We are birthing the New Earth… Starseeds you were born for this ~ January 22, 2021

Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this significant moment of your time on the 20th of January, 2021. With much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity.

There are so many different levels of a chess game that are currently being played out within the collective at the moment and it’s important to let everyone know that humanity is being kept in the dark with regards to the true moves that are taking place on the geopolitical arena at the moment.

The message of this energy report is that God wins, the light wins, love always wins and this is an invitation for you to take responsibility for your vibrational and frequency output. Enlightenment is a choice. Happiness is a choice and is something that you must choose to attune to. Regardless of what the programming of the third dimension would have you believe Happiness is not dependent on external circumstances, And enlightenment is not dependent on you jumping through any arbitrary spiritual hoops.

Enlightenment is a choice in every moment to drop your story and to be present in the moment. Just like an instrument is empty, our job is to be empty and not to be stuffed filled with our story. Our victim story, which we then unconsciously identify with.

Happiness is something that we attune to. Happiness is something that we choose, and it is not based upon external circumstances. Once you realize that, that you can reach for happy thoughts through becoming obsessed with gratitude, for example, and through committing to counting your blessings on a regular basis, then you will find that the transmitter radio of your consciousness will attune very swiftly to the benevolent force of creation that is essentially Operating on a very, very high frequency.

Brothers and sisters reading this energy report, you are invited to take the high ground spiritually at the moment and to have unwavering faith in God’s great plan. We are on the precipice of birthing the golden age and all birth is messy.

Indeed when the caterpillar transforms to the butterfly, there is a stage of the metamorphosis process whereby the caterpillar structure entirely dies, disintegrates and becomes a liquid goo. And that liquid goo is what forms the wings of the butterfly.

This is what is happening personally and collectively for all of us at the moment. We are witnessing the collapsing and the destruction of the old third dimensional matrix. And therefore, all of you who are reading these words are deeply invited to hold the spiritual high ground and know Without a doubt that God wins.

We are moving from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. To have any doubts would be akin to doubting a mother who is literally about to birth a baby. You cannot stop the birthing process midway. You cannot send the baby back into the womb because the baby doesn’t fit in the womb anymore.

There is absolutely no other choice but for the birth to happen. And that is what is taking place on a geopolitical level at the moment. There is much going on with regards to the twin flame trajectory, especially with regards to the divine masculines.

So many of the divine masculines who have been attached to third-dimensional karmic relationships are receiving an unprecedented amount of nudges from their higher self to realize that the choices that they have made In their life for the last few years have been based upon the vibration of survival.

Many of the divine masculines are being nudged by their higher self at the moment to truly, truly awaken from the third dimensional Maya, which claims that this world is not heaven on earth when nothing could be further from the truth.

This world is heaven on earth and mother-father God created this world for her beautiful children to play in perpetual ecstasy with their best friends throughout eternity. Please know that Many divine masculines are finally awakening in this gateway.

There is so much to share with you as ever, brothers and sisters. The main message of this Energy Report is to remind you to hold the faith, know that God wins and the bifurcation timeline split is taking place at the moment.

Choose your timeline. Choose to be a stabilized lighthouse for all your brothers and sisters. You, the ones that have done the research, the ones that know what has been happening to the children, you are going to be needed very soon as more and more people wake up.

The world is on the precipice of changing before our very eyes. This is the most exciting time for us all to be alive and we have the front row seats to the greatest show in the universe.

May you feel the energy of inspiration from this Energy Report and excitement about what lies ahead.

source: roserambles.org

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