The cycle of discovery begins in earnest ~ February 7, 2021.

Editor’s Note: This a piece written by Sophia Love that was found on Terran Cognito. Please read, understand the reality of human expansion (ascension) into a fuller consciousness, and then BE in…

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The following is from Sophia Love. I find it insightful of this very unique moment we are in.  If you enjoy this post please support her work at There is a newsletter you can subscribe to and also books of her received messages available for purchase. 

January 23, 2021

It is the One.

There are many things to say right now, and questions to answer. There are things to announce. The cycle of discovery begins in earnest, as even those most unaware are noticing that something is off. Something is way off.

These anomalies and images, procedures and lack of legitimate contact with a recently appointed head of state, are not sitting well with anyone paying attention. And many are.

These will be the first moments of cognitive discomfort. As these do not add up to a cohesive story that dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s – openings are left for alternative explanations. It begins this way.

It was this way for anyone who has had their eyes opened. Initially, it starts with a small crack in the fabric of reality that you held as truth. In some fashion it made sense to you.

Then, there is a slight crack and something else pops in – a piece of something that doesn’t add to the story you’ve believed, but instead denies it.

You see it with your own eyes and have no logical explanation for it. There is nothing in your current belief system that explains it. You’ll have to look for answers in other places and belief systems. It is here where many find themselves today. Eyes are open wide and looking around for something to make sense.

This is a wholistic, natural approach to waking up. Not so shocking and disruptive. Not forced or pushed. Instead, sought after and gradually occurring. It will be relatively quick, yet self-directed. For that is the only way.

There is no right way for this to go. It will help you to remember that. There are today more of you paying attention to what goes on in your governments than there were a year ago. Many more of you.

The use of government and financial systems to control populations has been generally ignored. This is no longer the case.

What will be most helpful and will support a rapid acceleration of truth and beneficial change will be energetic support. Reality is constructed by belief as well as intent. Illusions and repetitive tricks are being “outed” in rapid fire and as they are, alternatives are sought – alternative reasons, other explanations, a story that explains what is happening.

What some call Ascension is an opening to vision of a wider field. There is a misconception of “advanced” and “higher” that will help to be cleared here. For the term Ascension was coined to describe, in a single word, something too complex to be explained that way.

You’ve moved fully into the process now. Your world supports this process and the field you rest in enhances it, once you accept it as real.

You are not “moving up” or going anywhere. You are noticing the fullness of you in the place that you are today.

A first step to noticing, to awareness, is a realization of the illusion, that all things are not as they seem. That your systems of authority and government and education do not supply satisfactory answers to all that you see around you. To your life as lived and experienced. To something new.

You realize that you are given no satisfactory answers from these systems you’ve trusted and so you look elsewhere. It is a self-directed process.

For those of you reading these words, it is a process you’ve begun already and that is why you are here. The demonization of the search for truth is tactic, not factual. It holds no authority over you once you self-declare.

Ascension would be more accurately termed Expansion. You are not moving up, yet you are increasing the field in which you occupy. You are noticing all the places your light reaches. All corners are illuminated and doors and windows opened.

Expansion is inclusive. All truths are held as valid explanation for happenings, and they differ due to perspective only. As your perspective changes, so do your truths.

Expansion does not isolate or separate – it includes and welcomes. It accepts, and in this way comes the most challenging aspects of your expansion. For there have been no mistakes, and therefore no blame is attached to actions.

Realize that this is a discussion of the evolution of man, and his/her Expansion of Consciousness. It is not a “free ticket” that ignores crimes against humanity. There is a difference and you will find yourself discovering it now.

Deliberate destruction of life in full knowing is abhorrent to a fully conscious and expanded being. You will become aware, in your process of expansion, that there are levels of awareness and responsibility. These are uncomfortable truths, yet you will face them in your coming days.

Oneness asks you to see clearly how each component impacts the whole.

Oneness demands your attention now. Your discomfort may be rising for a multitude of reasons, as you face and feel what life presents to you in your coming year. You will feel “off” or uncomfortable, either because the fact that you are faced with is disturbing your reality, or because there is something ingenuous about the being or system or literature giving you that fact, or because that “fact” is not true. 

Discernment is the process you’ll need to be well practiced at now. All decisions start with self and compose the picture of reality you are able to accept. There is no race here. You don’t have to accept anyone’s truth in their time, but your own truth and in your time.

What is necessary and the only requirement throughout this process of expansion is that you remain true to self. Nothing beyond that or except that will hold.

The frequency of love, honor and authenticity is where you find yourselves today. Nothing but that will hold together now. All false constructs will dissolve on their own.

Exploration, curiosity and inquisitiveness encourage the discovery of truth. When you encounter systems that attempt to deny these things, realize that they do so for a reason. That reason has to do with truth.

You are in a moment now that quickly dissolves all non-truths in front of your eyes. Things will appear confusing and disconcerting. Even internal warning systems, although helpful, will not lay out why they are going off. This is a layered process. There are things that will have to be uncovered before others can be seen. You expand in a very dense construct, and the matrix of illusion falls apart as you do.

Patience and discernment.

Patience and discernment.

You are love. You are brilliant beings of pure light and it is your rapidly expanding radiance that dawns your new world.

It is you, dear human, it is you.

The opportunity to experience physically this expansion is a rare and singular treat. It may not feel that way always, yet you asked for and were selected for just this moment.

Hold on to your knowing. Your core truth reinforces and substantiates each decision. 

Acceptance. Oneness. Discernment. Trust your truth. Hold the light. See the new world always as your next step, and you’ll discover yourself there in no “time” at all.

In truth, multi-dimensionality has you there now.

You will see, dear human, you will see. You are in for such a treat.

That is all.

Thank you.


And as mentioned above, a few words from a personal conversation on 2/1/2021:

“The pivotal dates are those predicted – a week, a month. Real effects from these pivotal dates are not seen in play until July.

Unfortunately, more of the population has to wake up to the possibility before a unified opinion is offered – a single truth.

There will be further turmoil. This is a factor in waking people up – disruption, corruption exposed, dissent, disbelief. It is all playing out as it needs to for maximum effectiveness – the most numbers of awakened humans.

This happens first, and continues, still, until a single voice is offered.”

Note – my interpretation of the “single voice” is something that cannot be seen before it happens. I have no visual for this but it feels like something unexpected from someplace we don’t usually hear from. Whether that means from beyond this world or just this moment in time is unclear. We’ll witness whatever it is and whatever it isn’t, together. Sophia

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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