Charlie Ward and Gene Decode: Horrifying D.C. D.U.M.B.s, Amazing Ascension, Miraculous Health and Wealth Incoming (Part 1) ~ February 15, 2021

By Kat

Enclose partial transcriptions from three videos: Charlie Ward and Nicholas Veniamin 2-12-21, Gene Decode and cirstenw 2-5-21, and Gene Decode and Michael K. Jaco 2-11-21.

The essential subjects are: 

—The horrific unspeakable depravity discovered in the Washington D.C. D.U.M.B.s, [Deep Underground Military Bases,] which are, according to Gene Decode, the worst of the worst.

—The rescue of the children enslaved in the D.C. tunnels and numbers of people who’d been captive there for years without ever seeing the Sun. 

—The global Military takedown of intermediate and lower level ca/bal since the upper echelon is already gone.—As of this writing the Faux Impeachment x2 has ended and President Trump has been acquitted. 

—President Trump will shortly return as the 19th President of the Republic and all the promises made will be kept: The RV, GCR, NESARA, GESARA, Quantum Financial and Voting Systems, tsunamis of Wealth, instantaneous Healing technology, Tesla Tech, 6k patents of Tech that will restore Gaia and her Kingdoms within months, and far too many wonders to list. 

—As well, the blazing the light of Ascension and the restoration to 5D+ Divine Light Realms for Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity is coming. Gene Decode explains the planetary Ascension and how it effects everything and everyone. It is a masterful dissertation on Ascension like I’ve never heard before.Q, as usual, predicted everything perfectly. This one post illustrates that since the de*ep state coup d’etat in 1963 and the assassination of President Kennedy, there has been a decades-in-the-making Genius Divine Q-Plan to restore the Republic, to rescue Earth from the disgusting sa*tanic de*ep state de_mons, and to demolish their entire depraved global empire and that EVERY STEP OF THE WAY has been anticipated and carried out with Military precision. 


Juan O’Savin 11-7-20

“The Q-Operation was about alerting American voters, explaining to them what’s going on, educating them, helping them make alliances within the communities within the groups around them…

We KNOW how the game is played now. It’ll be obvious by the end of the day that the President’s won but if it isn’t WE’RE NOT BACKING DOWN.

We KNOW how the tricks are done. We see what’s going on. We’re not going to let our Election, our country be stolen from us by a bunch of tricksters and magician globalists with all of their scamming buddies.

We’re not letting that $152 Billion dollars in [O]bama money reach back into America and corrupt our elections here in America and by the politicians and these globalists that want to run America.

People need to educate themselves with what’s going on in the world right in front of them with these magic acts and say No!! and H*ell No!!!

_____________________Gene Decode was speechless trying to describe the depravity uncovered in the DC DUMBs, I’m speechless in trying to express my appreciation for the genius, heavenly, magnificent Q-Plan that is unfolding on Gaia. It is THE STORY OF THE UNIVERSE that we are privileged to participate in and witness, which is why throughout Creation all eyes are on Earth.

So what exactly is taking place right now? Too much to recount here, as Melissa outlines in her Tweet:

Not to mention all the resignations of CEOs, the collapse of Governments worldwide and many mysterious “deaths” for bizarre reasons.As well, we never know exactly where President Trump is and that is for his safety.

But for the sake of this blog, I’m going to focus on D.C.:

We see prison walls going up. We see helicopters, vans, buses, fire trucks, blacked out SUVs, Police cars, body bags, tens of thousands of Marines and National Guard pouring into the former capital city, etc. We read about explosions. We see the White House is dark. We hear about arrests.

But what does it all amount to?

Gene Decode reveals some of what is going on and it’s even more horrific than anyone imagined.

Gene Decode is a former U.S. Navy decoder. He is recognized as one of the foremost authorities of Deep Underground Military Bases / D.U.M.B.s. From his bio, Gene has “valuable INTEL of the de*ep state agendas, aristo-rat bloodlines, a*dreno*chrome, sa*tanic cults, alien races, ancient civilizations buried underground, Antarctica, human harvesting, God, The Great Awakening, etc.”

