January 5, 2021: The Gates of Hell Are Opening & RSBN Live Coverage from DC Streaming NOW [videos] ~ January 5, 2021

At least some of the world is learning how things work, and that we are taking the monsters to task. The round up is on, globally.

You may have heard Pattie Brassard report that some of the military were pulled off the DUMB (deep underground military bases) reclamation ops and put on roundup duty.

We’re just going to keep putting this out there as we continue to get new subscribers and everyone needs to know what’s happening. No mercy. No quarter. No prisoners. They’re going down. No matter what the psychopaths do.

Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts

Yes, it is ALL happening at once. All the movies are playing simultaneously and the deep state is stunned and scared to death.


— Dr Russell McGregor (@KillAuDeepState) January 2, 2021

Here’s Simon Parkes fresh update for today. He says there is a “possibility” inauguration may be delayed. It might be difficult to take seriously a man with a cat on his head but I assure you, Simon is well-connected and quite sane. 10 min.

I got some updates via my sources, and some is said to be via Charlie Ward. Here’s what I pulled off a text message, which may be confirmation of what we already heard:

On January 1 Trump was to announce a return to the gold-backed dollar

209 nations would begin implementing NESARA/GESARA and debt forgiveness, all having placed their gold/asset-backed currencies at a 1:1 par with each other.

Between now and January 7 – a period of darkness

January 7 – 17 – a period of enlightenment

January 21, 2021 – The Great Awakening

March 2021: John F. Kennedy Jr. (Juan O Savin) indicated that the Alliance was planning an election of the new restored republic – President of US, government officials, in March 2021.

The election would be transparent, instantaneous and take place under the new and already tested QVS where US citizens could vote using their computers or phones.

POTUS watched the fraud in real time on the Quantum computer. Sidney Powell has every vote switch.

Gov’t Justice (Dept?), SCOTUS, bankers, Big Tech all broken.

The unhackable QFS  (quantum financial system) is ready.

The unhackable QVS (quantum voting system) is ready for voting—via phones.

There will be a new election after NESARA 1-1-21.

Inauguration will be in March 2021.

  • – END –

Obviously, everything is fluid and I don’t like to use dates, but I gave you what I received. As warned, please don’t take what the mainstream media is saying as truth. They will do anything to try to sway opinion and keep the truth from coming out.

Likewise comments on blogs and websites. They actually think that by sending out their minions to seed disinformation and doom that it will have a bearing on anything.

They are so pathetic and bring to mind the Black Knight in the Monty Python skit, so I’m going to share it again for laughs. Of course it’s utterly ridiculous—but no more absurd than the cabal thinking they’re going to win. They’re delusional. Like the Black Knight, who just can’t see the bloody reality. It’s the perfect metaphor, yes? 4 min. (from the film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

They’re heeeerrre… and RSBN just went live.

LIVE: Trump Supporters Converge on Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza Ahead of Wednesday’s Events

Whatever happens this week, it must be done. The American People MUST stand up for their nation and their right to a fair and honest election. You have to have transparency and the utmost in ethics for this process. There will probably be some violence. Arrests. Some blood. It can’t be avoided in a revolution—and that is what this is.

It’s a civil, organized demonstration to show the cabal and their minions that they’re not having any more of this. It ends here. The People call the shots and anyone who is not going along will be going away and crimes will mean consequences now. No more protection for those who break the law. There is only one set of laws, no double standards for those who believe they are special.

Here are some insights about the demonstration on January 6 from Michael Jaco who has arrived in DC.

Will there be arrests in DC on the 6th? Lots of treason in the air as many will go bye bye.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS! — VIDEO RELEASED of Vans Removing Ballots from GA Warehouse with Armed Guards to Sheriff Jackson’s Office — THEY GOT A MAP! https://t.co/mfVhbXvHLe

— 𝕄𝔾 𝕊𝕙𝕠𝕨 (@intheMatrixxx) January 2, 2021

The Kung Flu stuff, the tyranny, the lockdowns, all cover for shoveling the turds through the gates of hell. The New World Order’s plan for Humanity was indeed extermination, but he Earth Alliance has turned the tables and it’s the psychopaths who will be exterminated, as I’ve said countless times.

The article below concerns the original plan, which the White Hats allowed them to believe they would be successful in bringing to fruition. The world is about to awaken so polish up your love and compassion because they’re going to need it. Use this link if the one below doesn’t work.

Situation Update, Jan. 4th, 2021 – Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda

The whole world knows who is in charge and that the “return of America” is critical to the survival of every other nation. Even in Japan they are holding pro-Trump marches. “God bress Trump”—I love it. The beautiful People across the planet are watching and pulling for the Americans who are making history now.

Check Out This AWESOME Stop the Steal Rally in JAPAN!!!!

Plumbing the depth of the deception is only beginning.

[they] have been deceiving us for a very long time! Many have been ded for a while! Dont believe #FakeNews! Advanced technology has been kept from US yet used against US! pic.twitter.com/eUfq4LxnIO

— FreePeacock🍀⭐⭐⭐🍀 (@FREEDPeacock10) January 4, 2021

Laura-Lynn TT brings us guests from Europe telling us that the fear is rampant there. One in Poland said people are getting off planes in full HAZMAT gear, masks and face shields and gloves. Good grief. They need to get a grip. Won’t they be relieved when they learn it’s all a psyop?

Canada’s Covid Chaos Part 1

We don’t know what the predicted “darkness” will mean, or if it will happen, or if we will know about it, but I’m going to send this out now and get to the things I must attend to and will probably check in with you later. I also want to watch what RSBN is bringing us from DC today.

It seems odd that Lin Wood’s Tweets are not removed and that he still has his account so the Patriots must have a plan.

Remember your popcorn.  ~ BP

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