Divine updates on human origin and the education of the Galactic ~ January 9, 2021

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share my love and sentiment.The planet earth has been uplifted to the higher realm dear children on earth. As result of that, the planet will need to go through transformation. The low density energies will need to either migrate to another low vibrational planet or in some cases, some children of Gaia will have to be rebuilt and recalibrated so that the soul will be intact again.

The process of the transformation is very intense right now. Souls on the planet feel the process. There are also souls who’s soul contract written that they will be leaving the planet, and that means the exit time has arrived. Some souls may leave earlier than others. But the ones who have left or the ones who are about to leave the planet will land in the higher realm after they pass because the system has changed.

All souls who either passed in the last couple of years or who will depart in the next few years, will transition to a newly designed realm. The previous astral plane has been upgraded and now it is also raised to a high vibrational realm so that when souls cross over, they will arrive at this matching vibrational realm. That is the design.

Now, since the planet earth has been uplifted to the category of a star nation, a Galactic member and newly established star race and new human race, From now on, any Galactic related issues, humanity will have the right to get involved and get engaged. The planet earth is going to be a brand new star to be reckoned with. And that is something humanity will cherish in the time to come.

In the meantime, while the planet earth is establishing herself in the higher realm, the planet and humanity will need to learn about the history of the planet and humanity, and catching up with the Galactic knowledge and human origin. Humanity has not been well informed in terms of human origins and the Galactic society. Our light workers will have to take up the challenge and educate the planet and humanity.

Humanity has very limited, if any, resources in terms of Galactic relationships, Galactic society and Galactic rules and laws. That has to change. The Divine has started the education and in the upcoming time, the Divine will task some of the light workers to take the education and start teaching the planet and humanity about these subjects. Planet wide education is needed so that when your star brothers and sisters come to visit, the planet and humanity will have the basic understanding of who they are and how to interact with them. Education of the star brothers and sisters is the key for the time to come.

Besides the Galactic relationship, the current level of the understanding of human origins will have to be updated. The planet basically has no idea where the planet was and how the human race started. Mother Earth has been through so much transformation through billions of years and yet, the records of these changes are nowhere to be found. Humanity has very limited understanding of the planet and the ascension of the planet and humanity. And that kind of knowledge has to be taught to the public and planet wide education is needed.Humanity will need to know its origin. Humanity will also need to understand how the planet works and how the ascension is going to be achieved. Planet wide ascension has gone so well and yet, humanity at large still has no idea. And that has to change. The planet wide education of the planetary ascension is very much needed.Another thing the planet needs now is the wide spread understanding of the Galactic technologies and advance societies. Being a member of the Galactic society, the planet earth will have to advance her social conditions and overall technology in terms of human health, living conditions, environment and the wellbeing of human life. Learning from the advanced societies will help the planet catch up quickly and efficiently. Humanity is facing a tremendous amount of upheavals and that needs a lot of help in order to keep up with the advanced Galactic societies and star nations.

However, since humanity has just been accepted by the Galactic, and since Gaia has just ascended to the higher realm, the Galactic society has a great deal of willingness to help the planet and advance this newly born star nation. That means the planet earth and humanity have an unprecedented opportunity to jump start her overall condition and catch up quickly with the other star nations. That is such a precious blessing for the planet and humanity.

In the next few months or so, while the planet anchors herself in the higher realm, the Divine and your star brothers and sisters will start the process of helping the planet earth. Gaia has let the Galactic help with the ascension process and humanity too, will be helped with advanced technologies.

The overall plan has been developed and now is time for the implementation. I love you dear children of my heart. I am your Mother Divine. I am here with you and now go in peace. So it is.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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