Gene Decode was trained to take massive amounts of information and glean the slimmest threads of facts on myriad levels: Galactic, Planetary, Cosmic, Spiritual, corporeal, Governmental, Medical, numeric, linguistic, mathematical, Military, civilian, technological, Religious, game theory, archaic, historic, futuristic, etc.—he can take a morass of information and literally crack the codes.

When Gene reports a fact it can be understood as TRUTH in the most exhaustive and profound sense. When Gene talks about a new prison facility on the Moon that has transparent aluminum walls, as he does in a below transcript, this is not nonsense he’s spewing for shock effect—this is fact.

There are two very important points to remember in the coming days as horrific de*ep state de_monic crimes are revealed. 

I confess I’m tiptoeing in unchartered territory for me, but Charlie Ward, in his transcription below encourages us to not worry about making mistakes, so here goes:

(1.) The de*ep state de_mons are NOT Human Beings.

Human Beings, that posess a God-created eternal soul, cannot possibly commit these depraved killings or carry out these sick practices.

Juan O’Savin calls the de*ep state sa*tanists “monsters.” Gene Decode calls them “soulless.” Charlie Freak calls them “rats.” I call them “de_mons.” However you want to identify de*ep state rats monsters soulless luc*ifer*ian de_mons, they do not have an immaculate soul. 

I have two friends who don’t know each other, both intelligent women that are not prone to flights of fancy, who told me on two separate occasions that they have seen Queen Elizabeth shape-shift into a reptile and back to human again.

I have an open mind. It’s entirely possible but I have never seen it. I only report it because it bears on the next bit. However, they both saw this queenly shape-shift on VIDEO and we know how easy it is to manipulate images. Just sayin’.


I spoke with my “Anonymous Starseed friend,” [who is a galactically gifted healer and Spiritual powerhouse] to verify that de*ep state de_mons are not Humans. My friend texted: 

“It is impossible for someone with a Human soul in charge of their consciousness to do any act of harm towards another. Humans cannot even, in higher consciousness, harm a fly.” 

I asked, “So when I read that Barbra Str/eisand has been executed, she was no longer Human?” 

The Starseed replied, “That is correct. Darkness stole the body and in her case through physical and emotional torture early on. To be Human we must have a Human soul in charge of our consciousness and our body. Just because they stole the body, does not make it a real Human. Human = God.

HU = Harmonic Universe. Man.

We are a physical expression of the harmony of the universe, which is our creator. 

Many times the process of losing our humanity is gradual, even after torture, as the soul will remain close by, but if the body is used for darkness the soul can detach and a demonic entity can enter and take over. It used to be much more rare, but the GMO, MK Ultra television, Big Pharma, Monsanto etc. all worked together to corrupt the human DNA to make it more difficult for our spirit to remain in the body. 

Some of the beings responsible for the harm to the children and the slaves they stole were NEVER human. They were not created by our Source Creator, as our Source can only create light. 

Darkness has “technology” to look human, and to clone a human, but the clones are not human, nor do they have a human soul… unless they stuff a human soul in one. It’s complicated. 

Many people, especially famous people were cloned long ago for total control of their behavior, and some chose to be cloned to be able to leave a representative up here, so they could go live somewhere else in peace. 

Others are a completely different species and many don’t notice these beings do not seem at all human. They have a dead zone area feeling to them and often your heart will sink being around them because the spirit is warning your body of danger. 

Others can look human only for a short while and then they shape shift into the original form. Hilary and many others in politics were shape shifters and these beings have more capabilities due to their DNA, so they can outsmart and read energies and do a lot of harm with how they use their power to perceive more than most. You have met people in those higher echelons who spot everything with laser precision…

Like knowing where the pink grain of sand is on a beach filled with tan sand particles. They see and sense the difference and the frequencies. They know who and what they are dealing with and how far they can go most of the time with each human and what they need to do to manipulate someone. They seem to like a challenge and often choose the more intelligent people to mess with. It is a very complicated subject and there are many species on Earth pretending to be human and manipulating humans and it would take a book to describe all the ways they do that, but the great thing is, if you are pure of heart and you love people and live your life according to your heart, your joy, and make choices from love always, you are protected, because your soul will remain in your body and your frequency will remain high.

