Epistle for the New Paradigm ~ February 2, 2021

Editor’s Note: Below is a l-o-n-g, yet thoroughly mesmerizing read, which echos many of the thoughts I know as Truth.

Wait, wait…I have been following these thoughts, have watched them develop, and now am “connecting the dot’s” of what I KNOW to be “real” in my life.

So…please open your mind, understand the true power of Quantum LOVE reverberates beyond “religion”, and the BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Epistle for the New PARADIGM
PART ONE: The Great Shift of the Ages is upon us:  
The subject of this Epistle addresses the important issue surrounding the present Cosmic Timeline, more commonly known as the “Shift of an Age”, along with its consequences and blessings. The true meaning behind this Period of Spiritually Awakening has also been identified as, “The “Great Awakening” ending in “The Great Lesson.” (There are more important things in heaven and on earth, than anyone remembers!!!)  There is what should be conceived as differences between the manifestations of Spiritual Epistle vs religious concepts, in the depth and meaning behind this Epistle.
“The Church” altered the meaning of this auspicious event in at least 35 stolen sacred texts, in order to fit it into another backdrop for their alarming agendas.The scribes changed the true meaning behind the authentic Rapture to include a self-serving tribulation, second coming, and judgement of nations that would usher in their New Age of dominance.  We need to remember that neither The Church, nor their scribes, had the ability to creatively make up any of the reality involving these events, or understand the science behind them. They misappropriated most of them from “Sanātana Dharma” – Hindu Texts, which are based on the oldest faith in the world. They obtained sacred texts by destroying entire civilizations and confiscating their sagacious wisdom from the Ages. They altered them to fit their personal darkagendas. To hide their strategic crimes against humanity, anyone who dared challenge them or attempted to bring any truth forward was burned alive as a heretic. Yet, we need to recognize there are greater Truths hidden between the lines of their plagiarized, reinvented, misleading biblical text.
         The Judeo/ Christian, and Islamic Religions recorded these Shifts as “Raptures” – “a time of “Harvest” – an Armageddon, referring toseparating the good from evil…, according to their definitions.  Eastern Religions called these events the “4Yugas” – i.e. “the four ages of the life of the world.” Whatever the case, all are in agreement that we are leaving a denser dark region of space and entering a more etheric region. All living things shall experience an uplifting or stripping down according to their resonance or resistance. Ancient Hopi prophecies speak to “purification days and rebirths in consciousness” during these significant timelines. The ancient Mayans and Aztecs broke these cycles into the Baktun long count on their calendars.         Even though it was prophesied and known to be cyclic, no one knew for sure the exact date outside of speculation.  
 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.    Matthew 25:13
 It was questionably alleged that the Mayan and Aztec calendars forecasted 2012 as the epic date for the Greatest Show on Earth to begin.  However, it turned out to be a precursor; a warning shot across the Earth’s bow. This took place in 2012, when an extraordinarily powerful coronal mass ejection from the sun almost hit the earth at the time it was the most powerful in over 150+ years.  This event woke many of us up in recognition that it was time to start raising our frequency shields in earnest in preparation for the Main Event!         We need a methodical grounded understanding of what is now taking place outside the realm of spiritual philosophy due to there being so much interference and deception. It is important to set the record straight so that you can see and grasp the opportunity at hand, instead of succumbing to another devastating set back!  Most are in completely bewildered by what is manifestly taking place as World War III – a Spiritual war between opposing polarities.  Its outcome will define the resultant matrix, along with the subsequent evolution of those that remain in it, after the Rapture.
         Quantum Physics has proven that everything is related to Light, the Stuff of Consciousness. This supersedes primitive material concepts and reveals that all matter has far less “sub-stance” than previously believed.  Findings show that all dimensions are manifestations of lower and higher cosmic electrodynamic frequencies carried by photonic light particles. (Photons are the basic unit that make up all Light.  They are the quantum carrier of electromagnetic fields, including EM radiation and radio waves.) Due to being inextricably interconnected, all dimensions are affected by the variations of all electrodynamic cosmic waves, because we live in a unified universe that is never static!
         Bombarding frequencies are unavoidable as the Sphere’s navigate their way through corridors around the Galactic Core.  This is why many think of the earth as a spacecraft.  Along the way we encounter new fields of cosmic electrodynamic waves sweeping over and, through us. Frequencies inevitably become more refined as we journey ever closer to our Galactic Core, which embodies the Galactic OmniPotent Logos and not the proposed “black hole.”  As we draw nearer to this unlimited Power, our consciousness gains more unrestricted access and start’s to quicken in alignment, similar to being in a deep state of Theta/Delta meditation.  
         Quantum experiments have raised deep philosophical questions about the fundamental nature of reality and many esteemed researchers now argue that we live in a holographic universe. Quantum scientists have determined that objective reality does not exist because particles are governed by the rules of Quantum Mechanics. However, these rules only apply when they are not being observed! Experiments in Quantum Physics show that an object only truly exists so long as it is being observed; otherwise, it is not only meaningless, but is simply non-existent.
         There are scientific explanations as to how the End of an Age timeline unfolds and what triggers its high voltage events.  You need to understand and be prepared for the in-coming deluge of these light frequencies.  They are at the root of the aberrant behaviour we are seeing within our country, and in some cases, our families and friends.
