Editor’s Note: Although I acknowledge I Am Quantum, I still acknowledge Lord Ashtar always BEing over my right shoulder. How is this possible? This BEing is an aspect of vibrational Divinity which I acknowledge and accept,yet have moved beyond in terms of personal consideration.

It’s like seeing a certain dog you love and have a personal relationship with, and yet then turn to love ALL dogs because, well, they represent all you love about dogs! And then your love of dogs leads to loving ALL pets, etc. etc.

So…please read this article which brings us some great information, consider the evolution of your own spiritual growth, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler with a message for all of you today along with the entire Angelic High Kingdom as well.

We’re going to talk to you today about the road that you are on, we’re going to talk to you today about what we see that is very exciting coming up for you in the future and we’re going to talk about the energy that is coming to the planet now to assist you. So first we’re going to talk about the road that you’re on. You are on a road that has been a slippery slope, we’re going to say. You are going through a lot of bumps in the road as you clear your chakras, as you purge what isn’t needed anymore.

It’s very been a very emotional past, probably this last six months to a year but this road that you’ve been on is coming to an end, this road that you have been pushing yourself forward on is going to shift. A huge shift is coming up very soon for all of you, a lot of you that are lightworkers, a lot of you that are the starseeds, a lot of you that are the wayshowers and the ones who are really lifting the collective up in light.

You are seeing a shift in humanity, you are seeing a lot of people pull back, not be so angry about speaking their peace and forcing it on everyone else, you are seeing people are taking more of a quiet position now, going a bit more within, that is because a lot of you that are come down to hold the light.

You have been able to hold enough light as the light workers, starseeds, wayshowers you have been able to hold enough light that then in turn holds the space for these people the collective of humanity to shift.

So the collective is shifting, the collective is going through a lot of purging as well but the collective of humanity, from all the work that all of you have done, shining so much light, walking the walk with them, doing what is needed, knowing that it is best at times to go back into your heart, let that be out there and know that the journey  is within as well.

You have been holding the light, you’ve been carrying a torch we’re going to say for those to start to wake up and it may not look like it but they are.

You’ve been holding the light for them as well. It is working, they are shifting the vibrations up with the energies coming onto the planet. A lot of what we see is a collective that was so angry now settling back into more peace, is now not taking the media and the news so serious.

A lot of people are now realizing that a lot of what they’re hearing and seeing on the news is not the truth and they’re now looking for their truth.

They’re not believing everything they hear, they’re deciphering it. They’re having and using discernment, they’re seeing what resonates with them what they’re going to believe and what they’re not going to believe and on top of that they’re not being as judgmental about it as they were before .

So although a lot of you probably don’t see what we see in the high councils and the high collectives of light, from the higher realms. We see shifts, we see you shifting, we see enough of you that have come down to hold the light to send peace out, to be more in your hearts, to really heal and help humanity. It’s working, a lot of humanity is waking up, they’re shifting their consciousness to higher vibration, they’re shifting how they navigate and that is what is so important. they’re navigating differently they’re not letting the external lead them.

They’re stepping back a little bit and saying i’m not sure i believe that, i think this may be the way they’re taking more control of their lives so again you may not see it but this is huge.

So there has been two different ways, we’re going to say, huge timelines, walks, paths, and there’s been a dichotomy :

1. there’s been one path all of you that are awakened are on, all of you that are the healers and helping are on and holding the light

2. and there’s been the other path of those that are sleeping that are still unconscious to the fact that they have their own choices they can be making ; they’re still letting others make them for them but you’re both moving forward on a road, two separate roads and we see coming up an intersection.

You’re going to intersect. They’re waking up , you’re holding the light, you’re shifting your vibration higher, they’re grasping that they have their own minds and they can make up their minds for themselves they’re actually waking up becoming more conscious and really thinking about what they want, the two paths are about to intersect and when they intersect you’re going to have a huge unification. You’re going to have a unifying of the collective of light, you’re going to have a unifying of the entire, we’re going to say « ball »of humanity that is on this planet.

This is huge. You’re going to merge into one, you’re going to learn to operate more together and thinking what is best from the greatest good of all, not the greater good of one. This is still a way for this kind of thinking to really take hold on the planet but you’re going to start holding more compassion, you’re going to start holding less judgment.

The road over here is merging with  that road, this road all of you are holding so much light.  you’re shining your light on these people so that they can start to feel that they have their own rights and mind, that they have their own freedom, that they can take back the power that they’ve always had it but they’ve lost it out here somewhere.

So both these roads intersecting is huge. You’re going to be joined as one big body of light. There’s a lot of work to do after the joining but you’re going to become a more compassionate society, you’re going to become a society bathed in more light, operating from your heart more and learning to journey with others, learning to hold compassion for animals, plants, Mother Earth, sea creatures all that’s on the planet as well and holding that in your heart.

For if you value all that’s on the planet, all life on the planet, as you value your own, you will start to see you’re not only all one but you are then living in your heart ; you are just as compassionate towards the sea creatures, the animals, the plant kingdom, Mother Earth and caring about her, as you’re going to be caring about yourself and you’re also going to be caring about humanity as well, so these are huge steps.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire Angelic High Kingdom are very excited to be bringing through this message through this channeler. Your two paths are intersecting, those that are waking up, those that are holding so much light. You’re doing your work starseeds, you’re doing your work lightworkers, you’re doing your work all those that are holding the light and living in their heart and holding space for those to wake up. It’s done in another now moment it’s done.

So i Lord Ashtar look forward to bringing through many more messages for all of you. I’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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