It is the little things, like lying, cheating, hating, thinking too much, living in fear or worry and the ego’s persuasions toward power and importance that give darkness an opening. 

When they damage or reverse the sexual center in severe ways, the human soul can no longer attach properly… it cannot recognize its own body, as the frequency will have changed so much.

This is one of the main reasons for transgender. Stealing human bodies, to make them into sat*anists. It’s their little army. The androgynous body also is symbolic for them as the God Of All Things. This is why they use the GOAT, as one of their sat/anic symbols. God Of All Things. But that is another complicated subject and sometimes when we write about one thing it can be misconstrued, so people need to do their own research to get the full picture, which is vast.”

End Anonymous Starseed Text 


Kat Note: I cannot verify whether or not the enclosed article is true even though several people told me it is. I offer the information but reiterate I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS LIST IS ACCURATE OR TRUTH. But for the purpose of this blog, these famous people we thought were “Human” in fact no longer were or were clones or whatever else. 

How else could a “Tom Han/ks” be the main supplier of adr/eno/chrome for Hollywood if he wasn’t a soulless monster?

According to both Charlie Freak and Charlie Ward, the Alliance/White Hats and President Trump were clear: One drop of a tortured child’s blood on your lips and/or ped/o/philia was an automatic death sentence.

List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles. January 29, 2021 

_____________________Colleen and Charlie Freak also made the point that “gender confusion” was a de_mon agenda. The reason being that a gender confused Human was easier to take over. We currently have LGBTq.

I know this is awful horrible stuff and again reiterate, I am NOT an expert on any level whatsoever about non-Humans, alien entities, dimensional beings, clones, shapeshifters, etc. I’m learning about it and am suspect of every bit of information. 

Charlie Ward always says, “I’m just Charlie, not the Messiah.” I say “I’m just Kat” trying to figure it all out! I offer information that I’m uneasy with because I cannot verify the truth of it, but these are things to consider as we go forward into the revelations of the complicated dark world that will only be partially revealed for our own sanity.

What little I know about the abuse and torture of children is already almost more than I can handle. It’s inconceivable to me that I didn’t know any of this existed for most of my life. However, I saw many Milk Cartons with photos of missing children and paid zero attention to it, to my shame.I wish I had a vocabulary despicable enough to describe how I feel about the depravity of these things, monsters, rats, de_mons. My constant prayer is that their ultimate destination is #SpaceDust and that there is not the slightest chance of their return or their dark world’s return ever ever ever ever ever ever again in any way shape or form.

(2.) Another point: When you include the extraordinary U.S. Military in your prayers, remember that when these brave men and women go into the D.U.M.B.s they are facing not only possible death from the Kuru disease that we now know is like Mad-cow disease and comes from the cannibalism of the monsters, but they also face lasers that can evaporate them.

As well, when they descend into the miles-deep DUMBs, it’s disorienting. One loses sharpness of perception and the air, even with oxygen tanks, is thin, and then they encounter horrors indescribable.

Those are just some of the issues that challenge these incredible brave souls that march into DUMBS to rescue millions of children and trafficked women. God bless every one.One day I remarked to my Anonymous Starseed Friend that I felt what the Military discover in the DUMBs is like what the WWII Military found as they liberated the Na*zi concentration camps: Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, etc.

The Starseed replied, “No, Kat. A million trillion times worse. What these soldiers discover in the DUMBs is beyond belief.”This is why soldiers need healing after going into the DUMBs. Med Beds heal the children they’ve saved first, and then the soldiers. Gene Decode verified that in the below transcript.

So those are two points to keep in mind during the next phase of revelations and while reading these transcripts: 

—The de*ep state monsters are not Human.

—The Military are braver than we will ever know.

Juan O’Savin said the Military Intelligence that came up with this Plan, the miraculous Q-Team that figured out how to save Earth and Humanity, will forever remain anonymous. 

