January 28, 2021: Sorcery on Display Defines Evil [videos] ~ January 28, 2021

I’m struggling to stay in blog mode with so little time for it and I’m challenged to even stay current in my brief hours to myself, but there are interesting developments, as always.

You might want to follow this guy. He’s a chip off the old block—and a hoot.

Tweets by JohnBarronJr

Have a look at Simon Parkes’ updates on his blog. Growing protests in Europe is a good sign.

Vienna / Austria Protests…

We’ve been watching the television series “Yellowstone” on demand with Kevin Costner as John Dutton the rancher as well as the Executive Producer of the dramatic production. I liken it to a cowboys and Indians spaghetti western for the new millennium.

It’s been interesting to note the constant struggles between Costner trying to keep his land (largest ranch in USA located in Montana), the travails with his grown children, the tribal leaders, the nearby city officials and LEOs, and the resulting politics—not to mention nature.

One surprising scene came when a young First Nations woman teaching at a University spoke of the fact that Christopher Columbus and his marauders sought to wipe out or enslave the native peoples in the West and steal their resources. No one has ever spoken about that on television in my experience.

Another scene involved an opponent of John Dutton caught unawares by a crack team of assassins and while he lay dying admitted he was surprised that the Duttons fought back. “No one ever fights back”, he said. Is it a coincidence that Q Intelligence told us, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” and President Trump told us we will never stop fighting back?

How do we fight back? Here’s one way.

Memelords Just Figured Out How to Take Back the Billions Wall Street Made Profiting Off Lockdowns

Do we realize just how evil Anthony Fauci is? Unfortunately, even if WE do… the general public has probably never heard of him unless they have done at least a little research into the fake pandemic.

Fauci Virus: Shocking new evidence proves covid-19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID

And We Know brings us lots of fascinating details we wouldn’t otherwise pick up on unless we dig or live on Twitter or Gab. There have been some recent deaths we might want to note, including a Getty. Down they go. There seem to be a number of “coincidences” in this video worth noting.

Dave always has a handle on things and explains from his strategic perspective in the X22 Report for January 27.

Mike Adams brings us a possibly realistic reflection and doesn’t spare the less popular opinions. We have to face the fact that in war there are victories and also times when it might feel like defeat but it’s a constant shifting of moves and counter-moves.

The Light has the advantage, and the goal is to win liberation for Humanity with minimal loss of life. Mike’s sources indicate the military will do anything they can to avoid civil war and want to do this peaceably—but that was on the 25th and it’s now the 28th so things could have changed. I’m intrigued to learn what insider Juan O’Savin meant by “Divine intervention” in the near future. If you’re not sure how much credence to allocate to what Juan has said, remember he was the only one who gave us the bad news; that Biden would actually be inaugurated.

I’ve told you that We, the People, and possibly mostly We, the Patriots are being managed. We’ve been told only what the White Hats want to tell us; truth, deception, anything to win the war. Disinformation is necessary, and they must keep us calm and positive.

Just remember that those in control want the landscape to get very grim across the planet so people have to wake up, and that it’s so gripping and threatening that they can’t roll over and go back to sleep.

We just don’t know how much worse it will get—but the end will be glorious. Of that most of us are convinced. We have faith enough for all. The military could decide to act any day.

We wonder, though… Isn’t it bad enough with so many people dying and suffering from the COVID vaccines? But are they really? Dying, I mean? Or is it part of the illusion; the movie? How much is optics? You can read the article and/or listen to Mike’s video at the link below.

Situation Update for Jan 25th, 2021 – The trigger for the military to move against Biden (you won’t like this)

And if you think that’s good—here’s a really positive one. Pardon the sarcasm.

Situation Update, Jan. 28th, 2021 – The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination

We also don’t want to hear that even more of our cherished seniors died than first reported.

NY Nursing Home Virus Deaths Were Undercounted, AG Says

It seems to be a day for dark news and even this priest in Rome alerts anyone who’ll listen to the “Masonic Takeover”. The good news is, now that it’s out in the open and millions of people are aware, we ARE doing something about it. Great video for sharing. Some priests have the courage to tell the truth and sound the warning against evil. Too many don’t want to hear it.

We’ll close with some better news; Trump’s lasting legacy. He waded through years of Obama holdovers in the Senior Executive Service swamp, the Pentagon, and beyond. Now the shoe is on the other foot since many traitors were removed and the Trump picks will endure.

Trump Put Dozens Of Allies On Government Boards Before Leaving WH. Biden May Be Stuck With Them

My list of duties beckons insistently and I must respond, so out for now. If the current situation is still getting you down, remember the Trumpinator promised, “I’ll be back.”

I’ll be back, too, as soon as I am able.  ~ BP

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