January 22, 2021: Back in the Trenches To Fight Another Day & Watch Another Scene [videos] ~ January 22, 2021

The crew has been hard at work sourcing top drawer material for us so please see the comments beneath yesterday’s post.

We share some of those today. I found quite a few comments in the “spam” folder and released them. I jumped on Telegram to stay in contact with my sources and don’t know how to use it very well but The True Great Awakening channel is posting a lot of stuff you may want to check out.

Every day is interesting, but the battles are getting old. I am having difficulty using images I saved which were taken from social media via cell phones. I have to save them as a poor quality image to get them embedded here. They used to work, but now they’re not working so WordPress may have done something.

As Juan O’Savin (107 or 17) said recently, “This is Casino Royale for planet Earth” and the cabal is going to pull all the stops. He told us Biden would be inaugurated, but it was all fake from what I can see and hear.

Here’s Dave’s most recent X22 Report—and I believe he nails it nearly every time. The Trump family, the Kennedys, many sacrificed. Can you imagine a worse 4 years of your life? And although POTUS won the election by a landslide, it was never properly acknowledged and now he walks away to keep the peace and so we will all be safe. The military has sacrificed a lot, too.

There are very few incorruptible people and therefore many traitors who have royally betrayed us. All they have left is fear porn.

As people continue to choose sides, we have David Icke saying Q is a psyop. (below) I have to do my little op-ed first.

I have to agree, and I said that long ago—Q is a psyop—but in a good way. Very wise people within the Q Team know how Humans operate and how brainwashed they were and are, and they used the Q breadcrumbs to get the attention of online people and begin a long process; to get them to use social media to spread the word, to inform them as to what has happened on this planet, to research for themselves, to show them they have been prey, that children are particularly vulnerable to these predators, elections have been rigged, and to inform them how the White Hats would take down the cabal.

After many years online, Q was the first in my experience to speak of “pedovores”. If you don’t know what that is, you need to look it up.

Unfortunately, many are in fear just now which nullified logic, and not everyone has a great deal of faith to draw on so they are questioning the Q movement, which encompasses millions of good people worldwide. Some in the alternative news are now outright attacking Q and those who support the movement.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. If Q is a stunt to dupe the patriots, then so is President Trump because he, his family, his administration and allies have all edified Q in many ways, many times. The military supports Q. The media attacks Q. It’s not rocket science.

Remember that the cabal’s strategy includes dividing us, as well as misinforming us. They have infiltrated the Truther Movement and independent news so they would have clout to attack anyone they consider a threat to their global takeover and slaughter of Humanity.

Some people will believe anything the messenger says if they are loyal followers. ie. Alex Jones, Veterans Today.  Gullible people believe anyone who was or is in the US military is a “good guy”. Wrong! Every organization and field was infiltrated by the New World Order.

Thanks to Q and President Trump, the CIA, FBI, and even some police like NYPD are forced into damage control mode.

Millions of people follow the Q movement and support Donald Trump’s MAGA movement because they know he is the only thing between them and utter subjugation and destruction.

The dark ones cannot operate in the shadows forever. At this juncture they have to pick a side. Perhaps David Icke just did, as much as I’d like to believe otherwise. I don’t need to listen to this video of his. Q is the real deal in my opinion and it stands to reason the dark would choose a weak moment for the patriots to pour salt in the wound and attack Q.

Q told the American people to, “Vote! Vote! Vote!” in 2016 so Donald Trump would be elected honestly as President. What else did Q say? “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

David Icke is suggesting Q led us to believe a Plan is in place to remove the cabal when there isn’t; to give us a false sense of security. There is so much evidence to prove that hypothesis wrong. Icke has been outspoken about Trump recently so it’s this isn’t coming out of the blue. It’s too bad, though.

QAnon is a Psyop – Wake Up People! – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Jim Stone is telling people to bug out now while we have the chance—whether USA or Canada. That’s right, cowards—turn tail and run to the Yukon Territory after thousands of people sacrificed everything to get us to this point. Run away! Run away! It’s like something out of a Monty Python movie.

Holy Grail: Run Away!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Is this really Q2.0 from the Bolshevik Revolution? Really? Jim goes so far as to say no one in the military is on our side. Gee, Biden is attacking the National Guard and Jim Stone climbed on the bandwagon. I always wondered if he was controlled opposition.

National Guardsmen were forced out of the Capitol building to rest in a parking garage

Another way they beat us down is to arrest people who tell the truth. Finally doctors are breaking free of their specific brainwashing and speaking out about the Coronavirus Psyop and so they go after them.

