HORIZON OF GREAT CHANGE… Feb 2021 ~ February 20, 2021

2-Eagle, Ascend higher…According to the ASCENSION Code of the Mayan Calendar, the “EVOLUTION of Divine Time” has reached a precipice of Great CHANGE, the change is bringing a shift from an immature to a mature state of consciousness. Thus, the Hearts Primordial Light is transmuting the poison of the immature STATE of the Global Mind…

We are made of the SOURCE LIGHT of the EVOLVING Universe, by this process the cyclical waves of Creation – reflected in the Mayan calendar – have grown the Cosmic TREE OF LIFE to Completion so that it’s awareness on the highest level, seeded in the human mind, can live COMPLETE and thus change itself to be true to the memory of the Dream of Divine Time…Because of this GREAT CHANGE is on the horizon, what is happening is all the restoration of the imbalance from our collective Global Mind having gone off center from Divine Time…

It can be understood why WE as a collective Global Mind have gone off center, simply because we have been evolving to the highest level of consciousness and at the time – before the Great Completion of 2011/12 – did not fully know or understand the consequences of the manipulation we influenced the natural habitat of Earth and Time by, time veiled our awareness to paradoxically advance civilization but in the process we disconnected ourselves from nature and have almost destroy ourselves on Earth. We are learning now that something must be done, right action must be taken, albeit only a very few people are getting the seriousness of the situation we are in, but as we evolve more will become Enlightened and Awaken and this will shift the Global Mind to be in resonance with the WILL of nature.

A QUANTUM shift of sort on a PLANETARY level is scheduled for Sept 2021 when time reaches the midpoint of the 7th Night of the Seventh Wave, also entering the 12th Night of the Eighth Wave, the Divine Energy of sacred change will pull the mind to look even deeper “within” and heal the emotional wound. The attached writing in the link below shares more TIME KEEPING insight…What has happened on Earth has happened because CREATION allowed it to happen, the code of Creation is Divinely Planning everything to happen to a schedule, this is what the 9 level Mayan calendar shows us, the code has been in an immature state up to the “Great Completion of 2011/12”, but now the code is mature and is transcending the immature imprints on Time, this means that the Global Mind is being transcended by the Universal Heart of Creation.

The Primordial frequency of the Heart is transcending the duality of the mind. This process is what Ninth Wave frequency can be understood to align to, it can be understood to be seeding Heaven on Earth with the fully mature LIGHT of Divine understanding, this LIGHT is true to the Universal Heart of Divine Time, if we live true to our Heart we are aligned to Divine Time. This is like a default setting that the mind can trust itself with, it gives the mind a sense of certainty and raises our vibration to be at peace and happy…Deeper insight is at this lattest writing on the Universal Frequency page –https://www.facebook.com/415985961831414/posts/3577026952393950/

Here is an extract – “Besides the 8th and 9th level of consciousness the importance of the 6th and 7th level must be considered, the maturity it is evolving time by will have a bearing on the longer term. It is complex yet simple, but it takes deep study to comprehend the consequences of what the future is being opened to, whatever happens the energies are going to challenge humanity, simply because we have as a collective SOUL veered so far off center from Divine Time.”No matter what, I remain ever optimistic because the change in our WORLD is for the greater good of the WHOLE.Today is 2-Eagle, 2 creates a reaction, Eagle ascends to a higher view to see the overall perspective, its a day of heightened aspiration and taking new aim. In the 101st Night of the Ninth Wave.Dr Carl Johan Calleman
shares important work in his books – www.calleman.com.

Thank you to the Mayan Day Keepers of Divine Time. Thank you to all spiritual Rainbow Warriors of sacred Universal Light and Love.

Sean Caulfieldwww.theuniversalfrequency.com

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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