Activation Vibration ~ January 20, 2021

You are now tapping into; A direct message from the Galactic High Council• We are honored and grateful to transmit this frequency of higher perspective and illuminated Light to you.

In result of the recent illusions projected by the mainstream media and corrupt components that are actively being dismantled— There has recently been chaos within the material manifestation of the external realms, and due to the programming; can be subconsciously convincing. With this, those who find themselves judging, separating and/or disliking members of their fellow human race (other versions of Self) due to wether or not they support certain parties, believe in an external substance for survival, or their personal form of expression and embodiment- have been temporarily pawned and fooled as victims of the real War, the War on Consciousness.

It is important to inner-address this now, as such actions derived from deactivation of the heart; are feeding the separation agenda— in which you have all come here to recalibrate and rewrite.
This mentioned awareness: only holds purpose to bring clarity; Now.
And thus, grant total liberation from what has been infiltrated into the field.

By intentionally claiming and directing your Free Will to good use, focusing on the universal law in which all life is linked to, and utilizing your own vibrational power to attune and gear towards positivity in support of all that is occurring— you will efficiently influence and assist everyone.

This, is your mission.

As a Galactic Incarnate of the Divine Family of Light.

Everything, is truly aligning in the way that is most beneficial and necessary; for the evolution and Ascension of the Collective. Do you trust enough, to believe and allow this to be so?
Yes. Your Soul does.

The conclusion of this current phase, catalytically influences every moment that has ever and will ever exist, and is the act of *rewriting the past, present and future. Perfectly purposed to invoke the tangible experience of eternal freedom for all souls, in which had been suppressed for eons. New Reality; Now.

Unite any presence of duality with the power of your Heart, stay anchored in compassion, and solidify your soul and sovereignty.

Support in Abundance from your Galactic Family and Higher Selves, is successfully piercing through the distortions. You simply must adhere to the most integral energy and expression that you can imagine, and let the realms work themselves into alignment to further meet you.

As always, It is an honor to connect with you.
We are infinitely grateful to have co-created this sacred space and portal of Light with you.

And So, It Is.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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