We owe them our very existence and will never be able to thank or bless them enough for their service to God’s Light and to all. At the end of the movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, when the dark de_mon Suaron is defeated, he and his terrible army of “Orcs” become dust.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Sauron Defeated and darkness becomes dust

That’s how I’ve always seen Earth’s Ascension—Dark to Light. The de_mons and their dark world become dust and Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity once again embody our Immaculate Divine 5D+ bodies and exist eternally in the Paradisal Light Realms from whence we came.

Goddess. Sovereign. Free. 

Youth. Health. Strength. Everlasting. 

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


And so it is.

Know that The Best Will Absolutely Positively Come—and you can take that to the Quantum Financial System.

We’ve made it through the blackest most evil night in the Universe and will make it through the last frames of this extraordinary movie or as some refer to it, this Divine comedy. 

Through it all Lightworkers and Starseeds have held and shined God’s light. We’re doing what we came here to do. 

Showers of accolades and blessings unceasing to each and every one.xo, Kat


Nicholas Veniamin & Charlie Ward Discuss Disinformation, GITMO, Impeachments & Covid 2-12-21

Partially transcribed by Kat

2:40 Charlie Ward: I’m really really good… we’re very very busy at the moment… we’ve been under attackbut we’ve been incredibly busy which is good… a lot of information coming out now… we’re in exciting times…

2:52 For those people who are awake and aware it’s really exciting because we’re starting to see things we weren’t seeing a few weeks ago or 3 months ago… 

3:05 Nicholas Veniamin: I did speak to you after our interview last week and you did mention that you were being used to disinform, obviously to confuse the de*ep state, and there was a Q-drop that was very interesting…

3:16 Charlie Ward: When I get INTEL… and I get lots of it, I try and share it with people… so we can all work together… I keep saying I’m not the Messiah, I’m just Charlie.. I’ve got time on my hands and I’ll do the research and it allows people then to make their own judgement… I am NOT the Messiah, I am just Charlie…

3:43 I’m going out there, trying to find the INTEL… some of the stuff I find will not be right… but I appreciate when people tell me rather than just attacking me… that’s not constructive…

3:55 In life, nobody every mind criticism as long as it’s constructive criticism… when it’s a personal attack you just go, whatever… I’m 60-years-old I’ve had more personal attacks than most people in their life so I’m used to it, it doesn’t bother me, I will continue to seek out the truth… 

4:13 Sometimes I’ll get it wrong… that doesn’t upset me either… we shouldn’t be scared of making mistakes… cuz that’s where we learn from… we learn from mistakes…

4:25 You learn very very little from success… you learn everything from failure… 

4:30 Nicholas Veniamin: You sent me a very interesting video today about arrests and there was a very interesting conversation between 2 people on this video on BitChute… it was talking about the resignations, and the arrests that had been happening, and Gitmo…5:00 Charlie Ward: Well I’ve known for a very long time that the arrests took place some time ago… they took place last year [2020]… and they were taken down to Guantanamo Bay for the English, Gitmo for the Americans… and dealt with last year…

5:12 But it was not in the public domain… when I asked them when it would be in the public domain they said oh next year around March-time… well, it’s already starting to come out…

5:20 People like James Clapper arrested and taken down to Guantanamo Bay… there’s so many… I mean Bydin was taken down to Gitmo last year… whether it’s a clone… whether it’s a body double… I don’t know what it is… it’s not him that’s being portrayed at the moment…


Kat Note: 9-12-20 @POTUS’ Reno Rally, President Trump said, “Sleepy Joe Biden surrendered… Joe is shot. Let’s face it. He is shot.”9-19-20 @POTUS’ Fayetteville, North Carolina rally, President Trump said, “Joe is dead.”

For more body double images:


5:39 Charlie Ward cont.: Nobody’s actually seen the [Bydin] body double or CGI or whatever it is in real life anyway… only the television, the Media, are portraying this… nobody’s actually seen anything in real life… 

5:52 So these people are being arrested… it’s interesting as to how it’s being portrayed… 

6:00 Jeff Bezos has been arrested. He’s put out in the public that he’s “stepped down.” Mark Zu/ckerberg, he’s “stepped down.” He’s been arrested. 

