Isis ~ January 12, 2021

11/1 Gateway culminates in a cocktail of Blue Ray + Venus at Gate of Manifestation + Mercury Tomorrow Jan 11, 11/1 The Blue Ray 1 Gateway of Jan 1-11 reaches its culmination , Venus / Inanna reaches the Gate of Manifestation, Mercury / Thoth Conjunct Jupiter/ New King/Sun/Son/ Timeline…..a heady heady cocktail of energies indeed!!! Tomorrow 11/1we reach the culmination of the Blue Ray 1Gateway of the New Year ( Jan 1-11) which opens at the time Sirius/ Star of Isis/ dispenser of the Blue Ray for Earth reaches its highest point in the night sky which is around the mid night hour of Dec 31 and Jan 1. This Gateway is our cross over bridge ( what do you leave behind and what do you acquire anew) to the physical New Year although technically we will continue to feel these energies right through Jan 28 , Full Moon in Leo.

The Blue Ray, though energetically a Masculine* (qualified later in post) Energy of God’s Will Power and Protection ie Will highlight and rock to the core the aspects that do not align with God’s Will ( Truth) so that a rebirth may occur in alignment with God’s Will. The energies have been heavy and uneasy during this Gateway as though waiting for the shoe to drop (n did it drop!!) as the Blue Ray anchors via destruction of that which does Not Align with God’s Will…ie the Cosmic Dance of Destruction of Shiva , Monad of the Blue Ray.

As mentioned in my previous post , I was told that this time the destruction was aimed at the Atlantean Aspect of Distorted Masculine/ Patriarchal Energy to evolve into a higher consciousness of Masculine Energy of

#Partnership as opposed to Control / Power/ Entitlement ,

#Protection of others which comes from a inner sense of deep Emotional Stability and Security and Balance,

#Intellectual Knowledge and clarity which aids Calmness to be able to provide a blueprint or foundation for new creation to be brought forth via its counterpart Feminine Energy.

n other words Energies that support harmonious Union /Marriage of Duality/ polarity. *

have also been shown The Blue Ray as holding/ protecting the Divine Feminine at its Core…ie energies of Protection and Transformation in order for the Divine Feminine to Flow and Create. Hence the Blue Ray is actually the Union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Principle ie The Shiva Shakti. It ultimately assists us in our own internal union, the union of opposites, of healing and integrating our own shadow selves so that ultimately there is a Union/ Marriage of the Physical and Spirit, Heaven and Earth, Heart and Mind …. for how else can we create a new higher timeline without this Inner Union ???

Now lets add the Divine Feminine principle as represented by Venus.

11/1 is also when Venus / Inanna reaches the 7 Gate of Manifestation at Root Chakra where she is stripped off her Royal Red Robe symbolising releasing all the conditionings, patterns, programming, beliefs and walls that prevent us from being deeply anchored into our physical beingness , our Lifeforce Energy ,our sense of physical and emotional security and belonging. This then allows us to move beyond survival instincts and karmic chains and build firm structures and foundations to manifest and share our highest expression of Creativity and Gifts with the world. Venus is presently in the structure , organisation and discipline loving sign of Capricorn after receiving fresh downloads from the Galactic Center on Jan 6.

Hence on 11/1 we have Blue Ray 1 and Venus , both the Masculine and Feminine Aspects working in synergy towards tearing down structures that no longer serve for an ascension to a higher level of consciousness in line with the new seeds anchored for a new timeline on dec21 2020.

Now Add to the mix Mercury Conjunct Jupiter on the 11 ,mercury squares Uranus on 12 and Conjunct New moon there after. Mercury / Thoth is associated with the Emerald Sun of creation and manifestation , that which lays the foundational Blueprint of the New timeline to ensure a sturdy , steady and stable foundation for the Wisdom and Creation of the New TimeLine to flow as guided by the Grandmothers Ancient Wisdom and Birthed by the Mother Aspect of The Divine Feminine as represented by current Venus cycle till 2028. All that is not in alignment will be Rocked. Rocked so that we can renew it with something Better, higher and in alignment with God’s will. Do sit in ceremony to Honour All these aspects on 11/1 . Points of Focus: where are you not in alignment with God’s Will,

What aspects are presenting themselves (causing friction, anxiety) to you to be able to move into a higher state of Union/ Marriage (within and without), what insecurities/ blocks are preventing you from fully embracing/ being grounded in your beingness and gifts and powers of manifestation.

May we Anchor and bring to fruition a timeline of Grace , Kindness, Compassion, Integrity, Courage and Humility in this foundational decade of the 2020s

For those who wish to delve Further into the aspect of God’s Will

While all wish to align with Divine Will/ Truth and associate with those aligned with God’s Will / Truth…Truth itself is often a perception depending on our point of view/ point of observation on the Ascension Spiral. So in order to align with Divine Will it’s easier to first test ourselves against the markers of Divine Will ( Truth). For that we must pass our words or actions through the following filters #compassion#

selflessness in service as opposed to ego / self serving exercises (have component of individual gain)

#inclusiveness :services for the upliftment of All, including Gaia and All her sentient expressions of Life/ ALL that IS especially categories that are vulnerable, as opposed to Exclusion which only serves a niche category (particularly if already a privileged category) #

Integrity : high level of Individual , Social and Moral responsibility and accountability which does not change its stance with change in outer circumstances #

Healing/ promoting peace as opposed to promoting aggression

#Humility is the opposite of Ego and The Divine Light is weighed down/ corrupted / lowers the vibration of by Ego Or to put it all in one word #GRACE

So while perceptions or relative Truths may be masquerading as the TRUTH….pass them through the Filter of GRACE to sift the grain from the chaff and let HUMILITY be the calling card!!!

Be Light ,

InLight ,


✨ Gratitude To Artists Unknown, pls tag if you know

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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