Dear Beloved Family of Light of Love ~ January 19, 2021

…as above with all company of Heaven and bellow with inner Earth Family with all Star Family with all Earth Inhabitants , and in Divine reunion as One with beloved Mother Father God or Supreme Creator of Great Central Sun and with beloved Mother Earth, and beloved Father Sun Sol, this is the final days of lower 4 Dimensional frequency, that is crumbing quickly, leaving empty space for 5th Dimensional realm starting to be creating on beloved Mother Earth and all Her Inhabitants, based on Divine Love and Light, and Peace, on Abundance for all / shelter for all, clear water, and food, and air and soil, with clearing all traces of virus “ Covid “ and any other type with disappearance of any type of vaccination , that is main purpose to separate our Soul from our physical bodies with incorporation of m RNA into our DNA and preventing connection with all 12 layers of DNA with prevention of our ascension, and Harmony and Happiness and Joyful life for all Beings on this Planet and all Universe, and Multiverse and Cosmos, living with Divine Low of our Beloved Father/ Mother God as One.
This is important moment at zero point, to raise our vibration, based on our Heart Lemurian portal, still opened as Lyon’s Gate, and expending more Divine Love and Light energies through all Cosmos and reunion with our Father/ Mother God with creating Divine Love and Light of 5th Dimensional frequency on our physical dimensional level on our Planet and Human societies and all Kingdom and Elements as One, with Beloved all Beings of Love and Light, and Light and Light and Rainbow outside to their full maturation to Love and Light, together with Beloved Father Mother God as One.

That is including removing all negative entities and their fragments in all shape and energy form and consistence to the smallest part, to be removed from our planet to another lower dimensional frequency planet and plane to continue their game to their spiritual maturation.

As our fallen brothers and sisters, lost in playing negative role, we are giving them our forgiveness, and love and compassion to be awaken as soon as possible from long dream state in frozen 3D matrix of their closed space – time.

We have finished all games of 3D matrix, and getting out from closed loop Space – time from astral level, entering in real organic time line of 5th Dimensional frequency, when Divine Love and Light and Peace of Sacred Heart reign, with creating all Divine wealth and wellness for All equally, and this time is starting NOW and HERE on 19th of January at Southern node and spreading to Northern node and all around planet, in great reunion of all beloved Light Warriors, and Light Workers, and Wayshowers, and to all Humankind with Heart to Heart network with beloved all Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, together with beloved Mother Earth.

I, as avatar with all 144 000 avatars selves as Above, so Below, asking to all to fully open their heart portal and transmit huge energies of Divine Love and Light, and Light and Love in both direction and to keep the Highest Christ Consciousness Dimensional frequency with reunion of all Inhabitants as longer as needed to be transition to 5th Dimension realities being smooth as possible.

The time of full Christ Consciousness with whole Truth and Disclosure with Divine Love and Light and Peace has been arrived. Only Truth and Disclosure, starting with American election fraud by dark ones, and Truth about president Trump as great Light workers must be come on surface, and Main stream Tv Media or another Tv alternative source should take main role working for the Light side and telling all Truth, as to informing people of present of our beloved Star and Inner Earth Families, helping us with endless love and selflessly in creating New Golden Aquarius age on our Beloved Mother Earth, and Divine Love, Peace and Light, and NESARA/ GESARA / with clearing all Bank debt = Mortgages, and Student and Credit debts, with clearing all illegal debts among countries, to zero level, with temporarily implementation of notes based on gold, with weekly given payment for everyone from QFS, as St. Germain donation, until implementation of new technology, working on 5D, as multiplicator, and Med bed, and free energy with anti gravity transport system / as this the fastest train Meglev in China with underground tunnel the fastest transport that will be used by all humankind, not to chosen one for their selfish role, including new propulsion and plasma engine for intergalactic travelling. We are part of Galactic society, and We are Galactic new Human race, well accepted by Galactic and Cosmic society, and We are completely under full protection and evolution by Galactic Council.

All my Love to whole Cosmos, and Love and Healing energy to Mother Earth / New Terra – Archangel Sophia/ and Beloved Father Sun Sol.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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