         So important were these “Shifts” that all ancient cultures had a unique way of seeking to predict themSome used sundials to track time whilst the ancient Babylonian’s created a Zodiac using the Stars to create a cosmic clock to predict the Ages. They claimed it had 12 signs; however they concealed the knowledge that there were actually 13. They left out the constellation of Ophiuchus, the “serpent-bearer” that is straddling the celestial equator. NASA published their discovery of this, which caused an explosion of controversy, argument and confusion amongst Astrolo-gers. Some claim it has no influence on horoscope calculations and only affects astronomy. Others argue it places current birth signs back a month. (E.g. Cancer would be a Gemini.)
         So when do we enter the new timeline for the “Age of Aquarius”? Whether or not Ophiuchus has an effect on our birth charts, I haven’t a clue, but we shouldn’t discount its effect on our present astronomical timeline.  In any case, we are getting closer to the zenith of this Shift.  We should reach the Apex sometime in February 2021, during the Aquarian’s phenomenal energy fields. Negative energies will be flushed out into the open along with resounding beneficial energies.
         Dated records show that during the onset of these planetary transitions, inhabitants will unavoidably experience deeper division between their polarities. They will either resonate or clash with the frequencies of all that is Good and Godly, which is why this is known as a “Spiritual War.” Most modern religions claim it results in an apocalyptic final battle between the forces of good and evil.  In reality, this is a battle between extreme opposites and their polarities on a global scale.  All denizens, on the Earth are experiencing an enigmatic unavoidable time of exceedingly high energies causingauto-responses in them and around everything they are witnessing. Many are venting uncontrolled negative emotions, whilst others are experiencing moments of unprecedented feelings of emotional devotion and inspiration.  Ready or not, our personal self-development and the evolution of our hearts, or the lack thereof, will automatically be surfaced and brought into the Light for introspection and observation.
         If not already, I may lose some, or all who are locked into materialistic intellectual mind-sets. Try to grasp that this world was created as an experiment.  It wascreated by higher intelligences to see if the polarities involved in a war that resulted in a seriously ominous outcome could be resolved once and for all.  It took place in our 4th dimensional level, involving our entire collective of humanoid races.  This includes the Machiavellian Leaders who were responsible and have remained hidden, yet able to intervene from within the shadows for centuries. To judge the evil vs the intrepid, depends on which side of the coin you stood.  We are witnessing the re-emergence of this battle. It is being fought via an advanced technological-cyber-warfare currently playing within your cerebral theatres!
         All ancient texts, biblical records and prophecies regarding this subject, (e.g. Armageddon) are based on this ruinous 4D timeline.  Due to its severity, a special Exopolitical Council was created to ensure this type of catastrophic event could never happen again!  No war down here will ever be allowed to use nuclear or more destructive forms of technological weaponry. This is why this current WW3 is being fought via cyber-warfare.  In order to assure this, there were agreements made with Exo-Alliance Stellar Forces, allowing for limited intervention.  
         However, to protect the future of the 4th dimensional timeline, a daunting covenant was made with the threatening rebellious, obdurate Dark Forces, now embedded in this world.  If these Dark Forces won the ensuing WW3 (Armageddon) battle against the Light Forces, during the Shift of this Age, they would be allowed to create a perpetual unified ‘AI’ program, outside of the natural cosmos.  However, it has a fixed timeline that is rapidly running out, which is why they have been frantically working to bring the technology needed to fruition.  As Dante’ projected, these Satanists may think it, “Better to Rule in Hell, than to Serve in Heaven!” The old paradigm memorandum was, “Evolve or repeat”, the new one is, “Evolve or become part of a perpetual AI premeditated program!”  The battle will not end for these soulless entities until they can create their unified A.I integrated perpetual reality.  One of their secret weapons is in the Gate’s vaccine which affects our RNA.  There is a fate much worse than death that those with a soul need to avoid at all costs. However, recognize and appreciate that there are many exceptionally valiant souls here, along with Angelic Forces that are leading us through this last battle field to Victory.  Those of us who are awake have the responsibility to “Hold the Light, Keep the Faith and Support them” as much as possible and KNOW that All will be well! (Never forget; according to quantum physics, it is all being manifested out of our Consciousness!)
 38 “The field is the world, and the good seeds represent the sons of light.
And, the weeds represent the sons of evil.  39“The harvest is at the “end of an Age”, when the harvest takes place.”
          You have been programmed to believe you are a 3rd dimensional entity, living in a 3D world with 2D vision, in agreement with a dumbed- down brain and limited DNA.  We can change this by opening our hearts and our consciousness by exploring new possibilities along with openly receiving the incoming photons. Over time, along with our loss of memory, our perceptions have become restricted and limited due to the 2D image formations on our retinas. Scientists have confirmed the existence of a fourth dimension just as Albert Einstein predicted, but could never prove.  It is the biggest physics discovery in 50 years that is being withheld from you.  Open your mind to this now.  It will change the way you perceive the entire universe and as you place it in the Collective, the masses will become aware of it. From the fourth dimen-sion, watchers are able to see every angle of the three-dimensional world at once, much as three-dimensional beings are able to take in the entirety of the two-dimensional plane.
