*** INVOCATION OF SOVEREIGNTY *** ~ January 26, 2021

I wrote this in a time where my lucid clarity around choices in my vibration and direction of my LOVE was paramount. May this scripture be a declaration of truth shaped into action for you as well ———————

I invoke the Full Incarnation of my Sovereign Birthright and claim that 100% of my Love be directed to its Purest Source, the Divine Creator within me, operating in total resonance and service to the power of Love within all beings

I revoke any and all misdirected or illusory versions of love towards beings outside of myself as a mirroring to receive acknowledgement, harvesting of energy, soul bondage, game playing of ego’s lack, need to be loved, seen, honored and otherwise falsely lifted into status of ‘beloved’ or any other roles.

I claim my truth and embodiment as Unconditional Love, a sovereign servant of the Divine Virtues that will return each being I AM in connection with back to the memory of their own wholeness, as I uphold them for myself. I AM a servant of Truth, first and foremost. All other virtues, feelings, qualities and experiences my soul attracts, I enter within the contractual vow to Truth and make choices that set forth the governance of Truth within all interactions.

I hold my heart precious and tend my purity, innocence and power with fierce love for myself

I cancel all contracts of giving to receive

I release and forgive myself for any ways I have seduced, co-erced, or infringed on another’s sovereignty out of ignorance and selfish desire

I release the need to be reflected back with the same virtue, purity, intensity and openness in any relation, and at the same time I know and express my worth, my desires and the frequency I choose to uphold in my relations

I release each being from any expectations or projections and honor them for where they are currently at, not who I would like them to be for my own purpose, desire or fantasy. Any potential timelines I see with a person that are not in resonance with their present capacities, I let go of now.

I welcome the perfection of any partner I am exploring with as a mirror and lever to reveal all ways I still become attached, fantasize, project, desire to receive love, feed off of a false exchange of love, or give away my power. I here now release any imprints still operating under the distorted function of Teacher/Student, Healer, Parent/Child, and Martyr/Savior.

I clear any misuses of my sexual energy that are not qualified under equal and holy exchange, purified by the highest intention of Soul Evolution and Communion with God, consciously agreed upon and entered with mutual investment in one another’s growth, purification, true joy and liberation.

In deepest surrender to the Ultimate Truth, I continue to let Love make a diamond out of me. I open to the Mystery of Love’s power to surprise me every day with another facet of my Soul in my infinite capacity to receive, embody and transmit Love in all its immeasurable glory So be it. May Love set every soul free


If you resonate and know with every fiber of your being that you wish to embody this, especially in your mastery of relationship, please know this is a primary skill set and alchemy I take people through in my Sacred Mirrors Training Dive deep into embodying this within you and your relationships here: https://phoenixcode.org/sacredmirrors/

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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