Crucial [J]uan O’Savin Message about Washington D.C., and [U]pdates || Kat ~ January 11, 2021

A few updates before I get to the amazing Juan O’Savin phone recording.

Qtah, whose Tweets I posted this a.m., has been removed once again from Twitter. Glad I was able to grab a bit of his INTEL before he left.

Vatican down. This is so significant, there are no words.

When the truth about the ho*rri*fic de_monic atrocities that happened underneath that “church.” When the truth about the disgusting de_monic mutilation of children by these “priests” is revealed.

When the world understands it was NEVER God they were worshipping but sa*tan, there will be a gnashing of teeth by those who were raised in this wretched bloodthirsty greedy monstrous unspeakable “faith.” I send my compassion to all.

I was texted this information written by Brad Markell. He is Executive Director Industrial Union Council @AFLCIO Manufacturing, Energy and Labor. It is more verification on what we think is happening:

I can’t remember if I posted this but POTUS signed the Insurrection Act yesterday:

Then I received this message on Twitter 1-10-21, FYI:

Then this from Lin Wood today, verifying what he’s been posting as well as others:

Enclose a brief phone recording transcript of a very emotional Juan O’Savin.

Many think/want-to-believe Juan is JFK Jr.

I don’t know “who” Juan is but his quivering voice at the end of this clip is so heartfelt he could well have been the little boy who saluted his father’s coffin as it rolled by.

I tell you this from my heart, whomever Juan O’Savin is I love him to bits and thank God for his taking the time to keep us all in the loop inasmuch as he can.

He has taken time over the years in various formats to let us know where we are at with The Plan to free the planet.

He has taken the time to frame current events with the history of how we got here.

He has taken the time to let us know what’s going on with POTUS, Q-Team, Military Intelligence and all the White Hats and he is undoubtedly an important player in it all.

He has taken the time to verify what we think we know and steer us along the highest path.

Excerpt from “The Kid by the Side of the Road” by Juan O’Savin, page 17

Perhaps more will be revealed about Juan’s identity but I personally never need to know it.

I never need to “see” Juan, or Gene Decode, or those that are Q. I never need to know the names and faces of those who will forever remain anonymous, as Juan reported, who are the core of the Team that masterminded this decades-in-the-making-masterpiece of a Divine plan to free all from the de_monic prison we have been in for countless ages.

I don’t need to know “who” they are—I’m just eternally grateful for all they do and have done to save Gaia, her Kingdoms, Humanity, Galaxy and Solar System.

For me it’s a question of energy and vibration; of pure information without subjectivity muddying the waters. That was always the appeal to me of Q. Just focus on the information.

Juan, Gene Decode, Q and Q-Team indisputably carry the vibration of Goodly-Godly. They manifestly have infinite hearts and a fervent love for America, Americans, the world, for Freedom, especially the children and the restoration of sanity and peace.

All of the anonymous Patriots seem to embody the highest of Divine qualities: Loyalty. Truth. Justice. A passionate desire to share the mission and for the restoration of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that is the Divine right of all God-created beings.

I don’t need to see their faces or know their names. It’s their Spirit, their love of God, their Divine souls that counts with me. Whomever Juan is he’s the best of the best in my books which is likely why he’s adored by countless.

The man has MILLIONS of fans, is in the middle of running the liberation of the planet and he took the time to Tweet me a link to help me Tweet! Seriously. That’s exceptional kindness. A Godly attribute if ever there was one. And not only me, countless. He took what time he had to reply to as many peeps as he could.

Today, 1-10-21, O’Savin gave a boots-on-the-ground report about what is happening in Washington D.C. It’s riveting. It’s everything we’ve been praying for and now it’s reality.

O’Savin talks about diverting the Potomac and flooding the city. I believe he means, and this is just my opinion, that they’re flooding the DUMBs/tunnel system underneath D.C. and then watching very carefully to see what drowned de_monic monsters get spewed out.

Because Juan mentions JFK Jr. at the end of his moving message, he put JFK in my mind.

“I will expose my father’s killers
no matter who they are,
even if I have to
bring down the whole government.”

~ John F. Kennedy, Jr.

As it happens, POTUS and possibly JFK, did far more than that. They brought down ALL the corrupt Governments on Earth.

Keeping you posted as INTEL comes in.

This is Kat, over and out.


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9 Responses to Crucial [J]uan O’Savin Message about Washington D.C., and [U]pdates || Kat ~ January 11, 2021

  1. Carri Berberich says:

    Please do not demonize Catholics. We are Christians. Mother Teresa is Catholic, Saint Francis is Catholic, look at the lives of the Saints and tell me they are not holy. Is there evil in the Catholic Church absolutely. But to demonize over 1 billion people is no better than any left wing fascist out there. We practicing Catholics and Christians are all praying for the truth to prevail and Gods mercy and justice to encounter all of us.


  2. Anna says:

    This Q movement and those who have postulated a series of inconsistent falsehoods to gain mind control over Americans is nothing more than an extension of MKULTRA. Myself and others have unfortunately fallen for the tenets stemming from such CIA, along with the help of German generals, barbaric experiments. This government is no better than any other as proven through declassified documents. It worked for you. I have lost all faith in humanity and this blood thirsty, satanic misrepresentation of the United States. Prove me wrong.


    • Clearskies says:

      First of all, the movement is about truth, exposing the ugly. Q is just one piece of the movement. People do thousands of hours of research for THEMSELVES. I suggest you do the same before you criticize anyone snd or any movement. No one is forcing you to be here, don’t waste your time, EDUCATE YOURSELF.


  3. Julie says:

    Hello, I can’t find the link to the latest Juan O Savin phone interview. Are you able to email me the link to the interview?



  4. Brooke says:

    Such a Great article..just came upon you website and I already love it ..and I also love the name you came up with for your site. 🤗 Thanks for sharing the truth and your insights..looking forward to reading more ..God Bless 💃🇺🇸🦋


  5. Diana MacDonald says:

    I do not see the recording with Juan here. Where can I find it?


  6. Atim says:

    Soul feeding….Light always prevail…


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