February 1, 2021: The Reality vs the Illusion [videos] ~ February 1, 2021

Check out the fortification of the counterfeit capitol of America. Washington DC looks like a war is about to break out.

I guess either the cabal is afraid that We, the People will storm the bastille, or the White Hats have them rounded up. If the criminals can’t access the tunnels beneath the capitol, they can’t escape that way, either, so it’s not a negative situation as I see it. It makes for a great movie. We’ll see what happens.

Watch the short video at this link, for sure.

Shocking New Video Of DC Fortification… They FEAR The People!

This is a take on it from Judy Byington explaining some of what has transpired recently.

US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It

If you didn’t catch it via the comments from the crew, Yellow Rose for Texas showed us interesting footage from space in the vicinity of the sun from the NASA cams. Have you ever seen anything like this on the 6:00 news? Why is reality hidden?

We know a lot is going on behind the scenes as the Earth Alliance deals with the psychopaths.

Underworld Extinction Level Events Update 1 28 21

What else is going on that’s not on the 6:00 cabal news?

from Telegram…

We’re watching reports of protests in 38 Russian cities, arrests of 350+ peaceful protesters and journalists. The U.S. supports the right of all people to peaceful protest, freedom of expression. Steps being taken by Russian authorities are suppressing those rights.

Simon Parkes posted this on his blog.

Something Unfolding…

Dave’s take on the drama unfolding is at this link below.

There is potential for using Covid for putting out covert information to the patriots. Since we know hardly anyone died of the CCP virus or Kung Flu, perhaps these figures mean something else. Arrests, perhaps. Military tribunals? They’re not accurate death statistics for the China virus; that we know. They might also use these statistics to scare people into refusing vaccines.

Vaccinated Congressman Tests Positive for COVID-19

Following is the link to a great article on the statistics, the psyop, and fake news around the Kung Flu.

Who Will Dare Eat From The Tree of For-Biden Fruit?

The video at this link from Brasscheck TV goes into the insanity of this past year in which the world was terrorized with a fake pandemic. One year later, most are just going along and resigned to the imposition on their Human rights. Whatever their government says, they will do.

The Big Con, one year later: A review of 12 months of sadistic, non-stop fraud

Unfortunately, up in the North Forty it’s not looking good. There’s not enough resistance. Too many are brainwashed and believe whatever they hear on the corrupt mainstream news. I’m wasting my breath trying to enlighten my friends and family.

KNIGHT: There’s no end in sight of the lockdowns

Here’s some discussion that seems to be a hot commodity. Themtube removed it, but not before it clocked 100K views in 12 hours. Scott McKay is usually worth listening to.

If Gematria and numerology interest you, Tom Numbers thrills Charlie Ward with the latest math. Watch at Charlie Ward’s website at the link below. It’s a short video and too many coincidences to be chance.

Tom Numbers & Charlie Ward with More Information


Gotta run. Enjoy the journey as much as possible. We’re making history, but we aren’t always told the reality, or what to expect, so expect the unexpected.  ~ BP

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