cases

I  just found this and started to listen. If you like Simon Parkes and Doug Billings, there’s a new update video from that duo. Simon affirms he believes the new QFS is ‘IMMINENT’. I certainly hope so. Humanity cannot withstand another delay like the last twenty. We need the Quantum Financial System in place yesterday. Simon explains why the current system is feeding on us, in a slave system, and why we must and deserve to break free. 50 min.

LT has a new video update from And We Know today. 43 min.

2.20.21: Many more exposed! Resignations CONTINUE! Pray!

The Covid hoax is, we hear, understood by perhaps 70 per cent of the population at this point. We can hope—and must not comply! We are not slaves, or barnyard animals, or criminals. We have a right to live our lives as we see fit because we are healthy. No symptoms—no disease. This is brilliant. Thank you to the creator.

There’s a very happy birdie on the lamp standard outside my window and I think from up there he can see an end to this criminal farce.

That’s it for now, my friends. I’m on my second giant cup of tea and it’s almost time for walkies.

Most of my images failed to come through in the preview of the post. I do hope they show up in the published version. There are some excellent ones, if I do say so myself.

Soldier on… do what you can to share the Light and make the world a better place.

Gratitude goes out to the crew for their portion of the material. We couldn’t do it without you. Do peruse the comments for a lot more information from them and sources to explore.

Enjoy your weekend, possums, and thank you for all you do. No matter what happens, it’s all good, and we’ve got this. Never doubt it.  ~ BP

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