Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 18, 2021 ~ January 18, 2021

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Mon. 18 Jan. 2021

“The Plan to Save The World”

Compiled Mon. 18 Jan. 2021 12:01am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.” 

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note: Fleming’s Military Intel Contact: “This weekend if all went well as expected, then a Value Day would be declared for Mon. or Tues. 18-19 Jan. Liquidity was expected to be released Tues. 19 Jan and Tier 4B should be starting about the same time.” 

Also on Tues. 19 Jan. which was National Popcorn Day, POTUS would reveal what he would do about the govt. transition to the restored Republic and the Inauguration on Wed. 20 Jan.

The RV/GCR needed to move right now because POTUS and the RV Teams needed the money to actualize some of their plans. 

Restored Republic: 

Right before the 2020 Election Trump went before the Supreme Court with evidence that the Chinese Communist Party was working in collusion with [P]elosi and other Democrats to steal the election. SCOTUS ruled as per the Constitution, that if there was any foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential Election it would be declared null and void. 

Since the election POTUS and the military had gathered tons of evidence that not only communists in China, but communist parties and others in Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and the UK were involved in changing Trump votes to [B]iden through Dominion Voting machines at CIA offices in Frankfurt Germany. 

Election Fraud under an active State of War was considered treason. The military had seized Pelosi’s and other Democrat laptops which had evidence that they were actively working in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party against the American people. [P]elosi and other members of Congress forfeited their rights and offices by committing this treason. They were no longer lawful members of Congress thanks to Section 3 of 14th Amendment. They were considered enemies of the Republic who aided a foreign power to steal an election. 

[B]iden’s Presidential Inauguration was no more. Weeks ago the Presidential Inauguration Parade was cancelled. Scheduled rehearsals for the Inauguration last Friday and today didn’t happen – and wouldn’t. Ten miles of barbed wire fencing and over 30,000 National Guardsmen surrounded Capitol Hill and the White House. The troops have been told their mission was to secure the Inauguration. Rumor among the troops was that Trump was ending the American Corp and re-establishing the Republic. They would be arresting thousands of senior department heads, career politicians from both parties, lobbyists and pedophiles. 

Meanwhile [P]elosi was denied a request for 15,000 Marines she wanted to protect [B]iden. More troops across the country were on one hour standby – all in major Democrat cities. See ANG brings National Guard to Washington:

Intel sources said that there would be a government shut-down at, or after the Wed 20 “Inauguration.” 

In the days to follow Mass Arrests of treasonous political and global elites worldwide would be in full force. Crimes on indictments of those involved in voter fraud read: Treason, Sedition and Crimes Against Humanity. There were 220,000-to-500,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office. Since 2016 US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very busy gathering Intel, holding state Grand Juries and filing the indictments. The indictments would be unsealed, served, with [D]eep Staters arrested in up to 400 cities across the country. Among those on the list to be arrested were [B]iden, [O]bama, [H]arris, Cheney and Chief Justice John Roberts. 

On Wed. 20 Jan. there was a real possibility that the people behind [B]iden, along with the No News Mass Media, would create and carry a fake electronic [B]iden Inauguration. If so, within twelve hours of that broadcast the Mass Media would be off the air permanently. 

Last week Trump said, “I’m drafting an Executive Order to take the following propaganda media outlets off the airwaves: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. I am also working with the FCC to pull their licenses. We have evidence that all of these media organizations employ agents of the Chinese Communist Party as well as embedded CIA Agents whose sole purpose is to brainwash, hypnotize and direct public opinion toward certain agendas that support the Left and [D]eep State. These organizations are a threat to national security and virtually nothing they report is actual news.” 

President Donald J. Trump was legally required to act on this because of his own oath to the Constitution: to protect our Republic from enemies both Foreign and Domestic. 

If the treasonous Mass Media continued to cover up what was really going on the stations would be taken off the airwaves. After which Ten Days of Media Darkness was planned as the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) activated. 

Power outages may occur, but they would be kept to a minimum.TV, cell phones could go down worldwide. 

In the near future POTUS planned to send out a message saying, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us. We will go to full global martial law.” Later Trump planned to send out seven more presidential messages to everyone’s phones and tv sets worldwide using the Emergency Broadcast System. 

There would be what has been referred to as Ten Days of Darkness whereby military worldwide would shut down the Mass Media, Internet, Social Media and TV programming. The EBS would then broadcast hours of political and global elite confessions of treason taken from their military tribunals held at GITMO. 

A. Sun. 17 Jan. Fleming’s Military Intel Contact Update: 

If the WF & HSBC test releases go well over this weekend, involving them checking email addresses, pinging WF email databases to make sure that they were still active, then they would lock down rates overnight Sun-Mon 17-18 Jan. for the liquidity Shotgun Start and Tier 4B start before or by the Wed 20 Jan Inauguration date. 

This weekend they were working on the final tests. All of the major teams were going through their final processing and settlement for closings and liquidity between now and Mon 18 Jan.

Security, authorization and release codes were being checked, along with audits, reviews and other procedures for verification and validation of who should get what, in what way, and in what sequence for Tier 1-4A and Tier 4B. 

On Fri. 15 Jan. the top Chinese Elders were very busy getting last minute tasks fulfilled for the start. 

On Fri. 15 Jan. POTUS created a long-term plan to get out the full implementation of NESARA / GESARA under the restored Republic in a way that the [D]eep State could never undo if they ever gained power again in coming decades or centuries. 

In the Fri. evening 11:15 pm EST 15 Jan. RV Team meeting after reviewing two days of successful tests POTUS and the RV Security teams decided again to continue pushing forward with the RV Shotgun Start roll out to get it fully out and started in the next 3-4 days. 

