January 30, 2021: COVID Swabs Up the — And Other Sordid News [videos] ~ January 30, 2021

It’s been an interesting week. We never know what to expect, and Charlie Ward and friends spoke of a “deadline” suggested by General Michael Flynn to do with the “done in 30” message from Q Intelligence. Apparently this weekend is the end of the “thirty”. Some are expecting some significant “moves” and since the military are in complete control of the USA currently, it could mean anything. It’s really just more “wait and see”.

My new neighbourhood is familiar after many walks, but my first foray into a local retailer for groceries also went well since Fry’s doesn’t harass anyone about masks in person. They play recordings over the public address system saying we’re all required to wear them. If you can’t for medical reasons, they “encourage” us to use their curb-side pickup option.

Sherwin Williams didn’t seem to notice that I sneaked in the front of the store to grab paint chips and brochures without a mask and we had lots of rain (snow is hanging on in the higher elevations) which we desperately needed. That called for a good, old-fashioned fire in the family room and overall it was a positive few days—except that the window that should have been replaced wasn’t. Loooong and unbelievable story.

The best news was that my crackling speaker issue turned out to be a result of one particular power bar which we switched out. The not-so-good news is that my hard drive made a scary noise when I fired up the beast this morning. When in doubt, turn it off, I always say and the second time it was normal. We’ll expect the best of the beast and see how it goes.

The biggest news stinks. It might take down the globalist airlines. Good! We need competition. I bet the perverts in the TSA will love this.

China has been the proving ground for all the COVID crap so… make your own deductions. They successfully pushed out their fake Coronavirus video footage a year ago, showing the most unbelievable things. They think we’re all stupid. This is completely rank, though.

NEW – China demonstrates how to perform a #COVID19 anal swab sample collection. Passengers on a flight to Beijing were taken to a hotel where they were subjected to anal swabs.pic.twitter.com/PFyuZgJguS

— Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) January 29, 2021

‘Mandatory’ Anal Swabs Forced On Airline Passengers

My sister-in-law is contemplating going back to Canada a little early after getting the latest update from the Turdeau government. They say that people returning from “sun” locations (like the Caribbean) will only be permitted to fly into 4 airports (not even to Ottawa—the capital) will be forced to take a PCR test and hole up in a government-approved hotel for up to 3 days at the traveller’s expense until the results are available—which may cost the traveller $2,000!!!

OMG—they are trying desperately to wake up the Canadian people but when I try to tell she and my other half what’s really behind these directives they completely discount what I say. They’re charging people $250 for tests on both ends of the trip, and now saying they will have to quarantine for two weeks if they get a positive reading from a totally bogus, fake test.

Good grief. Now it’s ‘anal swabs’. I’m sorry but I can’t suppress a snicker.

EXPOSED: BGI Group Providing Worldwide COVID-19 Tests A Front For Chinese Military

And they’re doing something about “targeted individuals” by the cabal’s military. Finally.

There is clear awareness that someone is using these weapons against the American people. Look at Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s H.R.2977- it would bar “Inflicting death or injury on…a person…through space-based systems using electromagnetic, psychotronic or other energies.” pic.twitter.com/VCaDayXli8

— Jason Caldwell (@JasonCa34496713) January 30, 2021

Dave’s X22 Report always seems to make a questionable situation more positive. You can read a synopsis or listen here.

Will the “Covid crisis” wake up a lot more people? Will they realize that The People should be directing and censuring their Government—not the other way around? Who gives their government free latitude to act without oversight? Governments are supposed to make life better for The People. Tyranny must be ended or The People will suffer. We are rapidly headed toward the complete subjugation of Humanity and the stripping of every Human right we were born with as a Sovereign Being.

Corey Lynn
When did the corrupt CDC become law enforcement? I guess I missed that one. Screw these people.

These intimidation tactics are getting out of control. If people submit and obey, these unconstitutional actions will persist.

Jeff Carlson
“The CDC said people violating the order could potentially face criminal penalties, but suggested civil penalties would be more likely if needed.”