         Some define this world as a “Cosmic Refugee Camp”, whilst others define it as a “Prison Planet.” There may be truths in both of these imposing scenarios; however what their script writers are missing is the greater Spiritual depth and rationale allowing both of these scenarios to be played out!  The refugees have been divided into five races: Black– African; Yellow–Mongoloid-Asian; White–European Caucasians; Red– American Natives; Brown/Oceanian and Australoid.  Obviously, science has proven they are all genetically connected, but with many genetic variations.  These studies do not take into account where the inhabiting consciousness’s in these bodies hail from!  Some claim to be from Sirius, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Draco and so forth. This is a more important issue for many than the colour of their skin! Some are from benevolent groups and some not so much! One in particular to be concerned with are those from the Dragon Constellation of Draco. There are many mythologies and warnings about those that hail from this system.
         We have been taught that there are five races of humans divided into Black–African; Yellow–Mongoloid-Asian; White–European-Cauca-sians; Red–American-Natives; Brown/Oceanians and Australoid. Studies show they there are many genetic variations; howeverthese studies do not take into account where the consciousness’s inhabiting these bodies originates. Some claim to identify with or have memories of being from Sirius, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia or Andromeda and so forth. For many, this is a more important issue than the colour of their skin. 
         Similar to the Greatest Novel ever dreamed, there are ups and downs, twists and turns, along with horrific hidden agendas, and flashes of wonder and windows of escape.  These windows appear at the End of every Age.  The End of an Age was biblically interpreted as the Rapture – “The time of the Harvest”; the harvest of souls unto higher mansions – dimensions.  “This extraordinary event explains how people from ancient civilizations, cities, and empires inexplicably disappeared without a trace!           34“On that night two people will be in one bed: One will be taken and the other left.”  35“Two women will be grinding grain together: One will be taken and the other left.”… 36“Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Luke17:34-36 Along with similar counsels in Mathew 24:40-41
         What I am attempting to do is help you subtly recall what took place within the 4D event, prior to having your memories expunged. You may be able to recall flickers of your involvement including which interstellar nation you may have originated from. These stellar star nations are what define the various races within this collective matrix.  We are all here to achieve some form of balance within this parochial quarrelsome Collective.  Volunteer or not, we must face the fact that we are all part of this experiment.  It is time to wake up and take responsibility for balancing ourselves, and our judgements, whenever and wherever possible. The stakes are much higher than anyone can imagine.  They not only involve our personal outcome, but also have a great significance on our 4th dimensional restoration as well. The escape hatch is reopening, the question is will you allow yourself to be liberated or intractably choose an inconceivable fate due to a sanctimonious behaviour pattern? 
         All of it is being played out in front of our eyes, either wide open, or wide shut.  For some, the ensuing battle may act as a form of dejavu.  Others may be so locked into their illusional, materialist, sensory world they refuse the humility needed to save even themselves.  Others may be experiencing so much confusion they are locked into a mind-loop.
         Everything you believe to be your reality is being played out on a mental screen of increasing photonic activity.  Ready or not, the status of our hearts has once again reached the opportunity to be weighed and measured for resonance similar to the ancient Egyptian’s belief:
 “The heart records all of the good and bad deeds of a person’s life.  When it is time for a soul to be harvested into the afterlife, the heart is weighed and measured against the feather of Maat (the goddess of harmony, truth and justice), to decide the fate of the soul.”
          Those on the Dark opposing teams and their Scribes transposed the true meaning of this inward bound Spiritual Renaissance in an attempt to eclipse it and redirect human consciousness – herding them like sheep into perpetual enslavement and to gain a comatose support team.  Remember, the Dark Team is being funded by soulless entities that cannot create or continue functioning within this matrix without the agreement of those with a soul, wittingly or not. 
         The word apocalypse is a Greek word that means, “Revelation” – an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and that might never be known without an unveiling.  This is not the end of the world, we are at End of an Age – “From the Dark into the Light.  Yet, many are afraid to open their eyes and look at the Light!
         Many are comatose because they lost their intuition to years of complacency, self-indulgence and chemicalization.  Others bought into the programming or just plain old fashioned stupidity.However, these people need to become concerned with their acts of Omission. They are once again, condescendingly aligning themselves with the pernicious Dark Forces and another self-inflicting unfavourable outcome. The Truth is out there for those with the tenacity to seek it, and within for those with the patience to find it.         No one has been properly prepared for this remarkable event!  Those who meditate and/or sincerely care about and love others will be much more prepared than those clinging to materialism and egoism. Open your mind and see with eyes wide open through the veils of dogma, programming, propaganda and fake narratives trying to keep control of your mind.  Water always seek its own level as does what we have achieved in our hearts evolution. We cannot convince, nor force anyone to join us on our personal journey towards a higher paradigm or dimension. Evolve, or repeat, it is your choice.  Our personal signature frequency is created by our thoughts; feelings; emotions, and intent.  They are always reflected in our fate or destiny, no matter who or what we choose to blame outside of our self.
         All thoughts create electrical energy that can be measured by encephalographic (EEG) equipment. These electrical currents affect every cell in our body, those around us, including the entire Collective, our Solar System and the entire Universe.  This is fact not conjecture.  In the same way that the universe creates phenomenal cycles and new paradigms via energy, so do the cells in our bodies.  We must come to understand that we live in an electromagnetic universe.

