January 18, 2021: 72-Hour Notice? Bring It On [videos] ~ January 18, 2021

Plenty of interesting stuff has been going on. Will SHTF today? No idea, but whatever happens, those who refused to acknowledge what we have been telling them are going to tune in to the movie at the epilogue and won’t know what the hell happened, so we’ll have to tell them. And then they can feel sheepish. Very appropriate.

Here it is again.

Good morning, Monday morning

— Don Wayne (@DonWayn17369665) January 18, 2021

This just in from one of my sources. A caller on the Miracles Intel Conf. Call last night, which I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet said this:

A caller at the end said the White House does not have the American flag flying as of yesterday and the White House went dark last night. Military loyal to Trump is in control.

I’m told more is coming when it’s cleared for release and I will share at that point.

Video at the link below… 72 hour notice.

We might wonder why big news may come from so many different people. If there were only one spokesperson for the White Hats, they would be targeted and their platform taken down. If the enemy doesn’t know who might provide mission critical updates then they are unable to interfere as much. If they have a network of patriots to release key intel the chances are much greater that we will get them. Just my thoughts.

This is OPINION.

Eye Of The Storm Hits Within 72 Hours

Simon says… watch the video on Telegram. 1 min. 14 sec.

Trump Doesn’t Intend To Leave Office…

A headline that just popped in follows. I know how it looks if you listen to the lamestream media, or Mike Adams’ trusty informants and those calling the Q Movement into question, but I believe the fences are creating a prison for the psychopaths who’ve gone quite mad at this point. They are in such fear they can’t think straight and are making poor choices, pounding nail after nail in their own coffins. Fences can’t protect them from We, the People, or the long arm of the law and the US Constitution. Keep in mind that the Earth Alliance wants to keep the peace. Those with no clue as to what is unfolding could get violent or deathly afraid. They will be told what has transpired at the chosen moment. For now, we get to wear our smug smiles.


The @realDonBarron Twitter account was suspended. They’re such poor sports at Twitter. No sense of humour.

Huge internet blackout today.

Test run for this week? 🤫 pic.twitter.com/A92XB3n205

— Gab.com (@getongab) January 17, 2021

That won’t take long, did it? Parler has a new host, but the platform is not quite functioning as of this moment. See the CEO’s message at the link.

Parler’s Website Back Online With a Message From Its CEO

It looks like Fox is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (Olympic, actually); an act of desperation that won’t make one iota of difference in the end—and it sounds like we will see The End of mainstream media shortly, folks.

Fox News Announces Major Shake-Up

Here’s Dave’s latest X22 Report for context.


If you think you have it rough where you are, look at what goes on in communist China. This is probably what was planned for Canada and most countries.

China CCP using military grade AI Lidar systems to Quarantine covid patients and dissidents!


— Cyrus A Parsa, The A.I. Organization, ✍ 塞瑞斯, AI组织 (@CyrusAParsa1) January 17, 2021

I can’t see an earpiece but am wondering if Turdeau was listening to his handler tell him how to respond. I believe he’s controlled at this point as he’s been under house arrest for some time while the “movie” plays out. Or… it could just be another theatrical moment for the movie.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau FREEZES-UP when asked a simple question about Trump calling for swift action against violent protestors. Trudeau looks really scared to me! pic.twitter.com/Y0qObTVYZs

— BeachMilk (@YellowCube7) January 15, 2021

There is a lot of good news. Sometimes it’s overshadowed by a lot of fake news.

An Executive order has been signed granting protection to babies who SURVIVE abortions and also orders doctors to provide them with life-saving medical care. This is a major win and exemplifies why we fight for life here at the ACLJ.https://t.co/ndBeIKR37B

— Jay Sekulow (@JaySekulow) January 17, 2021

And We Know did an update yesterday. Watch on Rumble. He explains why.

1.17.21: Do you understand the GRAVITY of the SITUATION? This is not a game! PRAY!

We can’t close without our Cov-ID-19 psyop commentary.

Covid is a true killer. So far it’s killed the flu, cancer, heart disease – it killed the ability to think, logic & common sense. It killed the economy, the working class, & millions of jobs. It killed millions of businesses, human connection, love and compassion.

— Jeff Nelson (@vegsource) January 17, 2021

The People are not sick from the Kung Flu, but they ARE sick of the psyop and the tyranny.

Over 50,000 Restaurants In Italy Declare “I Am Open” Defying Lockdown Measures

Ten Thousand Protesters Decry Covid-19 Curbs in Vienna, Face Counter-protest

I’m so chill and so alright with whatever happens next that all I’m wondering is will I have to reschedule my hair appointment a third time or…?

And that means everything is going pretty darn well. I bought two bags of organic popcorn yesterday. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, I’m going to enjoy the show immensely.

Signing off now. I’ll be back with anything more that needs to get out, as I get it.  ~ BP

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