January 7, 2021: The Emerging Painful Reality in America—Treason of the Highest Order [videos] ~ January 7, 2021

If you don’t like drama, you probably didn’t sleep well last night—unless you listened to the Miracles Intel Conference Call or the X22 Report. I slept great and I’m just starting to listen to the Miracles call.

What many Americans are learning is that this battle isn’t simply about a few corrupt politicians. The emerging truth is that over 80 per cent of Congress is compromised; bribed and blackmailed by a ruthless, godless, global control structure.

Here is Simon Parkes’ update for today. He tells us what the “good guys” were doing yesterday, and that they also know how to use distractions. 20 min.

7th January Update Current News

If you missed it, this insider tells us about the involvement of the Vatican and Italy in the stealing of the Presidential election. Sometimes what is not said is more important than what is and it’s critical that we have faith in the Earth Alliance and their Plan.

Do all roads lead to Rome?
.@LLinWood https://t.co/8Hbi2PY4e4 pic.twitter.com/VLiVJxGVt3

— RedCap 🇺🇲 (@BuCap004) January 7, 2021

It’s going to be a difficult ride, folks. We were prepared over four years for this, and regardless, it’s difficult to watch. If you think an entire planet can be freed from psychopathic predators easily and without bloodshed when most Humans don’t even know they are prey, well, please tell me how you propose that would be done. I’m all ears. In twelve years or so I’ve not heard anyone offer anything.

We are witness to a brilliant military plan decades in the making and I don’t see how we can complain. We are fortunate to be a party to this takedown of evil. The alternative is the annihilation of our race.

Here’s Dave, one of our best analysts with his take on the events of January 6.

Watch the video or download/listen to the audio.


Big Tech is doing what they planned to do all along when they created their monopolies to control the world. President Trump and Lin Wood have both been censored and blocked. You can follow Lin on Parler. You might also want to follow Joe M as someone with valuable inside perspectives.

Trump Blocked From Facebook & Twitter Indefinitely

BREAKING NEWS: The Trump Family has been INDEFINITELY BLOCKED from Facebook..

The Tyranny we warned you about has began… when will you rise America? WHEN????????????????

— Matt Couch (@RealMattCouch) January 7, 2021

Do you think you’re “free”?

Facebook Will Ban And Delete All Photos And Videos Of Any Aspect Of Wednesday Protests

The President Of the United States is not allowed to communicate to the American people. Think about that for a minute and let it marinate.

— Unfiltered☢Americano 🇺🇸 (@hrtablaze) January 7, 2021

Those of us who understand what is unfolding tried for many years to alert others to the threat, to little avail. People deeply under the hypnotic spell and programming don’t want to hear it. The CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory” back in the 60’s and it became a cop out for anyone who didn’t want their paradigm shattered.

Now, millions of people across the world can see that what we warned about came to fruition and that we are on the verge of tyrannical communist takeover by a “one world government”. The New World Order is marching down the streets of our cities and towns, locking people down, stealing their God-given rights, and making their lives miserable over a fake pandemic. It sounds ludicrous but that is exactly what we are living with today.

When you control the media, you control the reality. Traditionally, people believe what they hear on television. Television “programming”. See how that works?

How is this possible? It’s indicative of pre-knowledge of a planned event, is it not?

This was posted at 9:30 am today on NPR. Think about what time the event happened at the Capitol today? pic.twitter.com/qeTQMTxWIk

— Claston (@ClastonB) January 7, 2021

Unfortunately, words were insufficient to convince people of the threats, so they had to be shown the truth. How do you like it so far?

It appears that chaos and insanity have descended on our planet, with threats of war with Iran and China, protests everywhere, innocent people getting arrested… no one ever thought we would see this in our civilized society but it’s happening.

The Patriots knew violence was planned and offered hands-on assistance but they knew the deep state puppets like DC Mayor Muriel Bowser would refuse because it would throw a wrench into their plot. Her police force needed the freedom to act.

Intel: Capitol Police rejected all DOD offers of support made during the past week as intel on the size of protests and demonstrations grew

The Capitol Police need to be investigated for their handling of this event and the possible murder of an unarmed American veteran

— Rich Higgins (@RichHiggins_DC) January 7, 2021

Despite how it looks, it is reasonably under control by liberation forces and we just have to go with that. We were given a map for how this would go and many of us can see it has unfolded as predicted. It’s critical that we trust that plan, remain calm—and maintain a positive outlook.

