The Late Edition for Sunday, January 10, 2021: On the Brink of ACTION [videos] ~ January 10, 2021

Hello again, Patriots… just checking in with a few more updates and insights.

Did I not say that the Earth Alliance has been preparing? Laying the groundwork? I talked about Gab in my earlier post today. I couldn’t sign up because they were under maintenance but now I’m waiting for the authentication process as it sits there spinning around. Now I see a “timed out”, so I was unable to complete the process.

Gab CEO Has MASSIVE Surprise For Anti-Trumpers… This is Genius

One of my contacts had their Twitter account removed and they’re not a “player” like the big guys so it can happen to any of us. Best to branch out and/or create a backup account.

Gab is getting 10,000 new users per hour since POTUS was ousted from Twitter, the CEO reports.

Gab is going to be the place to be – my handle there is @Catturd.

Be patient, they’re getting millions on their page for the past 48 hours – but I’ve still been able to post there all day.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) January 10, 2021

Michael Jaco has a quick update and mentions the JFK Jr. aspect of The Plan.

Things Are Going to Move Quickly Now. Stay Frosty and Get Ready for Emergency Broadcasts

Twitter dumped one of my key Tweeters but he’s back—just NOT the same guy. You might want to follow.


— Not John F Kennedy Jr. (@notHSRetoucher) January 10, 2021


— Not John F Kennedy Jr. (@notHSRetoucher) January 10, 2021

How many times have cartoons displayed predictive programming? Look at the similarities! It’s no coincidence. Someone knows what is going to happen in advance. Years ahead. You might wonder how that is possible.

Actually, a lot of things we thought were impossible are possible. A whole new world is coming.


🐾MonkeyWerx US🐾 (@mil_ops) January 7, 2021

Video interview here on Brand New Tube.

The news never stops and the crew never rests. Be sure to peruse the comments under each post because they are seasoned warriors and know where to get the dirt. Together, we get it done.

Blackout in Vatican, Roads blocked in Rome: Here’s what really happened

Frank Vaughan near Peterborough, Ont. Canada is a humble garlic farmer and more recently a representative of the People’s Party of Canada and he can see the fallout from what is unfolding in the US affecting Canada.

Of course it’s going to affect Canada. Surely the Canucks realize that—but are they aware of what is really happening here? Not if they listen to their deplorable lamestream media.

We share the world’s largest unprotected border. If you want to hoof it, you can walk right across the 49th parallel out in the woods, the prairies or the mountains—or sail in by boat (or submarine, like the Chinese). And yes, that situation has been exploited by the deep state, which is alive and thriving in Canada, controlling the corporate media, enforcing lockdowns, stripping civil rights, etc.

First we fix America, then we help the other nations clean up their swamps. I am not privy to the schedule, but I would imagine that Canada’s proximity makes it a natural Priority One and we understand the US Military is already working with the Canadian Armed Forces in some capacity.

This is Frank’s Sunday morning livestream which might appeal to Canadian sensibilities in place of your disgusting, traitorous, lying CTV/Global/CBC and newspapers.

LIVE: Insurrection Act Livestream

That’s it for now. If you haven’t already, I suggest you bookmark/list/record somehow your go-to video channels/websites/Twitter/Parler/Gab accounts and email subscriptions and conference calls so you can access information if some countries/states/cities or disseminators lose power and you don’t get your usual updates.

Pompeo’s updates are 30 minutes apart. It’s like watching a woman in labour. How far apart?

We’ve led vigorously in the #ArcticCouncil. Worked to make shipping lanes safer. Helped rural communities with power, medical care, and more. Safer Arctic = safer America. #EffectiveMultilateralism

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) January 10, 2021

We just may get an EAS alert from President Trump. We’ll see what happens. We understand he and his family are safe underground, or as Simon Parkes put it, “snug as bugs in a rug”—which is a load off our minds.

We’ve waited a long time for this—so celebrate.  ~ BP

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