January 6, 2021 Update #5: Late Edition – Caught in the Trap [videos] ~ January 7, 2021

Well, Q told us this would happen.

Twitter Locks Trump out of His Account in Wake of Capitol Chaos

In the Project Camelot video I recommended with Simon Parkes, Simon stated that the Quantum super-luminal computer used by the Q Team is so sophisticated, the AI so attuned to what choices the cabal will make, that it enables the Alliance to be 10 steps ahead of them and predict with certainly up to a few months out, exactly how they will react to White Hat tactics.

If you’re chewing your nails over what is unfolding, no one blames you. We did tell you… “Trust the Plan”. It’s not how it looks, and it will all work out. As Simon told us, the Earth Alliance has laid traps for the NWO. Most people would not be able to see through the multi-layered strategies but with the coaching from Q the brilliant minds of the Anons and insiders can give us hints. Enjoy your popcorn.

Yes on 1/12 I think🤷‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/53J92ePkV0

— JewelyBlue (@Jewel4Trump) January 7, 2021

Check out this short update regarding info from Rudy Giuliani about the Georgia election last night. 1:18

Lance Wallnau: Rudy Drops Bombshell! We Got Them! JUST IN

The arguments in Congress continued after the storming of the Capitol and the theatrics and fake emotion by Corey Booker and others makes me want to vomit. Like they care about America and the people. Arrest them!

In truth, the trap has been set and the rats walked right into it. Many have told us this. We’re seeing it in real time.

They can’t hide what they did. It was obvious the marauders were let into the Capitol Building by conspirators. We’ve seen the video. “We have it all.”

Facebook Will Ban And Delete All Photos And Videos Of Capitol Riots https://t.co/BdbgHd1RHo

— HaveWeAllGoneMad (@HaveWeAllGoneM1) January 7, 2021

And where is POTUS? Some say he is in Texas watching it all go down.

Interesting comments beneath the post. One suggests we read from the bottom up—a trick from the Q coms.

Click anywhere in the box below to launch in Twitter (while it’s still up) and check it out.


— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) January 7, 2021

I’m sure the lamestream media won’t cover this, but it’s important. Devin Nunes and his family sacrificed a lot and worked very hard for the American People to save the nation. Now that we know how many traitors there really are, it’s even more of a brave accomplishment.

Rep. Nunes: Presidential Medal is recognition of constituents and GOP staff

Meanwhile, in Alberta the politicians go on Christmas vacations to Hawai’i and elsewhere after telling residents to stay home and not go anywhere or do anything. The People get fines, are thrown in jail, beat up, arrested for meeting in a group of 6 family members, and the “elite class” can do whatever they like without penalty.

Alberta after the lockdown liars: Cory Morgan of the Western Standard Online

We went from ‘two weeks to slow the spread’ to politicians considering – & in 1 province already imposing – curfews, telling you when you can go outside under threat of massive fines. These people aren’t public servants, they’re power-hungry authoritarians who see their opening.

— Spencer Fernando 🇨🇦 (@SpencerFernando) January 7, 2021

I really need to find the popcorn and have a feast. I know it’s around here somewhere and Mica loves it. If this isn’t prime popcorn season, I don’t know what is.

We may still see a lapse in communications at some point but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. The cell phone coverage in DC today was out but we’ll see how it all unfolds in the coming days.

Over and out for tonight.  ~ BP

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  1. Frank Marion says:

    Buffalo head is a crisis actor. https://archive.vn/mIW6p


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