February 9, 2021: Time to Get Real [videos] ~ February 9, 2021

Is the veil removed or…??? Like we keep saying, “Nothing is what it seems” and we’ve been lied to about everything. It’s time to get real and stop living in a nightmare created by the satanic “elite”.

Mysterious Double Moon spotted in Dubai Skies

The answers are so simple. It’s easy to fool brainwashed people. Teach them that the news and television programming tell them everything they need to know so they feel no need to question. What will it take to wake up the world?


🇺🇸Lionel🇺🇸 (@LionelMedia) February 8, 2021

My, my… Charlie Ward garners an inordinate amount of criticism and no proof of any of it. Now that his website has nearly 10 million followers, he is most certainly a target. Like Q. When the following grew to astronomical numbers across the entire planet, they began attacking rather than ignoring. It’s obvious where the good information comes from and the deep state can’t stand it so they send out their “hit men” to attack. Such folly. They think we’re stupid.

Fry’s sicced their dog on me this morning in Phoenix while getting groceries and gave me a mask which I tossed into the cart and then checked out. Does no one look at the box of those blue “medical” masks—the one that says these masks will not prevent the transmission of a disease? So many people are sheepified. It’s been a YEAR, people. A year of this nonsense.

I couldn’t believe the hoops we had to jump through at CVS for the Covid test so my sister-in-law could fly back to Calgary. They hide behind the Pharmacy drive through window, shove a test kit out the steel drawer and for five minutes via the speaker explain how to administer the nasal test on yourself—both nostrils—twirl around and hold for 15 seconds. I couldn’t watch.

You put the swab in a vial and place in the bright yellow and black HazMat bag, then you get the little disinfectant wipe out of a zipper bag and insert your test into the bin and wipe off the top of the bin where you touched it. It’s hysterical.

They tell you to get the test 72 hours before you fly, but the test results might take longer than that to be returned—depending on how busy they are. So… you might not get the results before your flight, meaning you might not be able to take your flight.

All states need to immediately enact a vaccine bill of rights

For those not aware of what goes on at Super Bowl and other major sporting events; it’s satanic rituals.


Here’s Dave’s latest X22 Report.

Here’s a 6 minute excerpt from one of Gene the Decoder’s updates as to what has been transpiring in Washington, DC while the lights were out. Gene brings us some of our best intel, but of course, use your own discernment and research! research! research!

Pedophile Ring Investigation Centers Around White House, Capitol Building as Children Surface! – Must Video

How much longer will the distractions go on? It’s ludicrous. Patience is wearing thin.

WATCH: Meadows Drops Bomb On Impeachment…Changes Everything If True

Thank you to the most excellent crew for all the information, recommendations and links. Can’t wait to be back on the bridge. Looks like it will be Monday, now, as we have showings at our old home all weekend, and that’s a good thing but I won’t be here at my PC. Soldier on, everyone.  ~ BP

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