“The order will be enforced by the Transportation Security Administration and federal, state and local agencies.”

“The CDC order will make not wearing a mask a violation of federal law.”

“The CDC order says airlines and other transit modes may require medical documentation and consultation by a medical specialist as well as requiring a negative COVID-19 test from a passenger in order to board a plane or other mode of transportation.”

UPDATE: Pentagon halting Guantanamo Bay #COVID19 vaccine plan after backlash #JustTheNews https://t.co/2XWn02pVaN

— Just the News (@JustTheNews) January 30, 2021

Wow. This is something else to divide us. They want to break everyone down into classes, sub-classes, and the class-less. This is class-less. Now you can wear your brands on not only your sun-glasses, shirts, jeans, shoes, phone, and your car—but your home, to show how you’re better than the rest.

You can now advertise your own insecurity, low self-esteem and desperate need for attention. https://t.co/colj7fHiw7

— Garbage Human (@GarbyJooman3) January 30, 2021

LT at And We Know brings us valuable updates and details.

Michael Jaco shows us footage which just might involve the arrest of a member of Congress. We have several excellent sources who have told us  arrests have been ongoing for some time now and we have military intelligence telling us that several executions for treason and crimes against Humanity (contrary to the Nuremberg code) have also taken place so this is quite possibly what it appears.

Video of Congressmen Being Arrested? Vans and Buses Lined Up For Arrests? Martial Law in Effect

West Virginia newspaper company files antitrust suit against @Google, @Facebook #JustTheNews https://t.co/qaqcwm9XQj

— Just the News (@JustTheNews) January 30, 2021

This is a good message. From Telegram…

Hold the line for 30 days.

President Trump is continuing to use military aircraft suggesting he is still de facto Commander in Chief.

Clarity emerges in two weeks.

Patriots are urged to stay off the streets and away from State Capitols — False Flag events intended to discredit patriots are known to be planned. NON-VIOLENCE is VITAL. Obey the law, allow events to play out.

This seems like theatre. A distraction.

‘QAnon Shaman’ Prepared To Testify In Trump’s Impeachment Trial

And this…  Recommending we watch, “Shadowgate”.

President Trump Patriot News & Intel, [30.01.21 13:39]
[ Photo ]

Shadow Gate – The biggest government whistleblowing event ever!

NOTICE: The material presented in this article/video should concern people of all political affiliations given elected officials are not the shadow government. This is about real players who’s names never come up but should. Corrupt carrier politicians are definitely part of the beltway swamp, even aspects of the deep state, but they are not the shadow government. Two whistleblowers, who worked extensively within the Shadow Government as contractors have come forward with revelations that may be the biggest whistleblowing event to date.

READ/VIEW: http://www.trevorwinchell.com/AmericanPatriotsForum/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=346&p=413&sid=82be4e202a929e197dcd35df60386dee#p413

Please visit our Telegram channel
Making America Great Again!
Where We Go One We Go All – WWG1WGA
Q TSRDC – 8kun – 4 10 20

I’m not concerned about anything Creepy Joe Biden or Trudy in the Great White North do. They’re toast and under White Hat control. Fear is for normies.

Simon Parkes reveals the truth; Biden is a puppet. He isn’t capable of doing anything and isn’t required to do anything. He’s “acting” president (of USA Inc.) which no longer exists, so they make a good pair.

Remember, nothing is what it seems, Charlie Ward assures us a LOT is going on behind the scenes, and this ride should be FUN for those of us who know.  He says the Biden steal, the COVID nonsense, the impeachment, the military activity, “war with Iran and China”—all of it is just distractions from the important stuff going on.

Charlie has plenty of new videos all the time with people who are watching and understand where we are at the moment.

I can’t recall if I shared this video from Dr. Rashid Buttar from the crew. It’s excellent for sharing, and not too long. Hopefully it’s still available.

Thanks to the crew for navigating while I’m off and for all the support. It’s uncomfortable to be away from the bridge so much.  ~ BP

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