“FILTERED Realms Of Consciousness Reality” ~ January 24, 2021

Each and every one of you is perceiving reality according to your frequency and filters of consciousness.

Earth as most people experience it is a highly varying multi frequency realm of consciousness flow.

The aftermath of cause with no holds barred is the stage of the playing out of frequencies releasing themselves as is.

This will appear for many a very different reality experience.

When we look closely at cause, we see the energies of thought, emotion, beliefs and focused intent; aware or unaware, as personal realities and also as major movements of consciousness on a mass scale.

When we see groups divided, we see the playing out of clicks of like frequencies and opposites revealing themselves as realities.

The Divine multidimensional frequencies are neutral.

They are as energy to be born through moment to moment the frequencies and filters to which they flow through.

The ultimate experience therefore is this neutral state. That only observes and flows with no attachments to this way or that.

The heightened division experienced is part and parcel of the NEW energies and NEW ways of Aquarius wanting to flow through any structured system. To radically change it.

Revolt is expected as most people do not like change. Change is upheaval, it is the death of what was. In its chaotic shifts it brings about what is new.

It is never likely to be comfortable to the body; which is the animated part of consciousness flow that simply lives through the CAUSE of the vehicle provider.

This vehicle provider is the consciousness flow of neutrality laced with filters of emotions, intent, focus and THOUGHTS that prevail through riding the vehicle we name the body.

No one is the body just as many of you have a vehicle to drive around in. This vehicle is symbolic of movement. AS is the body you may mistakingly tie to being you in belief.

When we say the new is coming the destruction of the old is underway, many say YAY new, yet their inner turmoil dictates the reflection of what they call their world.

Making peace and being on the SIDELINES observing is the master key to mastery of this dream version of reality that your mind thinks you are living as.

Yet as the cause of it all, we see clearly that the cause is the actual BEING ness. It is not out there that is the response to the cause.

To live as so many call the extraterrestrials and advanced Masters, is to be the one that lives through the truth of being, watching and observing the dream reality come into play as the neutral free awareness that it is.

From this true space of neutrality, we create our own Heaven on Earth. As surely as the birds do fly.

We can soar to the greatest heights, seeing clearly what Earth really is through the eyes of the cause. The cause in its natural state is the unified Soul, giving rise to itself. As the answer of everything, as the God Like cause of all reality.

As the being ness of all dimensions and of the unified state within its own awareness of this grand coming home to ITSELF.

This is the rapture of the mystics. The mystical marriage within. The heart living through all levels of multidimensional being as the ONE aware of itself totally unified.

As we continue to see the display out there of a reality born through cause, let us recognize our own part in this the cause. Any division is just that, opposites that so love to play out on the screen of a dream made born of cause.

As we being to close this stream of appearing words, on a screen leading to nowhere.

We say, recognize the glorified one, the cause of all. The being ness of you on the screen you perceive as reality.

Blessing you now and more soon on being multidimensional, in the purest love, of dream like reality, through cause.

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L’Aura Pleiadian

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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