January 4th, 2021: Trump Rally in Georgia Today & Other Wild Times [video] ~ January 4, 2021

Here’s the RSBN link to watch the rally to secure support for Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue at 9 pm ET tonight. It’s critical to get as many Republican seats as possible, and it’s always revealing to hear from the Commander-in-Chief from his own mouth, uncensored, when he has plenty of time. I’m expecting “coms”, aren’t you?

If this is how the year is starting off, can you imagine what the rest will be like? Yikes!

Doors open at 5 pm EST and RSBN will be covering all the fun prior, uncensored.


The drama around Julian Assange continues. I can only assume the White Hats aren’t ready to bring him back and spill the beans just yet.

UK Judge Rules Julian Assange Can’t Be Extradited To US

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder when removed from exile at Ecuadorian Embassy, London

In news from the asylum, we have Nazi Pelosi protected during the vote yesterday that ultimately made her Speaker of the House for another two year term— because she’s so valuable. But is it just plexiglass? I suspect Lexan is more like it. She’s a high value target, after all. Nothing is really about the “virus”, remember. That’s the cover. She’s 80 years old, for godsake. Put us out of our misery.

Dems slammed over ‘shameful’ plexiglass structure ‘built in dead of night’ to protect Pelosi

Why Seeing is NOT Believing…

I saw this guy below put on a man costume in another video clip complete with an upper body covering and it was unbelievably life-like. You might recall seeing a video I shared from American Prophet (now removed from YT) where they suggested JFK Jr. may be wearing a disguise like this in a role as Trump’s SS. Nothing is what it seems. “Hyperflesh” is eerily lifelike, isn’t it? How do we know the things walking around are even Human? Who, exactly, is it we’re seeing when Nancy Pelosi or Kamala Harris have hideous faces?

We have been told that there is also “voice box” technology that they can place on an imposter and make their voice identical to the original. There’s no such thing as reality any more, it seems. Everything is unreal, and sometimes I believe the White Hats are funnin’ us.

Simon Parkes is asking if anyone has seen the Clintons. Hint, hint. When we see some of these characters walking around “free”… don’t be too sure they are.

In this video we see the “kill list” Dean Chambers showed in the Pattie Brassard update we shared the other day. These are the cabalists Dean says he can confirm were “snatched” and are no longer a problem.


We might wonder why so many military people are murdered.

Fatal shooting of Army drill sergeant in Texas under investigation

This is a cautionary note for those going to DC on January 6th for the “peaceful protest” along with ten million other pissed-off Americans.

Walkie talkies are a good option for DC. When I had AT&T they cut my service for the entire day.

— Anna Kraken (@Annakhait) January 3, 2021

The other day, as a result of the Nashville bombing, I was recalling the unresolved Nova Scotia Canada false flag operation in April 2020 and coincidentally Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson did an update with a former Globe & Mail journalist who dug deeply into that event.

The official story is that one unhinged guy shot 23 people including a female RCMP officer AND set multiple fires, all within hours. One incredibly busy guy. “Known to authorities.” Ultimately killed by the RCMP so he can’t tell his story.

Like I said… always the same. The cover stories are completely unbelievable, as usual, and when you consider that the shooter had at least four auctioned RCMP cruisers in his possession according to reports we understand the police were aware of long before this event… what are we to think? Paul Palango makes a lot of good points about a very suspicious tale. What is the coverup about? This portion of the show is about 35 minutes.

Nova Scotia Shooting Update & Pastors Under Fire

Laura-Lynn goes on to discuss vaccines and the scamdemic. Fauci and Kamala Harris both got vaccines on camera and many people have issues with that circus. Some suggested that they are not actually getting jabbed—that the needle retracts inside the syringe. I don’t personally believe any globalist would get a vaccination, they just want to convince all the sheep to do so. They know a growing number of people are either skeptical about vaccine damage now, or will outright refuse. Some will die before they’ll get a toxic cocktail from the eugenicists.

So, What Was Going On With The Syringe Used On Kamala Harris? (Video)

Laura-Lynn also included a brief clip from West Edmonton Mall of an independent journalist who visited in full PPE regalia and they kicked him out. It’s not about the virus, folks. They want to pick and choose what people have to do in the name of the virus but they don’t want shoppers negatively impacted or frightened out of shopping when they’re spending their money and enriching the globalists. They want us to do exactly what we’re told and in exchange they will let us do what we want to do, which is shopping, for example, which is also good for them.

Everything is about the Wuhan Flu, folks. Everything. It works for the dark, and it works for the Light. It’s allowing everything that needs to happen, to unfold in our favour, ultimately. It’s not fun (but it can be) and some are learning hard lessons. We’ll come out on the other side just fine.

Say what? WHO says there is “no evidence” that COVID-19 vaccines will prevent spread of disease… so what good are they?

Dr. Rashid Buttar did a live stream this morning in which he included a clip of Nobel-prize winning scientist and creator of the PCR test used to determine who is Covid-positive or negative. That’s Dr. Kary Mullis. I had not seen this particular clip before and it’s a must-watch.

I suggest you watch this video before it is removed because Dr. Buttar has been labeled the most censored doctor and there is a lot of footage here from doctors, researchers, etc. telling the truth about the scamdemic I have not yet seen.

A number of doctors say there is no pandemic, don’t take the vaccine, and one even said there will never be a better vaccine than Vitamin D. (which comes from the sun if we enjoy it on bare, unprotected skin.

The education process and the destruction of Big Pharma is well underway. Will it result in the masses becoming critical thinkers? I don’t know. It’s not looking good, is it?

MUST WATCH & SHARE!  It was already censored somewhat according to some but my feed on YT was clear and excellent quality.

Facts On Election Fraud, Pandemic, PCR Testing, Doctors, Censorship and Truth! – Dr Rashid A Buttar

This is a riveting chat with Pattie Brassard who has similar information to Gene the decoder, and a lot of unique professional experience.

There Is No Sky Daddy #1 – Pattie Brassard & Klanmother Karen

Gene did this update with Rick at B2T and it’s well worth the time as well.

Gene Decode’s Insights on Jan 6. B2T Show Jan 2, 2021 (IS)

Gotta run, folks. Be informed, share, and let’s wake up as many  people as possible. I think a ton of folks will be red-pilled this week. In walking around the neighbourhood I saw an SUV in a driveway with a license plate beginning with “redpill”. It’s happening.

Make lots of popcorn—with sprinkles—and enjoy the show. The casting is priceless.  ;0)   ~ BP

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