A Letter from Heather dated 1-5-2021 ~Universal Security Agreement America! ~ posted January 15, 2021

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to my good friend J for this one!) For those who remember, Heather Tucci-Jarrif is a FREEDOM Light-worker who is also an attorney. Heather arranged to be evicted from her home in Washington state in order to bring the fraudulent Central Bank banking system to light by legally challenging several tenets of the mortgage process.

For her efforts, Heather was jailed, yet remains committed to securing legally procured abundance for ALL as we are ALL ONE bonded into unknowing economic slavery through our birth certificates. Please read this message relating our soon-to-be realized legally procured abundance (actually your, and my, birthright) with your Magnificent Heart, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


I have not heard from Heather since December 10th.  She sent several of us a short message saying “Here we go! See you on the other side!” and we were hopeful that perhaps a pardon was in progress for both her and RKB.  We knew there was a 14 day BOP quarantine period before release, Heather had requested from Denice the latest AG Barr guidelines to prisons regarding COVID quarantines in the BOP, which gave us good reason to hope for her being freed around Christmas time and with her family.  That did not transpire. 

I made a call to Heather’s husband in January to see if he had received any information as to her whereabouts.  He had received a letter from Heather explaining her local accommodations had brought in a bus load of COVID infected ladies and didn’t quarantine them.  Whether COVID is real or not I am not going to argue – those tests do get people locked down.  It quickly spread throughout the complex.  Heather was tested twice and negative both times.  She and other ladies in similar testing status were separated and put into temporary housing away from the general population as a “safety measure”.  Heather has had no access to email or commissary from her new housing.   It was not the news we had hoped for, especially after some of the more controversial pardons that had taken place, but comforting in that we knew where she was. 

The W.T.F. in Heather’s letter below is an inside joke between me and Heather. It’s my initials.  It aptly defines my screwy life and career path (another story) that only really made complete sense after I met Heather.  It was perfect training for what the work I needed to do in all this… and its been an honor to be a part of all this.  – W.T.F.


WTF… 😁 With the delivery of complete consciousness, the resulting fireworks are brilliant! Cued and looping through exponentially through it all:

America Neil Diamond~ (First and almost simultaneously every “where” throughout the world… and all experience 😁Universal Security Agreement! Love You! Love All!

Far…We’ve been traveling far

Without a home

But not without a star
Free… All we want is to be free

We huddle close

And Hang on to a Dream
On the beach and on the planes

They’re coming to America

Never looking back again

They’re coming to America
Home… Though it seems so far away

We’re traveling light today

In the eye of the Storm

In the eye of the Storm
Home… To a new and good shining place

Make our bed and we’ll say our grace

Freedom’s light burning warm

Freedom’s light burning warm

Everywhere around the world

They’re coming to America

Every time that flag’s unfurled

They’re coming to America

They’ve got a dream to take them there

They’re coming to America

They’ve got a dream they’ve come to share

They’re coming to America ( X 4)They’re coming to America… TODAY!TODAY! ( X 4)
My Country ’tis of thee

Sweet Land of Liberty

Of thee I sing …Of thee I sing …TODAY! ( X 6)


PS: ~ It took even MORE “poking of the bear” to hyper accelerate this that it did for D.C.! Pffffft! LOL… at least Pat Benatar’s HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT can be retired now. 🙂

~ Hugs, Love, Gratitude, Heartitude, Joy and Celebrations for All, With All, By All!

(signed) H

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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