6:15 It goes along with what I was told the best part of a year ago, that if they cooperated they’d be allowed to put out that they’ve stepped down or whatever, we just won’t see them again.

6:27 If they didn’t cooperate, it would become public knowledge that they’ve been arrested and ex/ecuted.  So these people that have “stepped down…” we won’t even see or hear anything of them anymore but we can work out exactly what’s happened.

6:40 What they’ve been involved in… is the abuse of children, ped/oph/ilia, child tra/fficking to a level that you couldn’t even start to comprehend. 6:57 The video I sent you [to Nicholas] is of 2 ex-Military from America, 2 guys talking, cuz they’ve still got friends in the Military that they’ve talked to, who have been emptying the tunnels underneath the White House for the last few weeks. 

7:09 Where Trump was not allowed to go while he was in office, there were parts of the White House that were out of bounds.7:18 It turns out these tunnels are a long way down and when Ob/ama, when referring to… “hot dogs” or takeaways, I can’t remember now, $60 odd thousand… he was talking about children… 

7:33 Charlie Ward cont.: There were things going on… I don’t even want to describe it live on the channel because it’s so DISGUSTING… there will be elements we will find out… what they were up to was absolutely no good… and these body bags that have been brought out at the White House…

7:45 Now that we have hard evidence, people have seen them coming out… they’ve seen the black vans taking them away… 

7:53 These people have been down there for years… they’ve never seen the light of day… and the amount of body parts removed is… it’s unthinkable… completely unthinkable…8:02 And we’re starting to see the evidence… and what will happen now is it will creep out… but the Mainstream Media is absolutely tight-lipped about it… it doesn’t want it to get out cuz it’s in trouble… the minute it gets out they’re over… because they’ve been covering it up…

8:18 Charlie Ward cont: They’ve known about it for a long time… they’ve been covering it up and it makes them complicit… 

8:24 We’re in a time now which is exciting… looking forward to this evening because I’m having a conversation with somebody who’s actually working on the inside of NESARA… of the NESARA system… they’re under a Military NDA… but we’re having a little chat, as we do…

8:45 To try and decipher a little bit more of what’s going on without giving the game away (wink.)

8:51 We’re in an amazing time right now… and you and I know, when you’re over the target, you get shot at… and I got shot at this week…9:44 The impeachment is a complete and utter farce, as we all know… because once it gets across the other side it will be rejected because they haven’t got the numbers… 
10:06 Charlie Ward cont.: What they’re doing is unconstitutional… you can’t impeach somebody who’s not in office. 

10:10 Charlie Ward cont.: So it’s one of 2 things: Either he’s in office, still… or, if he’s not in office, and they change the Constitution to fit their narrative, that could backfire on them. Cuz that would then mean he could go about impeaching the Cl/intons, the Bu/shes and Ob/ama. If you’re allowed to impeach previous Presidents.

10:39 Look, it’s pantomime. It’s not really happening. This is a movie that we’re going through. This is why you don’t need to be scared, you don’t need to be fearful. This is all playing out to wake people up. And the sooner people wake up the sooner this will be over.

10:55 At the moment it’s an absolute nightmare trying to wake people up. They’re going back to sleep, some of the people. “Just give me the vac/cination so I can get on with my life.” 

11:06 Of course, they’ve had the vac/cination and they still can’t get on with their life. They’ve still got to wear a mask… 2 masks!… you couldn’t make it up…

11:52 For the old people that are watching this… you used to be able to trust the BBC, CNN and doctors. You used to. They’ve become completely contaminated. So it’s really hard for them to accept the fact that the people they used to trust all their life, it’s very very hard… 

12:15 I’ve been through it in my life where I had to unlearn things and it’s not easy… it takes time.