Exchange Centers went through special training on Fri 15 Jan on the latest updates and protocols to get ready for Tier 4B exchanges this coming week. 

POTUS met with the UST saying that the Department of Defense and RV Teams had short term plans to get the RV liquidity out and released over the next 72-96 hours, to get the money out and our Tier 4B exchanges started before or by the Wed 20 Jan. Inauguration Date. 

POTUS and the DoD White Hats were making sure that moneys were released and exchanges started, so that the main (upper) levels globally were made liquid starting Sun. 17 Jan.

This weekend if all went well as expected, then a Value Day would be declared for Mon. or Tues. 18-19 Jan. Liquidity was expected to be released Tues. 19 Jan and Tier 4B should be starting about the same time. 

By Tues. 19 Jan POTUS would reveal what he would do with the govt transition to the restored Republic, with the Inauguration date and with the RV release that would be underway by next Wed 20 Jan. 

The RV/GCR needed to move now because POTUS and the RV Teams needed the money to actualize some of those plans. 

There were security hotspots in about 400 cities across the country, but DoD security teams were confident that Special Force (SOF) teams and regular military troops could contain the threats. 

POTUS has been working hard to ensure for We The People in all 209 countries that he and his teams were on top of the tenacity of [D]eep State opposition to the RV release and NESARA / GESARA introduction of the restored Republic including insuring Constitutional and financial freedoms post-RV. 

Dr. Charlie Ward said in that it has been ONE HELL OF FIGHT but POTUS and the White Hats have WON THE FIGHT AGAINST THE [D]EEP STATE for us and for the RV / GCR / NESARA / GESARA! 

POTUS and the decision makers have finally determined that (1) The [D]eep State has been defeated enough to release the RV monies and start RV exchanges, (2) POTUS & the White Hats needed the RV monies to fulfill their NESARA / GESARA roll out plans going forward and (3) They were firm in getting the RV/GCR monies moving out right now. 

This was the plan unless something unexpected got in the way, and they were not expecting anything to get in the way, not even the political drama surrounding the Inauguration. The countries of the world needed this money ASAP and it didn’t matter what political drama worked itself out in the US. 

POTUS was working on putting out NESARA / GESARA implementation in a way that the [D]eep State could not easily undo in the long term, long after Trump was no longer president after his second term 2021-24. 

POTUS was organizing things in such a way that our Constitutional freedoms and financial freedoms were protected from [D]eep State calculated removal of those freedoms long after his second term. 

The US was under low profile limited martial law and legally under the Patriot Act, had been since 11 Sept. 2001. 

Mon. – Tues. 18, 19 Jan. could see significant actions by POTUS and military units against [D]eep State players. The military was deployed across the country, and many [D]eep State CCP compromised politicians and bureaucrats were being arrested. 

There may or may not be a fake, illegal [B]iden inauguration allowed on Wed. 20 Jan at the Supreme Court. It was illegal because such would be based on certification of fraudulent votes that, in violation of the 12 Sept 2018 EO against election foreign interference, were influenced by foreign powers. 

The CIA & British MI6 had worked with the Chinese Communist Party, the Vatican and Italy through the Leonardi satellites electronic data vote switching program and in Frankfurt-Berlin-Germany, Barcelona Spain, Serbia, Toronto Canada with the Dominion Voting Systems. 

The Constitution says in the 14th Amendment, section 3, all domestic officers of federal and state governments that have violated their oath to the Constitution and in this case who have been involved with fraudulently stealing the election for a foreign enemy (CCP China), were guilty of treason. This definitely rendered the election null and void, making the [D]eep State CCP hero [B]iden as a presidential would-be. 

We would see what happened on Wed. 20 Jan and how soon POTUS & the Military White Hats would arrest [B]iden, top level [D]eep State Democrats and Rino GOP traitors at, on, or after the Wed. 20 Jan. Inauguration date. There was no question that Trump would be president another four years. 

Trump would be the 19th president of the restored Republic, the first Republic president since the presidency of Ulysses Grant 1869-1877. After then all presidents were presidents of the illegal [D]eep State Rothschild bankster 1871 Corporation of the USA. 

The RV security teams have identified, planned for, and said they could contain threats in the hot spots in DC, in 50 state capitols, and in 400 urban potential hot spots across the nation so that Tier 4B exchanges could be started securely. 

The DoD security teams were concerned about the 25,000 or so militia members, the majority of which were [D]eep State Antifa BLM thugs. The FBI & CIA would corruptly enable them to start violence, while the [D]eep State Left and Fake Stream Media would blame the violence on peaceful Trump supporters. 

The [D]eep State claimed that Trump supporters were White Supremacists and perpetrators of violence – which was manifestly false. It was a projection of what the [D]eep State has done through Antifa and BLM for the past 11 months with their so-called “mostly peaceful” riots that burned and destroyed major cities throughout the country. 

Trump and his team are determining between now and Tues. 19 Jan. when to do the arrests of [B]iden and other [D]eep State Dem & GOP traitors. 

They were also considering whether or not to allow Biden to be illegally inaugurated to minimize potential Antifa & BLM violence, and then to follow a set of constitutional procedures to render null and void the illegal government, get [B]iden / [H]arris out and then transition the government under a military administrated interregnum to the new restored Republic in which Trump will be the 19th Republic president. 

He advised that you ask your assigned WM and trust company team to work with you to put the money in your accounts under asset-protection irrevocable trusts and asset protection investment vehicles such as hard assets, real estate, gold, silver, including gold and silver coins, rare artwork and other non-paper investment vehicles, etc, etc. 

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