Rick Jewers ~ December 30, 2020


The energetic Serpent that had suppressed the Feminine for eons, has been hurled into oblivion. The belief of the curse upon the Feminine has finished and She has risen above those past restraints. What was written upon the planet and imprinted within beliefs, that suppressed the Feminine Energy, time and again, has been erased and does not apply to this NOW. Whereas the Serpent has been shaken, Gaia/Mother, Ascends to another higher level.

At this current linear time, the planet/Gaia, is in transit to a near future higher position from where great events will continue to occur upon the surface and in the skies. The two eyes, once separated, are once again coming back together, into completion, upon completion in the very near future, the voice of Prime Creator may still be heard in the skies. The Great Breaths may come in the winds, ushering an even more pronounced Creator statement. MORE SOLAR FLASHES WILL OCCUR. November 29th may be considered a warm up flash. Considerable Collective Upward Shifts are always accompanied by significant flashes, for it is the flash that Activates sometimes, and seals, some other times.

The Rainbow Serpent Lines, involve a benevolent aspect and identification. The Rainbow Serpent is Your Merkaba, Your Light Body, and the recent surface Activation of this Ancient Energy, changes and transmutes the lower density of linear time, assisting in upliftment. You received many worldly confirmations that this Activation indeed was a huge success.

Divine Feminine have a bright green Light to go forward, unhindered, empowered beyond anything yet, as Her Rightful Divine Prowess and Authority has been returned. There is nothing to be earned, it is a given, that always is, it is merely a practice and development of the Gift, to Activate it further. You, the Divine Feminine, are discovering long lost powers and gifts, You never, as a humanoid, knew You had, until NOW, because NOW IT IS TIME.

Divine Masculine, The Divine Feminine give You the signals, Rise as they do, and support Their momentum. Keep Their paths clear and undistracted, as The Divine Mother takes thing forward.

The fires will cleanse, and destruct the old, so that NEW can flourish, the waters will cleanse and fertilize, so that the seeds will Heartily grow. The skies will reveal more of a beauty never seen before, where signs abound and proliferate.

You truly have, reached Celebratory Times, as the Linear Time Stamps confirm.

Upward Shift of reality in progress. Trust and be aware of the confirmations of the Shift, the transition. Waves of the Matrix may be seen as You penetrate the dimensional wall. There is some stress from the energetics of the Ascending Timeline and this is normal. It is also reiterated the separation of power from those with ill intent and the ongoing separation of that past control.

The Judgment days are over, where prior choice dictates what reality will be experienced. Many Ships are sitting on the other side of this dimensional Shift, while the number of transports between the dimensions grow. This Shift may be compared in significance to the 2012 Shift, however, more colorful and exciting, in very good ways. Empower Your Choice of the New World.

Love and Light


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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