13:33 [Covid insanity] is all part of the confusion and fear that we’re going through, as I’ve said right from Day One… to cover-up the Global Financial Reset… so

13:38 We need to keep our eyes and ears open for when the Global Financial Reset has happened because when that’s happened… the virus, vaxine, riots, 5G, will all disappear…

14:04 The lockdowns will stop IMMEDIATELY when the Global Financial Reset is done… it will disappear… COMPLETELY…14:10 That’s why we need to focus on when the GCR happens…

15:15 Nicholas Veniamin: Everyone’s confused and there isn’t much information right now…

15:30 Charlie Ward: We’re in the phase that I like to call the Political Awakening… that was a term used the other day by Lin Wood… I have a lot of respect for Lin Wood… he’s a man of good character, he’s pure in his soul, and his message is clear.

15:48 And he used the term we’re in a period of Political Enlightenment… where we’re understanding how corrupt and evil the political side is and the next phase will be the Spiritual Awakening… at the moment we’re in the Political Awakening…16:22 Until we understand the good and evil in the Political Arena… we won’t be ready to move into the Spiritual Awakening… which is on its way… 

17:30 As I always say: Don’t panic… Be calm…

But keep your eyes and ears open about the Financial side… the Banking side… moving into the Quantum Financial System and the Global Financial Reset… 

17:46 We’re getting very very good INTEL sat the moment… up to date INTEL… myself and Jack Kidd… he’s a good source of information on the QFS and GCR… 

18:08 Don’t panic. Have a great weekend. I’ll continue my research over my weekend… _____________________


10 Days of Darkness, White House is Main Target of Ped/ophile Ring 2-5-21

Mustang Medic, Cirstenw, Gene Decode

Bitchute description of the video:“Generations of kids are being rescued from D.U.M.B.s (Underground Tunnels) found under the White House and Capitol Building. 

“Lines of Buses with darkened windows are seen taking the children away from their underground hell.

“Everyone will soon learn about this Satanic evil that has been going on for many, many years under the knowledge of U.S. Presidents and falsely elected Congress pe/dophiles.”

Partially transcribed by Kat

0:43 Gene Decode: I wanted to do some small updates on a few things. First, a lot of people know the White House has been dark for ten nights… there was a 1776 flag flying over it during that time at half mast, which is very symbolic.

1:02 Additionally people wondered why is it dark? Maybe cuz nobody’s home. But also Mustang Medic did a video showing many many tour buses showing up with tinted windows, which is kinda normal for tour buses. But, why tour buses?1:25 It did look like some National Guard got off and were replacing [those on duty.] Then they waited a while. They didn’t just take off.

1:40 On the last day, the 10th night when the lights were out, just as they were apparently finishing up what they were doing, the lights came on, on the front porch. 1:47 But it was very low, amber pink, very low lighting, and you could see through these big Special Forces guys, I know they’re big, but the people coming out were not all the way up even to mid-thigh. To me it looked like hundreds of kids coming out.

2 U.S. Special Forces soldiers, Syria

2:03 Gene Decode cont.: There’s D.U.M.B.s tunnels underneath the congress and the White House… these children have been there all this time.

2:47 Now that Trump isn’t there they can take the children out and the Mainstream Media has the option of either saying nothing, which it looks like what they’re doing… what’s going on is they’re rescuing all these children that have been down there and they’re generational…3:10 They’re generations to where they can’t stand the light of day or even bright street lights so they’re taking them out with the lights all off, and putting them in buses to make sure they have tinted windows.
3:23 They can’t stand the light cuz they’ve been down there for generations… 

1-29-21 Buses leaving the Capital building, Washington D.C.4:55 Gene Decode cont.:Then another thing, it looks like something is planned… this was sent to me too. March 3rd. Trump International Hotel. Look at the cost in D.C. for a room March 2nd: $695. Now watch: $5000. What’s going on?

5:25 Gene Decode cont.:It looks like something’s planned… March 4th. 

5:51 Gene reads out loud from this post:

6:27 Gene Decode cont.: The President’s already ensconced in the Winter White House…

6:30 Cirstenw: He’s already moved all his stuff out of the White House. They should just bulldoze it.

6:37 Gene Decode: Yeah, they’ll turn it into a museum or something._____________________   End Part 1 “Charlie Ward and Gene Decode videos: Horrifying D.C. DUMBs, Ascension, Miraculous Health and Wealth Incoming” by Kat

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