New Agent A1 & Other Important Messages for Patriots [videos] ~ January 8, 2021

The crew has brought our attention to this channel with the most interesting videos. Check out these coms.

Yes, the “vaccines” are being administered by the military now, wink-wink! We’re going to exterminate the “virus”.

Check out all the videos uploaded at this channel just recently. The Patriots are hitting it hard.

They’re all short and sweet music to our ears but watch quick before they “go away”.

It looks like the work of Agent M, especially the OPP video. Canadians know what that’s about.

OH—and just in case, follow President Trump on Parler at Team Trump.

As POTUS said, he exhausted every “LEGAL avenue” and as Q said, “the MILITARY is the only way”. They knew the deep state/New World Order would not surrender, and would not do the right thing. I have told you that for many years. They’ve been given every opportunity year after year, decade after decade and will never change. They must be forcibly removed. We ask for protection for everyone striving to make our world a better place and those facilitating the return of the Light.

It’s TIME – My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.

This one is good, too.

Med beds Wireless energy Gesara & more coming soon. CURES FOR ALL DISEASES From TRUMP & TESLA

If this is the first time you are hearing about this kind of thing you may disbelieve, and that’s okay. In time, you will realize that we have been trapped in a false world. The reality is far more exciting. It’s time for The Great Awakening.

I’m including this emotional appeal from Scott Kesterson of BardsFM, who is asking for prayers for the United States and her People. It is a highly emotional time for so many of us. If prayer is how you deal with this historic situation, perhaps you’d like to join in.

We’ve been asked to focus on the future we want to create. We’ve been asked to pause and breathe. We’ve been asked to pray. We know, “the best is yet to come.”

Peace Be Still – 20210108

Q was also correct about the statement that soon they will not be able to walk down the street. We saw what happened with Mitt Romney at the airport. Here’s Lindsey Graham.

This is why Q came and educated us for 4 years about what is happening and who is dealing with it, and why the military must be involved. We can’t have vigilantes with torches and pitchforks. The People are getting very angry and something must be done. Q said they would take the masses to the precipice. I believe we’re there.

Remain calm, other than your moments of righteous anger, of course, and we will see this through. It’s happening—and the world is holding its collective breath.  ~ BP

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January 8, 2021: We’ll Love How This Movie Ends [videos]

11 thoughts on “New Agent A1 & Other Important Messages for Patriots [videos]”

  1.  sarahtonen says:i’m back on Parler, what’s your handle on there BP?Reply
  2.  Jeanette says:Dear BP could you please put up Ted Mahr and Charlie Ward again I can not find it anymore and did not save it. ThanQReply
  3.  Kathleen says:What’s wrong with a couple torches and pitchforks?? I have anger management issues (or so hubby says)–got to vent somewhere, and I know just where I’d put the pitchforks (better buy stock in pitchforks, as a matter of fact)…Everywhere we go, Patriots of all ages are in the know about what’s coming–IT IS THRILLING!!!!! God Bless POTUS, and God Bless America—KathleenReply
  4.  Medicine Hat says:This blog here is like a favorite book
    Michael Ondaatje: The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left Handed Poems 
    …a collage of poetry, prose and image, incorporating quotation from, and pastiche of, both historical and pop-culture sources. The best way to describe it, perhaps, is as a work of historiographic metafiction, viewing the past, and the past’s textual remains in the present, through a highly self-conscious, self-reflexive and fragmented literary filter.
  5.  Jen says:The movie Juan was talking about to Roseanne. Save offline & share!
  6.  Jen says:Does anyone have the link for HSRetoucher on parlr? His acct just got suspended on Twtr and I can’t find the parlr acct.Reply
    1.  sarahtonen says:nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! omg, wah! that was one of my main Go-Tos…..
      have you checked out
      amazing stuffReply
    2.  sarahtonen says:argh!!!!!! so has WeTheInevitable’s!!!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!Reply
  7.  Moose Jaw says:It’s Showtime
    (20 police cars)
    Drop your guns
    and raise your hands
    in the air
    April Wine🇨🇦
  8.  rebel Lebel says:Terry Divine King Orion 1 ( let the music build up)
  9.  sarahtonen says:i’m just going to Sit and watch The Storm and stuff my face with popcorn. When it’s done I will Stand to give them all an ovation. I do not want to screw things up by sneering/cheering for the wrong team. This is utterly beautiful to observe. Like a stunning ballet set to a perfect orchestra, and everyone is playing 5D chess….my head is spinning, my face is grinning

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1 Response to New Agent A1 & Other Important Messages for Patriots [videos] ~ January 8, 2021

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    Can the med beds restore one’s TRUE gender and genetics…as in making me a Pleiadian Woman once again, and give REAL life spans, like the aliens have, as well as ZERO aging?


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