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         We are all interconnected via our DNA within the Morphogenic Field; which carries an invisible web of energies that affect our characteristics, psyche and each other. This invisible web of light is also connected to the Stars, which have a profound effect on our evolution, awareness and potential enlightenment. Our thoughts also create measurable waves ofenergy that affect both of these perpetual fields, especially when amplified either on a negative or positive levels. 
         We need to become aware of our Thoughts, Words and Deeds, especially now. We can choose to tune into and focus on the opportunity at hand or the fear, anxiety, and resulting orchestrated negative events. We can observe the downfall of these Dark Forces and their horrific manifestations without becoming captivated by them. Love, humility, devotion, and commitment to being the best we can be, alongside meditation are imperative during this Shift.  
         Some believe both, the earth and all its inhabitants, will shift into a higher dimensional field. However, they may not be aware of the universal “Law of Resonance.”  And, there may be cycles yet to come before the “Great Yugas” or last “End Cycle” will be completed?  Yet, these cycles may take place on a higher field of vibrational essence? Earth may not be returning via the same corridor pathway due to her own raised frequencies.  If this be true, those who do not resonate with her may find themselves on a different bus heading back into the dark denser regions of space for another incarnation with the malicious Forces determined to use them for their ungodly purposes!  Luckier ones may find a kinder fate in the Void where their energies can be used as compost and recycled back into Nature. This Natural Law is inflexible! No one can storm the gates of heaven and move into higher dimensional worlds without a resonating ticket!  There is no “Get out of jail free card!”  Resonance must be earned via thought, action and intent, because we all know right from wrong, even a dog knows right from wrong!  Are we not superior to a dog???
         Those who resonate with the Earth’s rejuvenated vibrational fields may choose to stay on board in order to co-create a more magnanimous 3D foundation under a peaceful balanced system.  Their entire DNA field will be fully reactivated to will work in unison with their rebalanced whole brain and etherically interconnected chakra system.
         Restored passengers who choose to stay on board will need to keep up with the Earth’s increasingly higher vibrational patterns as she demarcates a new Divine cyclic journey through fresh corridors and regions of space around the Milky Way’s galactic core. Whilst underway, they will be able to reinvent their dream world.  A world without fear, war, pestilence, poverty, hatred, politicians, paedophilia, human trafficking, cannibalism; severe weather, disease, or the slaughter of innocence for fabricated sustenance!  Those who support these Higher Principals shall inherit the new earth by following and choosing the high road during this challenging Shift.
         All humans are, in fact, anatomicallyherbivorous.  Statistics show that most spiritually based souls are dedicated vegetarians. Studies show vegetarians have lower low-density lipoprotein and cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, lower rates of hypertension and less type 2- diabetes.  Vegetarians also tend to have a lower body mass index, lower overall cancer rates and lower risk of chronic disease.  Knowledgeable athletes have learned the secrets of the most assimilated protein in existence: Spirulina – microalgae the ancients used for sustenance, fuel, longevity, and strength.       

         DUBIOUS FAILSAFES: The Georgia Guidestones were placed in the State of Georgia in 1980 when the Elite and their Comrades realized the hour of the Great Shift was rapidly looming on their horizon! The location for the stones was selected as a memory peg, due to being the namesake of the transcontinental country of Georgia, located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, from which these Zionist Elite Fake Jews hailed.  They placed the Stones in anonymity with their ominous memory triggers engraved on them advocating population control, eugenics, and internationalism. They also hid caches of DNA, food, weapons and technical manuscripts. They hoped for a failsafe method cast in stone In case they failed again in their quest to dominate this world and were forced through another memory purge. 
         The Georgia Guidestones are not only a witness to what the Elite had planned for humanity, but more importantly, a solidtestimony to their fear of the looming Shift on the horizon, starting in 2020!PART THREE: ENERGY, FREQUENCY AND VIBRATION
“If you wish to understand the Universe 
Think of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nicola Tesla
          We now have the science to understand what the reveredNicola Tesla meant by his above statement even though they have tried to bury it with him.  We exist in a spiral galaxy that consists of many dimensions where the first three lower fields can be perceived by our senses as a flat rotating disk containing myriads of stars, pulsars and other twinkling objects giving off electromagnetic (EM) radiation. There is a wide spectrum range of EM radiations from microwaves, infrared light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, to Radio waves and Gamma waves.  All have specific effects on the planets and their denizens. The Sun also emits radiation from the entire electromagnetic spectrum; including high-energy X-rays to ultra-long-wavelength radio waves, and everything in-between. 