Unless you are a true spiritual warrior with undying faith in the process and/or our maker, this war of good vs. evil will flatten you. It could cause panic.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Just don’t watch. Don’t put yourself through that. Don’t watch or listen to the independent news and information we present.

To the people who say nobody is held accountable… https://t.co/I6ofhmD6ZI via @YouTube
By @JamesOKeefeIII @realDonaldTrump
We’ve now seen the true colors of all our elected officials
This was a set up
It’s an excuse for them to cram down an illegal election#Congress pic.twitter.com/D7bivpJSgZ

— Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ #Kraken (@SidneyPowell1) January 7, 2021

Above all—don’t listen to the cabal’s mainstream media because their job is to create the perception of the listener and what they say does not represent reality. It is pure propaganda and lies. Their role is to foment hatred, division, and destroy our hope. To keep us mired down in fear, uncertainty, and desperation.

Not Making Headlines – Trump Supporters Pulled Violent Protesters Away from the Capitol Building When They Started Damaging It – Who Were These People?

“The Plan” unfolding to trap the criminals and psychopaths who have been running the world for hundreds of years is too convoluted and sophisticated for any of us to make sense of much of the time. Brilliant military minds understand the situation very clearly and they are showing us what must be done, and how it will go. We have to trust them—no matter how it looks. I have to say I’m comfortable with it because it is unfolding as they told us it would. That is WHY they told us; so we would know what to expect—in general.

We can share with readers what is happening, but can’t always tell you if it’s true, or if disinformation is involved. If you haven’t read the ancient text, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it’s not long and might help you understand the strategies involved in what we see unfolding before our eyes. Deception is a huge part of it.

The US military and military forces globally are all working together to get this done but the choice has been made to keep the military in the background for many reasons.

Enough talk. Many people subscribed to this publication are seasoned warriors and don’t need hand-holding. They come for the latest updates and the views last night were over 15K—double what they were a week ago.

I don’t pretend to present ALL the most important information because that would be an impossible task at this point but I can share some highlights, point you in the direction of those who are providing good information, and be a cheerleader to keep you positive because I have no shortage of faith in this process or those in charge.

I know that disinformation is necessary, and I advise everyone to use discernment at all times. We may as well be blind-folded because we’re going to have to feel our way along as this process becomes more complicated and the drama escalates. Our intuition is necessary to help us make sense of what is happening. Lies are told about key players every day to make them look bad. Look at the character assassination attempts on President Trump—the only one in decades to tell us the truth.

A whole new world is coming and a lot of shocking news, as well. People we believed in and trusted will reveal themselves as traitors. Don’t shoot the messenger. I just present the information I find and offer insights as to what it means based on my experience in the past decade and the “education” we had at boot camp after the Q Intelligence Team arrived on the scene to prepare us and provide the road map for this lengthy process.

I don’t know everything—no one does—and I’m not always correct in my interpretation of events or information but after almost twelve years of research and writing about it for ten on this blog, I’m fairly adept at presenting a reasonably accurate “big picture”. Since we have over 22 million views and are climbing towards 8,000 subscribers when we don’t advertise at all, it speaks to the quality of our articles and the trust readers have in our mission to deliver the fair and accurate chronicling of the times in which we live.

The facts you may glean from perusing the comments from the intelligent and skilled people who frequent this blog  (the crew) will also provide excellent avenues for research and updates as well as their informed perspectives. Check those out below each post.

Getting back to the theatrics, we’ve been encouraged to view this as “a movie”. If you were watching the events in Washington, DC yesterday you would have seen the traitorous senators (bad actors) seize the results of the incursion at the Capitol to abandon their duty as representatives of the People and supporters of the Constitution to renege on their responsibilities and ethics and vote against the demands to overturn the results of the presidential election AND the recent Georgia election. Appalling, but expected. Let them expose themselves.

While observing the proceedings I heard scuffles, yelling, the sessions were recessed a couple of times according to direction from the Chair, and then we heard “get under your chairs” and other comedic nonsense. I have to take the light approach because it’s so “unreal”. An irreverent outlook helps to keep the fear at bay and it’s critical that we keep the faith. We cannot have panic.

The Patriots/Earth Alliance know in advance most of what the dark cabal is going to do, so to view any of what happens as real and organic is reckless as a commentator. Sure, stuff happens, but there are no coincidences. Everything has meaning, as Q has said.

Many layers of subterfuge and acting on the side of the White Hats also takes place so I encourage everyone to simply observe and not get dragged into the theatre of it all. We don’t know how much is real or staged; by the bad guys or the good guys. I do know the good guys will win in the end, and the end justifies the means. Q intelligence told us, “It won’t always be clean.” When the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, they will do what they need to do and keep as many safe as possible.

