Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 29, 2021 ~ January 29, 2021

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 29 Jan. 2021

Compiled Fri. 29 Jan. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.” 

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, for Where We Go One, We Go All to Support POTUS, Follow Q and Trust Plan 

People aren’t projects; they’re our brothers and sisters—fellow travelers in the journey of life. We want to be walking through life together, helping each other find the strength to overcome obstacles and stumbling blocks along the way (see Hebrews 12:10–13). 

“Our Journey is Just Beginning, the Best is Yet to Come.”…Donald Trump 20 Jan. 2021 

Come What May and Love It:Come What May, and Love It (

Judy Note: Today Thurs. 28 Jan. Fleming’s Military Intel Contact said that the Tier 4B start and notification could come any time between Fri. 29 Jan. to Tues. 2 Feb. Final payouts with huge payout packages started Thurs. 28 Jan. in Zurich and elsewhere. Bruce indicated that Sun. 31 Jan. was Freedom Day and could be the beginning of NESARA, plus that Tier 4B notification was a possibility for Mon.-Tues. Feb. 1, 2

According to Charlie Ward, the Ten Days of Darkness – where we didn’t hear from President of the restored Republic Donald Trump – could be from the fake Inauguration Day of Wed. 20 Jan. through Sat. 30 Jan. The next day of Sun. 31 Jan. had been designated Freedom Day as per Executive Order signed by President Trump on 4 July 2020. 

Democrats and other traitors were found to have conspired (a raid on CIA Headquarters produced firm evidence) with foreign countries and the Chinese Communist Party to interfere in the 2020 Election. Trump instigated the Insurrection Act, and then turned his authority over to the Military. Under this Martial Law Trump would remain as US President until all those who committed Treason by certifying an illegal election were arrested. 

On Thurs. 28 Jan. both the House and Senate recognized Trump as Acting US President when they voted to impeach him. Under the Constitution you could not impeach a US President if he didn’t hold the office. 

On Thurs. 28 Jan. the Simon Parkes Update reported a showdown in the South China Sea. The Chinese Communist Party was trying to take over Taiwan. Taiwan was where the Chinese Elders stored their gold to back countries for the Global Currency Reset. Simon Parks said that there were air battles between America and Taiwan fighter jets against CCP jets and the CCP lost big time. 

That meant Checkmate: New World Order fans had lost the war. Another source out of Zurich said they had promised to settle everything by Fri. 29 Jan.

At any time we in the Internet Group Tier 4B could receive notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments. Wells Fargo’s 1.4 million notification emails would have gone out, along with publication on Dinar websites of a secured website that gave us access to 800#s. 

Tier 4B could redeem Zim and exchange foreign currencies at the special rates over the next two and a half weeks. The general public would start their foreign currency exchanges at the new international rates after Tier 4B completed and before the Chinese New Year on Fri. 12 Feb.

On Wed. 20 Jan. and prior to Joe B*iden’s pre-recorded-in-Hollywood Inauguration to a bankrupt US Inc, ten miles of Washington DC, White House and Capitol Building was secured with barbed wire fences and 60,000 troops. Now over a week later over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencing remained. In reality an Interim Military US Government had taken over Washington DC and was running our country. 

The two governments ruling the US were: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) B*iden Administration. 

The US Military had control of all assets, taxpayer dollars, were conducting a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and tasked to insure the Republic would be restored to elements of the original Constitution as written prior to 1871. 

This week it was likely that rolling blackouts would occur in areas of the country where Mass Arrests were being made. Communications would be cut off for a short period of time. On Tues. 26 Jan. from 11 am to 3:45 pm there was a blackout, Internet outages and slow service on the East Coast from Boston to Washington DC. Verizon Internet Outage… (

Soon and perhaps by Sun. 31 Jan. Freedom Day, the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated. The Military would then produce all TV programming for at least the next 72 hours, filled with videos of political elite’s confessions and tribunals, accompanied by seven messages from President Trump. The networks have already been informed that they could be criminally liable if they didn’t allow the feed to air. 

