Free Awesome Energy Surge will Boost Your Body and Soul, Feb 17th ~ February 17, 2021

Hey, you’re already signed up for this one.
It’s a cosmic bonus for all of humanity, the whole planet, this Wednesday.

(Dare I sound a little odd? Perhaps, according to old paradigms.)

My friends and I have been feeling shifts of energy in ourselves for months if not years. Sometimes electrical tingling sensations, or a tremor in one ear or elsewhere, or a high-pitched hum, a fatigue when there’s no good reason for it, or feeling spacy, altered in a new way.
We have felt any number of new vibrations.
Maybe you have, too?

Certainly hospital nurses, EMTs,  policemen and women have always observed the way behaviors are heightened and challenges are amplified during the full moon energy.
These shifts of energy are not brand new to us.
Some of us feel them more than others.

If Wednesday February 17th 2021 feels odd, different, extra emotional or amazingly peaceful, you will know it is simply an energy adjustment.
For we are electrical beings, and the whole universe is electrical.

I heard about this upcoming event from my friend Dr. James Martin Peebles, who says:

You are one big beautiful family upon the earth, God bless you indeed.
We love you so very much.
There is coming upon the earth in this year of 2021 on the day of February 17th an electrical charge of energy that is going to drive the planet in a new direction.
It’s going to be a surge of energy that is going to be quite powerful.

And it may have you feeling giddy and happy and laughing hysterically, or you may find that you are, if you will, getting angry or upset about things that you never would have been upset about before.
It will be a drive of energy that is coming to the earth that will bring you, if you will, to the surface of yourself.

Pay attention on that particular day.
It is not something that is, if you will, a bad time at all.
It’s going to be intense but not bad.
And it’s going to sometimes, for some of you, feel as if you’ve just stuck your finger into an electric socket or something like that.
But for others it’s going to be a time period of absolute stillness and peace. And you’re going to wonder why it’s so quiet, is this the calm before the storm?

You’re going to experience it in a wide variety of ways, but all of you are going to experience it on an intense level. And if you are aware of it, then it won’t have to be so, if you will, difficult to go through.

Take a nice deep breath and especially on that particular day.
On February 17th you awaken and you certainly sit in your bed and just say, “Good morning February 17th. I invite the energy in. I’m excited to learn from it. I want to find my freedom and flight of soul.”
And you relax, release, and surrender into the day, and take it slowly.

Walk through your day carefully, paying attention to the little, if you will, bits and pieces and guidance that you get.
If you are to turn left or eat an egg or do something different, go ahead and follow that guidance, my dear friends. That is the universe saying it’s time for a shift here.
It’s going to feel a little awkward. It’s going to be like learning to walk for the first time, in many respects.

So remember also to walk and traipse carefully upon the earth. Be aware of your feet, be aware of your surroundings, be aware and wake up in that moment.

In that moment, my dear friends, always remember to shine your light brightly.
Bring your light to the surface.

Feel it there in your gut. That is where you incarnate, there in your solar plexus.
Then you rise up into the heart with your truth and then it comes up into the area of your brain which then drives your mouth and your arms and legs to do the things that it does to bring your truth out into the world, to express it in a wide variety of ways, through words, through tasks, through vibrations that you bring to the surface on behalf of yourself and others.

Remember that what you want to bring now is just pure light to the surface.
You are white light my dear friends, that’s what you are. You just forgot.

Bring that light to the surface.
Allow it to pour out from you, from your heart.
Allow it to be the current upon which every word out of your mouth rides.
Feel it coming out of every pore of your body.
Feel the largeness of yourself.   

You are beyond the surface of your skin. You are indeed.
You are connected to the universe.
You are white light.
Bring that light into your body, to the surface.
Let it pour out of your hands.

Be aware of that very fact, especially on February 17th, my dear friends.
Be aware of the fact that you are pure light.

As you do this you will help to raise the vibration of the planet Earth.
You will be turning on the light very, very, brightly.
And the planet Earth will make its transition to this new place of understanding much more easily.

There will be some turbulence in the oceans as the planet shifts.
Because there’s really going to be a physical transformation on the earth, within humanity, within the planet herself.
She’s starting to feel much more comfortable and she wants to thank you all so very much for the things that you do, the little acts of kindness that make her feel more, if you will, whole.
She’s settling in.
So there will be some shifts energetically upon the Earth.
There will be little tremors in the Earth itself, but it’s her, settling in, getting more comfortable.

The above is a continuous transcript from Dr. Peebles Speaks – February 10, 2021 (26:40 to 31:28 of this hour-long MP3, which includes meditations and insights).

He also says:
Following your heart is the only way to go in these coming days, weeks, months, years … coming from your heart, speaking your truth if you know it, and speaking it with love, God bless you.

He recommends during the next two weeks, spend some time barefoot on the Earth to discharge excess static energies from our feet and hands, to help us get through this high-energy adjustment.
(Stay well-hydrated, I’d like to add. If you can’t put your feet outdoors, plain cement on the ground floor is a good choice.)

He goes on to discuss the economy and other changes in the coming months and years.
We have a fresh opportunity to put our fondest wishes and goals into action this Spring.
What does our world look like on the other side of this pandemic?
Bright and loving.

For this week’s material and all of Dr. Peebles’ wise and loving messages, I send deepest gratitude to him and to Summer Bacon, who is one of the most accurate and clear trance mediums in the world.

I’ve been listening, learning, and appreciating both of them since 2004.

Let’s talk about it. Feel free to comment below.

Check out the MP3 Dr. Peebles Speaks – February 10, 2021

Hang in There, Relax, Release, and Love, says Dr. Peebles
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