I believe the most difficult task of all is the wakeup call to the public who are basically zombies walking around in a trance. They obey societal authority figures unquestioningly and they believe what they see in front of their eyes on the news, advertisements, what they read or hear online, on Facebook or Twitter. They believe that if someone says it or writes it, it must be true. Dangerous naïvite.

Q reminded us, “Be careful who you follow.” There are many imposters sent to mislead innocents in this information war.

The fact that all of this is taking place in the middle of the Kung Flu scamdemic just adds to the impossible situation. With the truth of the “virus” censored brutally on the cabal’s mainstream media, YouTube, etc. it’s difficult to impossible to reach the masses.

What President Trump and his team have done, however, is wake up a lot of Trump supporters to the vaccine hoax and they have been researching the Coronavirus plandemic as well, so we have made headway. There are still a lot of people globally who are not on board with the MAGA movement and are unaware that the lockdowns are entirely about control of the People; not about a “virus”. The following video is 28 minutes of truth as told by medical researchers, doctors, and journalists.


How do we share the warnings from hundreds of doctors who have come forward advising that the pandemic is not what we were told and that we can quickly and easily address any flu-like symptoms with safe, effective, inexpensive treatments—as we always have—without resorting to a vaccine that was rushed through testing and approval protocols?

The ingredients of some of the vaccines might shock you.

How do we convince people that masks are about a ritual; a symbolic action confirming subservience? They do not prevent the transmission of any disease, but they do mean we are inhaling our own exhaust; carbon dioxide. Great for plants—toxic for Humans.

How do we tell them that the deep state plan is to vaccinate everyone on the planet and control everyone that way? Already the airlines refuse passengers unless they wear a mask. Hours upon hours without fresh air.

Ultimately, governments will refuse to let us do anything or go anywhere if we do not get a vaccination, simply due to the media’s claims that the Coronavirus is deadly. It just isn’t. Less than 1% of people have died—not the millions they claimed would at the outset a year ago.

It’s been almost a year now of masks, social distancing, lockdowns, businesses closed, no church, no bars, no restaurants, hair salons closed—so… one must ask, did all those precautions designed to “slow the spread” do anything?

Of course not! Unless you consider that so many are now living in fear and automatically put a mask on to walk the friggin’ dog and when driving around alone in their vehicles. It’s insane—and it’s called “conditioning”—like Pavlov’s dogs. Ring the bell and they salivate whether there’s food present or not.

The death statistics in 2020 were the same number as in 2017-18 flu season. Most of the deaths that occurred around the world were from the same causes people die from every single day. They just happen to have been diagnosed with a fake Covid-positive test so they can explode the statistics with fake death counts.

Hospitals and doctors received large monetary incentives (bribes) for recording they treated and admitted Covid patients.

The PCR test is not calibrated to detect a contagion so it is simply responding to something in nearly every one of us. It doesn’t detect a virus, and it doesn’t indicate we are infected with anything. It’s a hoax. They are using these false positives as “cases” of an engineered pandemic that does not exist. It’s about fear and control and there’s nothing to fear. It’s important for those of us who innerstand this to set the example and refuse to wear their muzzle; to talk rational sense.

In addition, people who are not sick and have no symptoms (asymptomatic) are not contagious and can’t spread a disease. Honest doctors are telling us this. There are plenty who were paid off by the cabal to lie to us, however. Use common sense.

What people in colder climes are perhaps now noticing is that particles we exhale go right through a mask. You can see your hot breath in cold air whether you’re wearing a mask or not. We knew this was coming and hope it will wake up a few people. It’s condensation—and those molecules are much larger than a virus would be so… what’s the point?

Here’s a video to illustrate.


In closing I will add that we understand similar operations have taken place successfully on other planets, and that Earth/Terra was left for last because it is the site of the worst infestation of evil.

That doesn’t make our situation any easier, but perhaps it is encouraging to know that those in control know what they’re doing and have wins under their belt.

I am confident it’s going well, and we are all doing our best to speed the process and awaken others to the reality. Willing or not, they will be forced out of their trance to deal with it all in the not too distant future.

The world that will emerge will be so positive, so uplifting, so exciting that we will forget about all the difficulties and pain.

So, stay positive, stay excited for our liberation, never take a defeatist attitude, and as General Flynn requested on the morning of January 6th, hold the line. Stand strong, and never give up. Breathe in the smell of freedom.  ~ BP

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