On 4 March 2021 the restored Republic Presidential Election would be held through use of the transparent, secure and instantaneous Quantum Voting Computer. 

A. Thurs. 28 Jan. 2021 The Big Call, Bruce:Thebigcall.net712-770-4016 pin123456# 

In Iraq they would likely have their new Dinar rate on Sun. 31 Jan.

In Miami, Reno, Zurich Switzerland, Hong Kong Bond Paymasters were down-streaming monies to their groups, though those accounts were not yet liquid. 

At 4pm today Thurs. 28 Jan. 28% of the bonds had been completed. All should be complete by Sat. evening 30 Jan.

Redemption Center Staff went in today and were going in on Fri. 29 Jan. at noon. They were on a 35 min. response time to be at their desks. 

Sun. 31 Jan. was Freedom Day and could be the beginning of NESARA. 

Tier 4B notification was a possibility for Mon.-Tues. Feb. 1, 2

B. Mon. 25 Jan. 3am to 6am White House, Capitol Arrest video:

C. Tues. 26 Jan. Where is Congress?House cancels business during first full Biden week – Washington Times

D. Thurs. 28 Jan. The Military is in Charge of Joe:

E. Thurs. 28 Jan. Panic in DC:

The globalism of the liberal elites has failed. China has abandoned the big restart operation and would not impose any global order. Therefore the elite scheduled reboot has failed. 

Operation C19, expressed in the book GREAT RESTORATION by Klaus Schwab, President of the Davos Global Economic Forum, has failed. 

It will be limited to an economic expansion. Like any commercial empire. 

The 28K National Guard operation to protect the system in DC will end in March. 

As per US Military, Trump and team even B*iden has not been authorized to interfere. 

Zurich promised to settle everything by Fri. 29 Jan.

F. Tues. 26 Jan. 2021 Lin Wood Tapes: Justice Roberts & Epstein Selling Ki*ds for Pedo*philia, C*linton Plan to Assassinate Supreme Court Justices: Link shows video Intel previously taken off the web including Mustang Medic’s video of police, Military, vans, buses in arrests of Congress people at Capitol Hill 3-6am Mon. morning 25 Jan. (link here taken off web) 

1:00 min: Epstein providing children to Justice Roberts 

2:40 min: FBI videos prove claims, names FBI agents; Pence homosexual with chi*ldren. 

4:40 min: Roberts talks of murdering other Supreme Court Justices; O*bama and H*illary “White Terrorism.” 

5:50 min: Justice Roberts helped to plan assassination of other Supreme Court Justices. 

7:00 min: Lin Wood blew whistle on Supreme Court Assassination Plan to take place during H*illary’s presidency. 

9:00 min: The Assassinations intended to allow take out of 2nd Amendment. 

10:50 min: Take out of Justice Scalia – the biggest threat to their plans. 

11:35 min: Poison used to ki*ll Scalia 

19:00 min: Pence was a raging homose*xual 

20 min: Epstein obtained kids for Justice Roberts 

31 min: Seth Rich connections/murder 

G. Thurs. 28 Jan. Charlie Ward:Coffee with Pryme Minister & Charlie Ward

On Thurs. 28 Jan. the House and Senate voted (and therefore recognized) that Donald Trump was the acting President of the US and therefore they could impeach him. 

(On 6 Jan. because Democrats conspired with foreign countries to interfere in the 2020 Election, Trump instigated the Insurrection Act, and then turned his authority over to the Military. Under Martial Law Trump would remain as US President until all criminals were arrested.) 

On 11 Jan. Trump was inaugurated as president of the Patriot Party. The Patriot Party does away with both the Republicans and Democrats. The seal for the Constitution is the same seal that appears on the Patriot Party. 

On 4 March we would have a new Presidential election. 

