Rick Jewers ~ January 1, 2012

On a Higher Divine Level, so many energetics are playing out and affecting both countries, Croatia and Italy, the Balkan, as well as other connected countries like Greece and Turkey, in this general area. This is resulting in earthquakes, power outages, sky phenomenon, particle accelerator shutdown, nuclear fusion, and more.

The Roman and Vatican energetic imprint is being removed, especially in Croatia. Croatia, and immediately, all of former Yugoslavia, has been prepared for this time, for the New.

The energetic White Dragon of Croatia has been powered up and is crushing the energetic Head of the black snake,Milano, Italy, as well as other areas of Italy, except the “heel”, for now. The first strike against Christ around 2000 years ago, involved a bruise on the “heel”, at this time Now, it was written, that the Christ, which is also the Heart, would crush the head of the Serpent, which is the black snake of Italy, which is why the earthquake activity in Italy is mostly in the symbolic head area, representing the battle that was occurring.

Last year, I and 3 Others were called to Venice, when I arrived, I received the Divine Message that a decision had to be made upon whether Venice went completely under water or not, and also a connected devastation to most of Italy. To assure ONLY the dark/evil would be taken with the destruction of Italy, a two week Divine notice would have been given to anyone needing to vacate the area, to keep things simple, the Divine decision was made to give it another year, and two weeks later, Venice only partially submerged.

This is to inform You, Those that have eyes to see, that the Heart area, Croatia, of the New Gaia, has been totally secured and Activated, and is being further empowered through the energetics of the People here and in surrounding countries as We speak. On a High Level, in this area, Croatia, there are MANY that are Children of God, meaning a very direct and strong connection to Prime Creator and the Higher Angelic Realms, incarnated and placed here, for this very important time. This is also connected with Fems and my Mission, and is ALSO why We are here NOW.

We are very near, the total end of Revelations, and there is NO apocalypse, rather the upliftment of Humanity into the NEW, the Rapture. There may possibly be a hyder flare, which Creates a great flash from the Sun/Son, at anytime, this flash still has the capacity to instantly separate the remnants of evil, from the Ascending Souls, and resetting a different good reality, with many being oblivious to what even occurred, thinking the New reality, is what it always was. You WILL retain Your memory, regardless if it is a total reset or not, for this is the last incarnation here for You and Your physical vessels have been prepared for multi-dimensional travel.

Divinely, the desperate trivial interjections from the remnants of darkness/evil, will NOT be tolerated, and their prior negotiated deal of remaining on an approximate 63 year lower density timeline, may also be revoked, and an instant obliteration for them occur. This Ascension is the dominant Divine Timeline, it is Ascertained and assured, with nothing interfering with its progress and relative Divine Timing. We have accelerated the Ascension by about 9 linear years, whereas the Ground Crew became tired of the game and made a Divine Decree that was approved, that We could speed things up.

This phase NOW of the Liberation for Humanity and the Human experience, is to implement and fully integrate the New open ended monetary system owned by the People, and to integrate simplified law, to transition them out of the requirement for money, to advance them, and subsequently prepare them for first contact. We ALREADY have first contact, for Those with eyes to see, however, that is not for all yet, and Their experience must remain intact, and they advance into it later.

Also, as mentioned over the last several linear years, We are opening up and revealing more of the ancient secrets contained and hidden in Antarctica, as indicated by recent events there, so this is ALSO well underway. We have also aligned the tilt and spin of Gaia, to open more of the Northern Hemisphere in preparation of Human migration, and spreading out. Many underwater hydrothermal vents have been opened, circulating through the oceans to also bring warmer water currents to cooler areas, as they open up to more inhabitable areas as well. The air mass circulation, the jet streams have also been altered to fit an emergence of great geographical conditioning and environmental good change, to accommodate further global Human dispersement. We have induced the air/oxygen to a higher energized state, by adding another hydrogen atom at times, and reversing the spin, when required to continuously advance the carbon based organic bodies of the rest of Humanity, when it is Their time, to a more crystalline state.

I suggest for ALL to energize and empower the Highest Timeline so that We steadily take this forward, shaking of the pests of density. That is enough for NOW, I may have a few days off the internet, ALL is going well.

Love and Light


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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