December 31st—New Year’s Eve 2020: Kiss This Friggin’ Year Adios and Welcome in a Blockbuster New Year for Humanity [videos] ~ December 31, 2020

I doubt if there is any sane Human on this planet who isn’t thrilled to kick 2020 in the butt and start over fresh in 2021, MUCH the wiser and more determined not to be controlled and manipulated by tyrannical psychopaths.

As we stated, the situation changes very quickly; possibly in response to the enemy’s moves… possibly to keep the enemy off-balance, or both.

BREAKING BIG: VP Mike Pence’s Trip to Israel on January 6th IS CANCELLED

More on that…

It’s Happening….Senator Josh Hawley Just Changed The Entire Game


— Garrett Ziegler (@GarrettMichaelZ) December 31, 2020

CONTINGENT ELECTION: Trump Advisor Agrees That Pence Can Throw Out AZ, PA, WI, MI On Jan 6

BREAKING – GAME OVER: Dominion voting machines LIVE HACKED during Georgia Senate hearing

Simon Parkes did a new update for us yesterday, at 23 min. in length which illustrates how the Earth Alliance might respond to chatter about a planned attack by the cabal to shift the situation in our favour. They do their best to pre-empt attacks and save lives. Interesting how Simon’s following ballooned when the patriots discovered him. He was one of our best-kept secrets, wasn’t he?

30th December Update Current News

I think you’ll find this next video below very interesting as Celeste introduces new information I hadn’t heard before, and it confirms what I suspected in at least one case—that different particles of the Kung Flu were distributed to different countries/continents.

Obviously, the White Hats don’t want a planet in panic, and probably down-played the situation to some degree, but it explains why various doctors discovered a number of different treatments worked to alleviate symptoms and cure their patients; including anti-fungals. Why would that work on a cold/flu virus? It’s not a “virus” per se, is my understanding. “Virus” is completely misrepresented in the medical community and misunderstood by the masses. Why hasn’t COVID been isolated in the lab? We’ve heard the China Virus is actually a bacteria, from one reliable source.

If it’s a fungus, that’s a horse of a different colour. The thing with a fungus, as those in the Southwest US know from our battles with Valley Fever, once it gets into your body and organs, it can proliferate via spores, cause all sorts of problems and be very difficult to eliminate. They use a drug called Fluconazole to keep it at bay. The disease may go away, as it did with our dog, or it may go on for years as a woman at the dog park once told me after she suffered for a very long time.

I find it interesting that Hydroxychloroquine has been a winner right out of the gate for treating symptoms quickly and effectively and can be used as a preventive precaution. Chloroquine (Hydroxychloroquine) is used to treat malaria due to parasites injected through mosquito bites, and also to treat Lupus, and autoimmune conditions.

If it weren’t an amazing treatment the psychopaths wouldn’t have bothered with the murder of Barry and Honey Sherman in Toronto, owners of a HCQ factory, and wouldn’t have destroyed two factories in India and Taiwan fairly recently.

The vaccines are a different story and we know in general what the New World Order’s agenda was in that regard. We hear the changes to our bodies would be permanent. How far the Light got in protecting us from the vaccines remains to be seen. It’s probably best not to get a vaccine until we know for certain.

We issue a reminder to always use discretion when digesting any information we present. None of it is true until proven—but much of the news we get is probably partially correct, and possibly spun and embellished to generate the desired response. Too many people assume they know too much when they’re probably mistaken. Use what we bring to expand your horizons, connect some dots, and complete a general “big picture”. The details will be determined at a later date… when the dust clears.

Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine

Do you suppose the nurses and doctors are trying to tell us something? Do you think they are showing their tacit rebellion against this “raging health crisis”???

They’re so busy with all those intensive care Covid patients.

— Fabio ®1⃣7⃣🇮🇹🇺🇸 (@FabioPatriot17) December 29, 2020

If they were overwhelmed with patients, would they be out there in the sunshine dancing? Are these the folks who weren’t bribed with exorbitant amounts of funding if they would go along with the dark’s plan for a fake pandemic?

We really need to stop testing, folks. It’s a crap shoot. My hubby got a “negative” on his second test in Calgary, thankfully, so is free to go about his business/vacation, but they are claiming thousands of new “cases” and that only results from tests. Stop testing. If you’re not sick and have no symptoms, stay away from tests. You’re helping them by testing and getting a false positive when you’re not even sick.

Dave’s common sense approach is always welcome and valid. “We’re going to win!” Trump has always told us what will happen. Expect it. Video at the link. 33 minutes

Ep 2366b – “Move Slowly, Carefully — And Then Strike Like The Fastest Animal On The Planet!”

Here’s today’s update from LT at And We Know.

12.31.20: PULITZER sur-PRIZE demolishes the ENEMY! SHOCKING the [DS]

I always loved the Greek Myths. Tore gets into some fascinating stuff in this show. She says there were originally 17 Olympian gods. It’s a fascinating “creation” story here which is a welcome break from the usual news about the “Controller Virus” as she calls it. It was live when I listened, so hopefully you can catch an archived version because she has profound remarks on many points.

Tore Says Show

— ToRE (@TweetWordz) December 31, 2020

Pffff!!! The dark continue to swat at flies and actually think they can make a difference. So lame.

The patriots should nab Muriel Bowser and barbeque her ass.

The Mayor of D.C. has shut down indoor dining to prevent Trump supporters from coming on January 6th to D.C. but that won’t stop us! People are organizing food trucks. Your soviet style tactics won’t work on freedom loving American patriots.

— Anna Kraken (@Annakhait) December 30, 2020

Next week is going to be very interesting with perhaps a million or more (probably much more) Trump supporters and patriots descending on Washington to demand a fair election. What else transpires might be a huge, positive surprise. A celebration.

We wish you a very happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year, my friends. We’re changing the world and dragging the rest along with us—kicking and screaming in some cases—but WWG1WGA! See you on the flip side.  ~ BP

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  1. Frank Marion says:

    Nasty stuff! The other stuff has been used for years. Malaria, Arthritis, Lupus ect. Very safe.


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