Tone Mellard ~ January 20, 2021

No matter what happens, have NO FEAR.

Yes, this world appears completely bizarre. Chaotic. Uncertain in these times.

But SO much more is going on in the hidden realms than will ever be reported by mainstream establishments.

What is happening goes FAR beyond what we are seeing on the outer surface, illusory 3D world. .

It extends much deeper into the spiritual and interdimensional realms.

Never before in the history of Earth have SO MANY super powerful, ancient, and advanced souls all incarnated simultaneously upon this plane. Starseeds, Angelics, Sages, Medicine workers, Warriors. Sorcerers. Magicians. Healers. Guides.

All here in the flesh. All dropped down into this density to assist in the greatest retaking, jailbreaking, reclamation of human consciousness, ever undertaken in history.

All here in one unified purpose – to shift the entirety of this plane from one of imprisonment and ignorance, into one of freedom and remembrance.

Remembrance of the true power and divinity of the Human Being. The deepest feeling, most highly creative beings in the universe.

You are part of this galactic and universal army. This is why you came here, warrior. And you are not alone.

Not by a longshot.

Although it might appear a dystopian, dark future is being mapped out, this will not be the case in the long run.

We will not allow this to take hold.

And we are far more powerful than any of these forces, especially as a collective consciousness, unified in prayer, manifestation, and right action.

Beyond ourselves (but also part OF ourselves), God is washing through all planes and dimensions.

Cleansing, purifying. Bringing all dark into light.


What is coming CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

It is akin to standing at oceans edge with a hand held up, thinking you’re going to stop a TIDAL WAVE.

Those trying to hold humanity down will be blasted, and swept away in the end.

Now more than ever, it is of paramount importance to be rooted in your hearts and souls. To let your INTUITION – Your inner guidance system and wisdom of your multidimensional SOUL be your guide.

There will be endless deception and misdirection, magick spellwork all around you.

Your intuition and soul are immune to this and can see straight through it. Try your best to watch the incoming events from as neutral and detached of a standpoint as possible, as if they were appearing upon a movie screen, and you are just sitting in the audience, casually observing, but not getting drawn in fully emotionally.

We are going to see some of the craziest, rollercoaster-like ups and downs imaginable.

Everything but the kitchen sink being tossed at us.

But in the end, all is going to be A-okay. We are the very toughest of all souls in the multiverse.

The only ones tough enough to come down here and do this.

We are revered by Beings the universe over because of just how tough, durable, stubborn and powerful we are.

The greatest Warriors in all of creation.

Get ready for a wild ride, and a new reality.

We have earned it fam.

In spades.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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