         As said, the closer one gets towards its Divine Galactic-Logos at the Core, the higher the frequency Light Waves become.  Sagittarius is seen by many as the most spiritual constellation in the Galaxy due to its prox-imity to the Core.  However, new mapping projects within the Milky Way show the Earth is moving faster and closer towards its centre than previously thought. We are now located 25,800 light-years from the Logos; in contrast to the 27,700 light-years previously established by the IAU. This is almost 2,000 light-years closer than expected. This is having a massive effect on our Spiritual Awakening.  Wake up!; we are in the midst of an epic Ascending Shift culminating the End of a very Dark Age
Unavoidable, due to the way the Photonic Light carriers affect consciousness during these shifts along with the Laws of Resonance, the timeline automatically splits into two separate paths of energy. This inevitably takes place to accommodate and contain the opposing energies from conflicting polarities, similar to separating the wheat from the chaff; negative vibrational patterns are culled from positive patterns.   As our solar system navigates its cyclic journey around its galactic centre, all of its satellites are being affected by the proximity of incoming cosmic waves of energy from Pulsar RadioWaves being carried by Photonssweeping our Sun, which in turn are causing higher solar activity bombarding our earth.  This is but a mirror of what is being reflected on our 4th dimension level of consciousness.
         All spheres are continuously carried along their spiralling path-ways through the numerous cosmic electrodynamic fields, some higher; some lower.  For millenniums, spirals are amongst the most ubiquitous symbols found in every culture from around the world. They are found in the most archaic philosophies and religions. The ancients sagaciously understood that spirals symbolized the path through the stars leading  souls to evolve and receive higher knowledge; and as an absolute path towards enlightenment! The Sagacious understood that worlds were founded on vibrational frequency.  They inexplicable knew that as the planets spiralled around the galaxy and moved closer towards their Divine Core, the greater the EM fields would become sweeping across them as they journeyed.  Pulsars send out potent beams of photonic light that carry powerful EMWaves that produce powerful influences across the Earth. 
         In 2019, NASA’s Fermi-Gamma-Ray space telescope discovered a large gamma-ray halo appearing around what they named the “Geminga Pulsar” now bombarding the earth.  It was discovered within the Gemini Constellation along with 12 new gamma-ray pulsars. Pulsars are highly magnetized rotating compact stars, usually identified as neutron stars, emitting beams of electromagnetic radiation out of their magnetic poles. These electromagnetic waves have a huge impact on us when they face our sun and its satellites.  They give off short rhythmic bursts of visible light full of X-Ray and Gamma radiation waves. These powerful radio pulses are having a massive effect on our consciousness.
           In 2016 it was discovered that the Vela Pulsar was increasing its spin and that the Earth was receiving these higher sweeping Light Waves. (It may be interesting to note; what took place in the 2016 American election.) The Vela Pulsar is now giving off gamma rays on regular pulses, which are the most intense source of gamma radiation presently affecting us.  They also detected 18 other gamma-ray emitting pulsars in the Vela system!  Because these gamma-ray beams are now regularly sweeping the Earth they are being closely monitored by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. (AMS-02 is a Particle Physics Module mounted on the International Space Station (ISS) that detects and measures antimatter cosmic rays.) Another Powerful Pulsar known as the Crab Pulsar, in the Taurus Constellation is also sweeping the sun and earth with X-ray, and gamma-rays at present!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/8bMWPAzUeECP/   <January 16, 2021
          Gamma rays are the most energetic energy waves found in the EM radiation spectrum. Gamma waves can also be measured in highly focused brain actively when engaged in problem solving. Through meditation, they can be made to work for you, instead of stressing you due to their high power.  Unfortunately, the majority are becoming more aggressive due to focusing on the wrong input, such as highly charged emotionalism via disinformation, programming, propaganda and fear. There are various calming and focusing techniques one can use in order to utilize these frequencies and to activate their pineal gland and so called “junk DNA”. (The internet offers a large selection of techniques. With the right intent, I am sure you can find one to work for you.) The Dark Forces greatest fear is that you will wake up and become knowledgeable!  This is why they are frantically doing everything in their power to create fear, acrimony and hatred. They will do anything to keep you from focusing on your possible lawful activation that comes through  resonating with the frequency of love instead of polarized thinking and emotions during this timeline!
         Research has proven the fourth dimension exists. 10 dimensions, or more, are used in describe superstring theory – (6D hyperspace + 4D), 11 dimensions can describe supergravity and M-theory (7D hyper-space + 4D). The state-space of quantum mechanics is an infinite-dimensional functional space not restricted to the physical realms. Dimensions five through ten have to do with possibilities that include all possible realities with totally different physics than those known in our universe.  This is the hidden meaning behind the term recently heard in dialogues surrounding our present situation: We are in a 5 D Chess Game.
         To help understand concepts behind dimensions, try to compre-hend that a dimension is based on densities.  All dimensions exist simul-taneously and occupy the same exact space at different vibrational frequencies.  Our souls are simultaneously present on all dimensional levels also. Some coin the human race as being “Rainbow People”, because their chakras are intricately connected to the first seven dimensional layers represented by the colours emitted from Rain-bows: Red-1, Orange-2, Yellow-3 (our dimension) Green-4; Blue-5; Indigo-6 and Violet-7.  We are all strongly connected to the seven dimensional layers matching our chakra wavelength frequencies. The higher the dimension, the more subtle the energies become as does our perception of separation from each other and our Creator.  Dimensions are literally worlds within worlds. This is the veracity behind the famous plagiarized and distorted verse:   
    “In My Father’s house are many mansions, dwelling places and rooms.” 
