The Divine announcement ~ December 31, 2020

December 28, 2020

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come today to share news.

The planet has been uplifted. Humanity is now being categorized as a brand new human race, the I AM race. As a result, the planet wide structure has to change and the Divine is busy doing that.

In other words, the Divine is going to introduce a new system and structure to the planet and humanity to match where the planet is and the new human race. The new system is based on the Divine structure and the spiritual laws and spirit-based world functionalities.

In other similar star nations and systems, the spiritual laws are prevalent. In other words, the societies are based on the spiritual laws. The governing bodies are spiritually inspired and have a hierarchy that is spirit-based. That is the design for the function of a spiritual society and now the planet earth has the privilege to have the new systems in place.

In the next few months or so, after the installation of these spiritual based laws and rules, the society will have to change. Human relations will need to reflect the changes. Spiritual practices are going to be the norm and the highest governing body on the planet is Divine sent and governs as spirits in human form.

You, my dear children on earth, the light workers community, will have to step up the Divine duty and start your leadership roles as the way showers. It does not matter what Divine roles you signed up before birth, what matters is to start the role you have committed to. The time has come for you to shine. All the light workers have been called, and the time has come for action dear ones.

The planet has arrived at a brand new destination. Humanity has now reached the point of evolution and the old ways of being and doing are no longer supported. New ways of being and doing need to start. Challenging, yes, but doable. That is where you, the light warriors come in. Your brothers and sisters need you showing and leading the way. And that is why you are called Way showers.

Dear children on earth, the time has come. You are being called and this time, the duty call is loud and clear. You are needed and the time is now. It does not matter what you think your role is or where you are located, your time is due. All planet wide light workers have been summoned and it is time indeed.

In the upcoming days and weeks, the planet wide changes will start. Another round of the earth changes is in the picture. Mother Earth has already started her move. Once the planet sees the movement, dear ones, humanity is going to look for answers and some will seek your help. Get ready dear ones. Help your brothers and sisters. Let the planet know that Gaia has changed. Mother Earth is going through a remapping process. Humanity, too, is going through ascension. All changes are necessary. And at the end of the day, the planet earth will have a brand new body, humanity will have a new home.

The process is needed and that process has been going on. It is just now that humanity has realized what is happening and that is ok. Humanity is going to be alright. Trust the process. It is led by the Divine and the whole process has been designed meticulously by your Father God and Gaia. All is in the control of the Divine and your Father God. No worries dear ones. I love you dear children of my heart. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace now.

So it is.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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