H. Wed. 25 Jan. The Military in DC:Important Intel about the Military in Washington D.C. | Operation Disclosure

I. Thurs. 26 Jan. B*iden Press Sec: Antifa is Now Protected:

B*iden brags about blackmailing Ukraine prosecutor:–dj2-CY

B*iden says he doesn’t need our votes to get elected:

B*iden says “We have put together the most comprehensive voter fraud organization in the history of politics (and did it for the O*bama Administration also”):

Ukraine says B*iden stole billions from Ukraine:

J. Occult Ruler Eliminated:

K. George Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield Convicted at Malaysia Tribunal for Torture and War Crimes:Bush Convicted of War Crimes at Tribunal – YouTube

L. The Cabal Origins of America: Tony Green & Gypsy Jazz Perform “The Stars & Stripes Forever”:

M. Mon. 25 Jan. “Hollywood FX Can’t Save Bankrupt USA Inc,” Fulford Report Hollywood FX Can’t Save Bankrupt USA Inc
It’s over folks, the criminal enterprise known as the Corporation of the United States of America is finished. 

Actual on the ground reporters with White House Press passes, confirm that nobody is in the White House. The corrupt members of Congress and the Senate dare not show their faces in Washington DC, knowing they could be arrested if they do so.

Here is a picture of the oval office sound stage where they are shooting the so-called “President” B*iden using Hollywood FX. IMAGE Norfolk option:

Different uniforms were used for the fake inauguration of B*iden. One source on location says actors were hired. IMAGE Now compare with the inauguration of George Bush Jr. The uniforms all have insignia. IMAGE

There is plenty of other evidence out there, such as photos of a parking lot behind the “Oval Office,” when the real one would have a lawn in the background.

Thief in Chief B*iden and team were denied the use of a government plane and had to fly on a private jet, illustrating how he is an illegitimate president. IMAGE

Pentagon sources say we are now in an interregnum before a Republic of the United States of America is established. Eventually, potentially from Alaska to Argentina they suggest. A new capital will be built, and Washington DC will become a museum and tourist attraction, the sources say.

Remember, the Republic of the United States of America founded in 1776 was replaced by a privately owned corporation in 1871. 

That corporation’s shelf life has now expired. However, the owners of the Corporation: the Rockefeller and Rothschild, etc. crime families are still fighting tooth and nail to keep their illusion of control intact. They have reached a deal with Communist China to finance their corporation and have been blackmailing the U.S. military with nuclear dirty bombs.

However, Pentagon, British MI6 and Russian FSB sources say a counter-attack is underway that will end their entire fake pandemic and related attempt at establishing totalitarian rule. Russian FSB sources promise “the global trend is to stop the pandemic hysteria by May.” The fact is that in 2020 global mortality statistics show no increase and objective facts show the entire pandemic is fake. 

The real reason for the ongoing mRNA vaccination campaign has motivated world special forces to intensify the hunt and kill operation against the Khazarian Mafia politburo and their flunkies. The entire extended Rockefeller family is being rounded up.

The vaccines they are now trying to inject into everybody on Earth are using CRISPR gene-editing technology to alter people’s DNA and brain structure in order to remove genes related to religious belief and add genes to increase dopamine production. This would make people passive and happy no matter what their government was doing to them.

N. Thurs. 28 Jan. Patriot Party: 

Good day Fellow Patriot, 

So how do we take back our country? I will give you a hint. It is not going to be done by the President of the United States. No matter who the President is, we as the people of this country have a duty and responsibility to restore liberty in our area. Our initial focus is on the United States, but if you are in another country, please research and adapt these messages for your country. 