                                                                                                            John 14:2
 Dimensions can be perceived as varying states of Consciousness, which makes perfectly good sense when you come to realize that everything is made up out of Consciousness. The 3rd thru 5th levels are the easiest to understand due to our ability to perceive them. The majority rarely think outside of their lower senses and if they did, they would need to perceive the higher dimensions differently because of their more subtle layers of energy and light. And also because time and space have a lower effect on our perception of opposites and separation. Within our conscious-ness there are layers upon layers of dimensions existing of hyperspace. This world is unique because it was created out of polarities. A polarity is a relationship between two opposite characteristics or tenden-cies, like the opposites between a superhero and villain. Due to this, the world is in a state of chaos from shores to shining shores, and from individual to individual as all polarities are now in full play! There are those who are fighting for freedom against those who fight to enslave.  We are witnessing the release of thousands of years of stored imbalances and negativities being flushed out by the incoming cosmic frequencies bombarding the solar system. It is all being played out on a photonic screen as the last Battle for Good against Evil”.
         Aware or not, we chose to be here at this particular juncture to help restore, in one way or another, the part we played in the catastrophe that took place during our last 4D epoch.  Some came in here looking to redeem themselves; others were drafted in due to their acts of omission, or to self-correct unacceptable behaviour patterns.  Disappointingly, many are repeating their acts and actions during this reverberating battle.  Wake up! You are being given an opportunity to be liberated from a 4D/3D bilocation and to make the transition into a 5D realm of freedom, balance, and harmony. This quantum leap can only be made by choosing to raise your personal signature frequency.          All your old baggage from this timeworn paradigm such as; lack of self-worth, and all the resistance weighing you down, must be let go of if you wish to experience the “Cosmic Quickening.”         It was hoped that the entire human collective would integrate into this new auspicious epoch, no matter how challenging.  But alas, the depth of programming; pseudo materialism; and negative mind-sets, may have once again overwhelmed too many? Scientists tell us we are now encountering more Pulsar Radio Waves bombarding the sun and the Earth.       We are literally experiencing the world and ourselves being lit up from within and without! This is not philosophy; it is a demonstrated scientific fact that it is happening right now!  Photons are carrying in the new electromagnetic waves that are passing through every cell in our body. This is affecting our DNA and creating an unveiling of our true nature.  Brave souls are being activated with the courage to light up “Revelations” exposing dark demonic entities that have been committing crimes against humanity under Vatican, Elite, and Royal Rule for decades!  Some are choosing to continue to snore, whilst others are choosing to go mad on our streets; within families and friends.  This is a result of intensified polarities in philosophy, religions, races, egotism, and now politics. These Photons are literally slamming into everyone’s dense negative energies and emotions!  This is creating forms of insanity as these higher waves of light flush out what’s hidden within and around us; the good and not so good; no matter what our belief system may be!  On a grander scale, all of the evil stowaways amongst us are being flushed out into the Light.
         Scientists know the earth is revolving around its sun, which is being pulled around by its Pole Sun as are all solar systems throughout the Milky Way. This process is an inexhaustible cyclic evolutional journey as the entire Galaxy sits on gigantic Divine Levers of Consciousness emerging out of its Divine Core! All Suns and their satellites are in constant motion, encountering vast changes via fresh electromagnetic influences on their journey ever-closer to their Creative Galactic Core. Many souls along this corridor will have the opportunity to experience various levels of Enlightenment or a full Bi-location Awakening. (Bi-location is the psychic ability to experience being located in two distinct places simultaneously.) It has been proven our brains are holographic in nature, as perhaps our entire universe.
         These Shifts are not Religious events, they are Spiritual Awaken-ings created when we enter new regions of space and encounter new fields of higher electrodynamic activity. The human body is like a miniature world with its own EM fields that hold our atoms together and allow us to exist as coherent entities.  (EM – electromagnetism is the term used to represent classical electrodynamics.)  Our EM field uses other electrical fields to communicate with each and every part of our bodies and organs. So imagine the effect that the heightened cosmic electrodynamics are having on our bodily functions, brain, and heart, which in turn affects our minds.  The corridor path that the earth travels is what defines our timelines and all Shifts of the Ages!  There is so much more at stake than you realize.  We are intrinsically connected with the fourth dimensional level of consciousness and what is taking place there!  Millions are having a bi-location experience here without being aware of it – disbelief will not change it.       

         The ancients left us legacies of information, in various forms. However, they were all stolen and hidden away by the Dark incarnates. 
They hid them away from the world within their stronghold underneath the Vatican! What the Vatican wasn’t able to seize during the Inquisition, the NAZI’s removed during their comparable reign of terror! Neither they, nor their minions, were evolved enough to properly interpret the significance of this verse:
So shall it be at theend of the age. The Angels will separate the evil from themidst of the righteous.”  Matthew 13:49
          What none of these antediluvian minds comprehended was that these Angelic Forces would come in the form of massive “Cosmic Light Waves” that would sweep the Earth with the Power to create a Great Awakening. The Catholic Church is the most desecrated religion on Earth that has been responsible for the most damage and the most unimaginable crimes against humanity and children. Their crimes are undeniably being brought out into the Light for all to see as are the Pope’s favourite Red Shoes – claimed to have been made out of baby’s skin!  Reports are surfacing that the lights have finally been turned off at the Vatican, with the Pope along with his Bishops, being placed under military arrest for their crimes against children and humanity. Yet we must remain vigilant, due to technological-trickery using laser technology, holography and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).
