Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy ~ January 27, 2021


26 JANUARY 2021


In simple words, when our broader beings got incarnated in this plane of existence, they each carried 6 male flames and 6 female flames which had a connection to True Source of Eternal Life.

The male flames eventually and after many events that took place, fell, they got lost and then hacked by those who took over the dominion and went against True Creation.

The result of this was that many demonic and fallen beings started to operate through the True male flames and eventually took their place.

These demonic and fallen beings they then aimed the female flames and mainly started presenting themselves to them as the True male flames by manipulating and deceiving them in many ways.

Sex and abuse was the main tool of these fallen beings in order to impregnate the female ones and thus keep them under their control.

Their goal was to keep on bringing their fallen seeds in this plane of existence and because the female True flames were connected to True Source, they wanted to use the females to have access to the Divine Mother’s Love and Compassion, which they so desperately needed, as they themselves had ceased connection from True Creation.

During the eons many female flames fell and got lost as well!

Generally speaking, this story has imprinted through the eons, great guilt and weakness within the males and has stripped them off of their pride while leaving them feeling as cowards because they failed in protecting the female flames as this was one of their main purposes.

They were unable to be the True Divine Creators that they were meant to be and honour True Creation’s Blessings.

On the other hand, the same story has imprinted great disappointment and frustration within the female flames, as they were constantly experiencing betrayal and abandonment and were left unprotected while at the same time they were being used for their pure essence of Love that they were holding.

The poison has gone deep and male and females flames got separated and developed hate and repulsion, unable to trust each other and find common ground in order for a true correction to take place.

One has been blaming the other but what is really is underneath of what might appear, is the energy of deep sorrow in both.

This situation still carries on to these days and we are still witnessing its results!

There are so many things to be written or said on this story but the main core is that the male flames need to face the truth within and find and act upon their true given purpose and the female flames ones need to re-position and purify themselves practically.

For a start, a total position of responsibility, understanding of what really happened, forgiveness of what took place and co-operation for restoration, are the keys of success for both male and female flames.

First and foremost this is an inner work.


Eirini Elianthe Olar & Olian Solar

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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