Dearest Beings of Light,

The profound LIGHT that is LOVE.

You are BEcoming more and more familiar with the possibility to work in the invisible fields of Quantum LIGHT to support your Healing and your Ascension Evolution.

You are BEcoming more and more sensitive to the experiences; you are feeling the Energy more profoundly; many are seeing the energy, sometimes for the first time.

And we understand the Potential, the Power, the Joy of this Awakening.

And as we celebrate your personal evolution, we Honour you, understanding the journey is fraught with challenges, and the moments of integration are sometimes mysterious and yet profound.

We say to you, you are in the process of BEcoming.

You are learning to embody a HIGHER Dimensional LIGHT. And this, Dear Ones, is an integration.

And in the process of integration, many things change.

There are adjustments that occur to help move you into space where you can experience and realize, meaning make real your Multidimensional nature.

As you learn to take your first steps in the field of Quantum Possibilities and the Mechanics of operating in this frame of Energy, we understand it is at first a Mysterious Endeavour.

So much of what restricts you in this Evolution is simply related to the programming of the old energy structure.

For when you were born, you were born into a world of Denser Consciousness.

The Energy Paradigm of the planet is BE-ing adjusted, as you know. The Earth is changing, and you are changing.

As we term this a ‘rise in vibrational energy’, we adjust our language a little bit, for this is too simple for the profundity of that which you are learning to embody.

For you see, Dear Ones, you are not simply learning to raise your vibration. You are learning to radiate.

The energy that you are beginning to embody through the axis of your own SOUL’s integration is a profound LIGHT that creates, within and around you, a Sphere of Energy.

And in this Sphere Magic Happens. There is Healing available to you in this space.

But beyond Healing, there is an understanding that the embodiment of this Energy creates an environment around you that allows you to maintain your experience in a Multi-Dimensional frame of thinking.

When you remember this, and you align yourself with this possibility, you grow more and more profoundly into this realization, this potential.

And part of the journey is to BEcome Aware of the elements of Consciousness, or shall we say lack of Consciousness, that allows you to descend in your experience into a vibration where you no longer recognize the validity of the HIGHER Vibrational State.

And it will appear as if you have lost this experience. Because of the nature of the transition, you will feel yourself ebb and flow into moments of HIGHER vibrational experience, and the sensation of losing it again.

So we take this opportunity to remind you of concepts that may seem elementary, but they are only elementary in terms of the perspective of learning. They are not elementary in the perspective of integration.

For you are learning to Master the posture of inner peace that is your birthright in the essence of your SOUL.

And so, we say to you, in the fields of energy of the Earth, it can be very challenging at times, to re-harmonize your experience.

And the tools that we present are simply to help you remember, be aware, and recalibrate your experiences. The purpose of this is simply to allow yourself to experience the Truth of your own internal essence.

For you see, in this natural state of BEing, you remember who you are. As a SOUL, you are unencumbered by the worries of the world.

This does not mean the world is unimportant – it simply means you learn to embody an energy that allows you to BE in the world in a different way. It is BEcoming increasingly transparent that there is a choice point emerging on the planet.

The reason we say this to you is to understand the Energy Crystallizing the old energy paradigm is BEginning to Dismantle. This will make it easier for you to accomplish those things of which we speak.

Even the most evolved among you will still encounter their own challenges with these teachings, although they are simple, they are profound.

But the Energy of the future will support this as a natural state of BEing, and you will slowly grow into an Energy and an Environment where this is the natural way for all of you to BE.

This is the process of Ascension.

As the Energy of the planet, through your intention to Ascend, through your choice to Ascend, invites this transformation.

And it is a beautiful transition into an Energy that is more buoyant and more full of possibility and potential than the Energy of old times.

As you move in the days ahead, you will see that your efforts are supported. The Energy of Balance will be easier and easier to achieve and easier to maintain.

As the Energy that is old in our terms BEgins to disintegrate, you will see in the physical world that its creations are less supported, more transparent, and understood.

Try to BE in a space of Equanimity and Observation, and do Not allow yourself to be entangled in the strife of the mental and emotional conflict that it presents.

We say to you over and over, you are learning to be in the world yet not of it, but this does not mean you are not of the planet earth. It means you are not of the vibration that is creating the drama.

To the 3D mind, this may seem limited as an approach, for you are used to solving your problems at the same level of reality at which they occur, and your struggle with the Energy seems real.

But we invite you to learn to operate in the New Space BEcoming available through the evolution of your own Spiritual Awakening.

From a place of SOUL’s observation you will feel the Compassion and the understanding to stay Present, and Balanced, and Whole.

Take a moment to register how you feel in your body at this moment. Allow it to serve as an anchor of Consciousness, a place you can return to at any time. Feel the LOVE we hold for you.

Not just in this Moment, but Always. We are eternally proud of your accomplishments, of your resilience, of your tenacity to find the Magic of your SOUL and the LOVE of the Creator within you.

Metaphorically we bow our heads in Honour, and we remind you that together, through the LIGHT of the Eternal Sun, we are with you, We are ONE.

SIRIAN BLUE WHITE COLLECTIVE Channeled through Dr John Ryan

Artist: unknown ❤️*PLEASE SHARE*❤️

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By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. I’m beginning energy healing treatment this week to assist in rewiring the chaos and old energy pattern still with me. This post is a cosmic confirmation. Thank you.


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