As you may or may not know, almost every county in the United States has a Sheriff. The sheriff is an ELECTED official. They are not appointed. They are elected by the people in their county. And the sheriff has ultimate authority in their county. No governor and not even the President of the United States can tell them what to do if that order is not constitutional. In fact, if the President or a governor gives them an order that is unconstitutional, the sheriff has a duty and a responsibility to NOT enforce that order! This is why you are seeing many sheriffs saying they are not going to enforce the governor’s orders on fining or arresting people due to mask mandates. Forcing people to wear a mask or open, close or limit their business is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! 

Now yes, I understand there are sheriffs around the country that ARE enforcing these orders. When they do that, they are not upholding their oath of office. When they take office, they swear to “uphold and defend the Constitution”. And the Constitution is a contract that guarantees the UNALIENABLE rights of the people! So how do we take back our country? We do it county by county! 

One of the groups we have in My Patriots Network is the CSPOA. The CSPOA stands for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. It was created by Sheriff Richard Mack (ret) to help create Constitutional Sheriffs all around the country. As you may or may not know, Sheriff Mack was the first sheriff in US history to sue the federal government and WIN in the Supreme Court! You can see more about him and his story here…

So that is why we have county groups inside My Patriots Network (MPN). This is so you can connect with Patriots in your county and help ensure your county sheriff is a constitutional sheriff! And if they are not, we will provide information and strategies you can implement together to help hold them accountable to their oath of office. If they do not, then you can help vote them out and elect a sheriff who WILL protect the rights of the people! 

So inside MPN, if you are in the United States, make sure you join your state group and also your county group. If you do not see your state or county group in there, send an email to and our team will create the group for you. 

Again, this is the beginning of the beginning. These next few years are going to bring about some of the greatest changes in the history of our country and the world! 

Thank you again for being part of this with us. Make sure you join the CSPOA group hereand learn more from Sheriff Mack. We will be sharing more soon. Forward Together in Victory! 

God Bless You & Yours, Jimmie Schwinn Co-Founder My Patriots Network

O. C19 Hoax: 

The C19 vaccines were using CRISPR gene-editing technology to alter people’s DNA and brain structure in order to remove genes related to religious belief and add genes to increase dopamine production. This would make people passive/happy no matter what their government was doing to them.

Bombshell Report Blows Whistle on NY Nursing Home Deaths:

CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are Dying Like Flies After C19 Injections:

Fauci Virus: Shocking new evidence proves C19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID

P. International Chi*ld Se*x Traffic*king Ring: 

Movie Producer on Sat*anic Chi*ld A*buse and Se*x Traffic*king in Hollywood:LIN WOOD ENCOURAGES YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT CHI*LD A*BUSE AND SE*X TRAFFICKING (

33 Children Rescued, Military is the Only Way:

PedoEmpire 5 Books, 42 chapters Free Online:

About Sat*anic pedo*philia:

Q. Occult Calendar of Dem*onic Holidays: 

Feb. 2 was another Sat*anic Revels celebration according to an Occult Calendar of Dem*onic Holidays put together by professional therapists from childhood accounts of their S*atanic R*itually A*bused (SRA) clients. 

Sat*anic Revels was celebrated through or*al, an*al, vaginal se*xual a*buse of a female victim age 7 to 17. The human sac*rifice of a chi*ld, drinking their blo*od and ea*ting their fle*sh always followed these Sat*anic se*xual org*ies using chi*ld and te*en victims. 

Be aware of Sat*anic activities in your neighborhood and help save mind controlled chi*ldren and te*ens being forced to participate in the ra*pe, tor*ture and mur*der of other chi*ldren. Months in advance Satan worshippers planned for their holidays by kidnapping children and teens. The victims were star*ved, tor*tured and used in se*x org*ies in preparation for human sac*rifice rites. 

Please report suspected Sat*anic activities to your local law enforcement. Since Sat*anists were known to infiltrate police departments, cover your tracks by also contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):, call the National Human Traffic*king Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 and contact the Federal Human Traffic*king Website:

If you wished to join the effort in saving children from international se*x traffic*king, contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad and/ or the non-profit Saving Innocence.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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