24“False prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that could deceive you.”      Matt 24:23
            All major Shifts throughout the Galaxy affect its entirety.  During this Shift, souls will either ascend from this layer of density back into a higher sphere of existence, or return to this 3D matrix! Those who remain will do so in accord with their heart’s signature frequency.  Love is the only antidote!!  Ready or not!!  It’s all happening now!  You need to wake up and choose, or the choice will be made for you!  Think about the amount of raging light waves moving through your cells and brain, give yourself the grace to sit down and allow them to flow through you in a calm, but jubilant and accepting manner. It is exhilarating – get excited, we have earned the opportunity to WAKE UP AND GO HOME!!!!    
https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/ads?guci=×280&url=https%3A%2F%2Foperationdisclosure.blogspot.com%2F2021%2F02%2Fepistle-for-new-paradigm-phoslight.html&flash=0&fwr=0&fwrattr=true&rpe=1&resp_fmts=3&wgl=1&adsid=ChEIgI3kgAYQo93xzMWC166lARJMAKWMlvd3l6viWlY8I4nT60y8-mY6AYGBKd2sZTZulQvVkteyO0b8-NQ5ot_bOX0olWbrpwVl5kR8HOhaj6XfGKF_nypdNblozegZwQ&dt=1612313511165&bpp=6&bdt=637&idt=1523&shv=r20210201&cbv=r20190131&ptt=9&saldr=aa&abxe=1&prev_fmts=336×280%2C0x0%2C300x600%2C300x600%2C300x600%2C260x600%2C728x280&prev_slotnames=2517961328&nras=1&correlator=2075636903988&frm=20&pv=1&ga_vid=158947550.1612313511&ga_sid=1612313511&ga_hid=390937662&ga_fc=0&u_tz=-420&u_his=4&u_java=0&u_h=900&u_w=1600&u_ah=875&u_aw=1600&u_cd=24&u_nplug=0&u_nmime=0&adx=245&ady=17742&biw=1549&bih=744&scr_x=0&scr_y=14772&eid=21068769%2C21068893%2C21068944%2C21068785&oid=3&psts=AGkb-H_9B0v96QqQ2mZq-Icq-scLajJbqLD1o7HViVdSCgkySoUbYmQ_ImXJITEMnWnOi-NNBzMZF-DIawu5ag%2CAGkb-H_gcxjh3okgmybf5b4jROKnVFzSAkNKIJjJ4mOHKJ1ZUrxgZ09CJ7JZZ3lamihUpBKEKvaMquUJ8ss2LA%2CAGkb-H-RoGWkQDiPZa3EeA3FZI8iq2M_6QmIGJgg7aaxZ6lNq-_d_6tgXU2q3R03hOKnwJfgQIAXEmsDqs2-KA%2CAGkb-H_2mdOsATodUvWsSyP2Sv9FH0A37nIIC_dShlDMGX08fZ4W7CIsOKkUGGSNNE7x4YfXa2Ab8aKs9mB3xA%2CAGkb-H9mJMbvIMaJEkWKb9PWfKu8X_CBLd8vGEvcRzPoBrJPGozQusED7B1BJYwGRrf7Coo8iiohmcrKbJBdyg%2CAGkb-H-x3EcBHsHltOFCMHBKFgnVCoC8rPya7RWwey98hppvc3mFz3S1IQ2DX28lx3O6-Ug0sw_aM7Mqiv_0Qg%2CAGkb-H_utwEbmWQFXfyccz9EiWBFjDZQ0fvry7oaai-3P8BoglA9T1JpsiM364codEtHLxBBbE_sO_GW12x_6g&pvsid=3874559586202112&pem=882&ref=https%3A%2F%2Foperationdisclosure.blogspot.com%2F&rx=0&eae=0&fc=896&brdim=9%2C16%2C9%2C16%2C1600%2C0%2C1563%2C818%2C1563%2C744&vis=1&rsz=%7Cm%7CpeEbr%7Cp&abl=XS&pfx=0&fu=8320&bc=31&jar=2021-2-3-0&ifi=4&uci=a!4&btvi=7&fsb=1&xpc=6PQYOHNMgZ&p=https%3A//operationdisclosure.blogspot.com&dtd=M          It is never too late to open yourself to Higher Realities, Higher Frequencies and Vibrational Fields.  We are all connected within this electromagnetic field, let go of your perceptions of separation, self-righteousness, your intolerance of other’s opinions and your moralistic judgments; all of them can lock you in to the Dark.  We can choose to transcend the path of sorrow and death by choosing to keep our thoughts positive, accepting our good and trusting that there is a plan for us to become fully Human and limitless.  Tesla wrote that “One of the many benefits of doing the work of attaining levels of conscious awareness is the practice of trusting.”  We are all from the One Omnipotent Source, learn to trust in that!        
12“Truly, truly I tell you, whoever believes will also do the works that I do and even greater shall he do.” John 14:12
            This is what scientifically takes place when consummating a Cosmic Shift.  All parts of our hidden selves are being revealed.  Our inner Beingness is coming to the surface; ready or not; Light and Dark.  It is happening right now.  This is a natural reoccurring cyclic event. Many of you have been through it before and are now being given another chance to Wake Up and get out of this 3D illusion.  Many brothers and sisters feel confined here as if being caught in a pit.  Heed this; now is the timeline and opportunity to get out.