They used that staged event at the Washington Capitol on January 6 for many purposes.

Simone Gold, who advocated hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for coronavirus, arrested in connection to Capitol “riot”

America’s Frontline Doctors as well as a brave European group have put themselves out there to combat the lies and disinformation in the biggest political hoax in Human history.

People need to get out of fear, get informed, use common sense, and stop complying with the absurd restrictions and false “laws” preventing us from living our lives as Human Beings as we have a right to do.

The fact that people are wearing masks that provide no benefit but many hazards nearly a year later is testament to the gullible nature of the Human species. They seem to have forgotten about herd immunity and the fact that we all have natural defenses against pathogens.

They also need to stop listening to the mass media and realize they are being lied to every day, all day, in all forms of media.

Some are completely resistant to reason, and it’s not difficult to believe Simon Parkes’ statement in his second update yesterday that we may be surprised how few of us make it through Ascension. There are a lot of stupid people out there, sorry to say. They refuse to wake up.

They may see reason in some aspects, and completely reject it in other instances. Humans are illogical. What else did Q say? “Think logically.”

You can’t make this up.

Clowns. https://t.co/eoLvIwGaja

— FreeNClear (@FreeNClear5) January 22, 2021

These cabal monopolies running the world have to go.

Breaking: #GOOGLE is threatening to cut #AUSTRALIA off from Google search because Australia is going to start CHARGING Google for all the content it steals (“scrapes”) every day. DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL OF G’s CONTENT HAS BEEN STOLEN SINCE IT WAS FOUNDED? https://t.co/zx7Lxs7ktW

— Dr. Robert Epstein (@DrREpstein) January 22, 2021

It’s the job of Big Tech to create a false reality by manipulating truth.

YouTube Caught Red-Handed Removing Dislikes From Biden White House Page

Did you hear the rumour about the tunnels? This is unconfirmed but we heard that troops entered the tunnels beneath the Vatican leading all the way to Jerusalem and the first 150 miles of tunnels were full of gold.

Here is Gene’s most recent update on the status of clearing the DUMBs and tunnels. If you’re pressed for time, it specifically begins around the 10 min. mark. The Beach Broadcast article about the fake White House from Santa they reference is here.

There’s a lot of valuable perspective here if you’re panicking.

Hold the Line! Gene DUMBs Update. B2T Show Jan 20, 2021 (IS)

Mike Adams has decided to be positive at the moment so you may benefit from this article.

Situation Update, Jan 21, 2021 – The astonishing case for optimism and faith

Wow. What a movie.

“The return of the United States to #WHO & #ParisAgreement, the prospect of early talks on the future of the #JCPoA – on @POTUS Joe Biden’s first day in office, all this points to a new kind of cooperation.” Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas pic.twitter.com/8by4kLZWrq

— GermanForeignOffice (@GermanyDiplo) January 21, 2021

If you didn’t bug out and you’re still with us, here’s Charlie Ward’s new update. 30 min. I am about to listen.

Charlie Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin

Are you scared yet? It’s getting pretty scary. We must be close to that precipice. Why can’t people just wake the hell up?

Pedo Joe Reverses Bathroom Policy – Unlawfully Demands Little Girls Share Bathrooms With Boys

But before you bug out for the Yukon…

proof that bidens EO’s aren’t registered:

The inauguration was Hollywood, folks. Pure West Wing.

What with its expansive sets depicting the inner sanctum of the White House, location shoots, a large cast, big paychecks for creator and chief writer Aaron Sorkin, and fees paid to production companies, The West Wing was a very expensive show to make. Going into its fourth season in 2002, the show carried a $2.7 million per episode price tag, according to Entertainment Weekly. One other major expense for the series? Renting out the elaborate and detailed Oval Office set. The presidential work chambers weren’t purpose built for the show, but instead, the room was on loan from Castle Rock Entertainment, which made the set for the 1995 movie The American President (which coincidentally was written by Sorkin). Before The West Wing took residence in this fake Oval Office, the same one was used, with some minimal touch-ups, for the movies Nixon and Independence Day.

And as The West Wing recycled the set from The American President, another political program recycled props and decorations from The West Wing. Scandal, which aired on ABC from 2012 to 2018, depicted the controversial presidency of Fitzgerald Grant, and it utilized leftovers from the Bartlet Oval Office. “Many of the original pieces of furniture and art we got from ABC for the pilot were also used in The West Wing,” a representative from Scandal’s art department told Us Weekly.


That’s all for now, folks. Keep a stiff upper lip. This movie is the worst, and the best, I’ve ever seen.   ~ BP

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