         The bombarding enhanced photons are penetrating EVERY-THING, exposing EVERYTHING.  Desecrated religions have been lying to you for over 2000 years.  Much of what is being revealed will be for many understandably beyond belief and for some beyond their comprehension.  Some will need time to reflect and to heal, whilst others will blindly continue in their reprehensible support of the Dark through disbelief, self-righteousness, and/or complacency. We are all contained within the Heart of our Omnipresent Creator’s entire field of Divine Light and Intelligence. It is this Light that causes everything to become apparent and amplified during a major Realm Shift.  Nothing can escape this merging Light because everything is a part of IT.    

         Those on the Dark Team that are aware we are going through another Shift are panicking because they cannot control or stop it, no matter how they may try!  Their plan for taking over the world is being foiled, because they underestimated the power of The Light during these timelines! The only thing they can do is attempt to take as many of you with them as possible, which they have been quite successful at doing in the past.  Those claiming to be the “Chosen Ones” will also experience their reflection in the great mirror during this Shift of the Age.  It is up to each one us now to tip the scale towards the Light.  Each one of you, in this moment, whilst reading this, is adding to your personal frequencies and outcome!  We need to ask ourselves, “What am I contributing”?  This is the critical time for personal introspection.  What is your heart supporting on a global and personal level during this decisively challenging time? “Ignorance is of the law is not an acceptable excuse” because the Law is uncompromising.  
 “They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts!” Ephesians 4:18
 This timeline has been written about in every ancient civilization and religious record since the beginning of recorded history.  It doesn’t care if you believe it or not, IT IS happening right now before our very eyes!   
         What are you choosing to resonate with during this extraordinary time?  Are you choosing to support the distortions of truth and the fake news?  Or, will you choose to resonate and ride the incoming ribbons of Light now sweeping your world?   Even though we are being shut down through censorship, we can still find the Truth being bravely communicated through “alternative News Casts!” (If you are still asleep, ask yourself why our freedom of speech is being taken away from us?) Digital warriors are not only being censored now, but are being promised retribution from the Elite and their minions. Yet, many soldier on and persevere as patriots from around the globe.  Their invaluable impact on this war’s resolution against Big Tech can never be underestimated nor eclipsed.  Big Tech has used the same successful impetus as the NAZI master propagandist minister Joseph Goebbels successfully used during broadcasting in WWII.  He claimed propaganda broadcasting was the eighth great power”.  (n⁸ = n × n × n × n × n × n × n × n!!)

         We are not alone in this Universe and what is about to take place will either fill your heart with the joy and strength of a 1000 sun’s reflecting through you or the fear of your own shadowy murky mirror of darkness.Life is the mirror of our inner consciousness and will always show us exactly where we are on our personal evolutionary scale, along with our resistances and growing pains.
         You can wait for an external saviour or redeemer, but one day you will have to take wake up and take full responsibility for yourself and realize that what you have been waiting for is “YOU.”  It is time to start emerging from the compost of your past lives and liberate yourself from this matrix through Unconditional Love. This is the true salvation for one and all.  This is our time for change, our time for a grand leap in our evolution, our time to take our place in the Cosmos with our galactic brothers and sisters. There is a Greater Truth and Grand Divine Plan, created just for us.
         Let go of everything – grief, hoarding, separation, fear, anger, lack, and non-forgiveness; whatever you are consciously aware of that could hold you back.  Those who can grasp this Truth – uplift your hearts and find your humanitarianism, absolutism, joy, and elation at what is coming!  Together we can catch a ride on the incoming waves that will transform us, this world and the entire galaxy into something more wondrous than any of us could ever have imagined!  We are being given the opportunity to discern between what is real and what illusion is.   All of it is being created out of our consciousness. Just because we don’t remember doesn’t mean we can allow ourselves to feel defeated or wallow in Darkness.  We can choose to make a leap in trust that there is goodness in the “Field” and in us.  You need to know that if you meet the Light half way, it will find you and set you free as promised by Divine Laws. Many Spiritual Ascetics; Yogis; Monks; along with other Seekers will be tuning into these new higher waves for their longed for Awakening!  We are in the midst of reaching a new Portal of Transition from one cycle into another, leaving the old paradigm behind for a new grander one. The most important word to understand during this reoccurring end timeline is Resonance and Discernment. The key is to wake up and realize where youareand whyyou are here.  Love for God and respect for all things and creatures are paramount now. I am not referring to religious or pundit dogmas; I am referring to the status of your heart. This is the challenge we came in here to conquer.
“Gentlemen may cry Peace, Peace, but there is no peace. The war is actually begun... Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry – 1775
         I am offering this as a prayer with the hope that it may reach out and be widely and wisely read to help bring understanding, peace and joy to the hearts of even the most ardent disbelievers.  When understanding comes to the heart, joy replaces fear, anxiety, unrest and deep trauma.
         IF you find it worthy, please share so that others may have a deeper understanding and the opportunity to have their right to make an informed choice. For those interested in a deeper understanding, go to:http://7elucidations.info by Phoslight. 
  Never Too Much Love, Phoslight

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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