December 30, 2020: Rethinking Reality [videos] ~ December 30, 2020

We’ve learned a lot of hard truths these past 4 years (and beyond if you’re not new to the independent news community), but particularly since President Trump went on the campaign trail, took office and began Tweet storms, and the advent of the Q Intelligence Team.

We really have come a long way toward innerstanding our reality. We’ve learned that psychopaths have been running the world; that they can create a fake pandemic using their media and public puppets. We’ve learned that they are lawless; they lie, cheat, steal, and they rewrote our history and destroyed civilizations that didn’t suit them and hid the evidence.

We’ve learned they put us on the slow path to destruction by poisoning our air, water, and food and rather than use medical practice to heal us that they use our tax dollars to experiment on us to devise new ways to make us suffer and fund their “health careless” system.

They torch millions of acres of forests as well as entire communities of homes and conduct brutal, lethal sonic tests on our sentient sea life and poison the oceans. They lie about a global survival crisis (global warming, global cooling, etc.) to enable them to move money around and steal from us.

They took over the world financial scene with their Central Bank, Bank of International Settlements and International Monetary Fund and created a debt-based financial system, controlled the stock market, and created boom and bust economic crashes and The Great Depression while they all live in their castles and estates and enjoy lavish lifestyles funded by us.

They control our education systems, manage scientists and researchers and they have a “secret space program”. We’ve learned where all the missing people go and why abortion clinics and family and children’s services were formed.

We’ve learned they foment wars for their own benefit, sacrificing millions of soldiers, experiment on them, and they blow up buildings, sink ocean liners, crash passenger planes and assassinate those who get in their way.

Knowing all these things, and all the lies they have told over hundreds of years, do we think they might have lied about the biggest story of all?

Something tells me there is a secret bigger than who did 9/11, and we’re soon going to learn the truth. I’ve looked at a lot of research and evidence about this Earth and very compelling information suggests that the original inhabitants, before the Reptilians came along, knew our “planet” is flat with a dome over it. Sounds crazy, I know, when you’re indoctrinated with the perfect blue marble images and other propaganda but NASA isn’t here for our benefit.

I watched a video last night (most of it, at least) and want to share it as it might prepare us for what is probably coming. It’s very long, but riveting, in my opinion. It includes some of their “experts” spouting pure rubbish that makes zero sense yet almost no one called them on it. They literally fumble along and make it up as they go and the gullible Humans buy in. Very entertaining, and all the while they’re laughing at us.

Humans are so brainwashed and mind controlled that they attack those who question and want to talk about an alternate reality that makes a lot more sense than the lie we’re living. Why are they so afraid of the truth? Why is the truth so threatening?

Nothing matters more to me than the truth, and that is why I began this blog over nine years ago. I don’t know the truth about everything, but I’m a lot closer than the average Human because I’m willing to examine evidence and listen to what others have to say, and my view now is, “anything is possible”.

We have a lot of hard lessons under our belts now. I think it pays to be open-minded and at least investigate the evidence before we shut the door on “alternative opinions”, and in that spirit I share the video below about some of the biggest fibs probably ever told. Our home: Earth—or “Terra” as off-world Beings refer to it.

It is included in this Twitter post.

Stuff your pride on this down the drain and wake up. I had to do it. 💯

— Mercedes Pyatt ⭐⭐⭐🐸 (@PyattMercedes) December 29, 2020

Whew! Now that we got the hard part over with, let’s move on to the current crisis—the fake pandemic.

Both the dark and the White Hats are using this charade to their advantage and it’s difficult to discern the truth so you’ll just have to go with your personal guidance.

Perhaps the biggest thing going for us is that a “virus” or pathogen has never taken us out in the past, and this one won’t either. There are very effective remedies that don’t require hospitalization IF you or a loved one happen to develop symptoms you can’t deal with.

I believe it’s best to be proactive and support our immune system all the time. I take, C, D, K, magnesium, and chlorella. If I feel something might be coming on I add colloidal silver and oregano oil and take Airborne or a reasonable facsimile. I also have a frequency-emitting device called I-Guard that protects against health issues and keeps our cells healthy.

Use this link if the one below doesn’t work. There are a lot of unhealthy people in the world thanks to the psychopaths and they know it.

Vitamin D could have prevented 90% of coronavirus deaths

There’s a lot to this “information war” and I don’t get deeply into what is true or not. I just use my intuition and keep myself safe.

Some say the vaccines are laced with DNA-RNA-altering nanobots and things that will forever alter us, and others point out that President Trump and the military have spearheaded this operation and are distributing safe, or even highly beneficial “therapeutics” (like Hydroxychloroquine, vitamins, etc. perhaps?) to relieve the fear and end the psyop and the cabal’s ability to manipulate us. You’ll have to make the call.

What we DO know is that the Earth Alliance aims to expose and destroy Big Pharma and their mission to destroy Humanity. Horror stories unfolded due to vaccines peddled in the past and that greedy arm of the New World Order is going away. Our health does not improve with their potions and pills. Perhaps these stories about people dying from vaccines and the vaccine trials are a lesson to get people to abandon that kind of “medicine”.

Tennessee Nurse Gets COVID Vaccine – Received Bells Palsy As A Bonus: “I Think This Vaccination Is The Worst Thing Ever” (Video)

Bell’s Palsy can be permanent, but can also go away. A friend of mine had it a few years ago due to stress after the loss of her husband. It takes awhile to resolve but I think she’s fine now. I believe the med-beds will take care of all this sort of thing so don’t despair.

The fear porn is amping up again. It’s really too bad so many people are buying into the lies after all these months. If they could never isolate a virus for SARS-COV-2 originally, how can a myth have mutated? It’s all fantasy.

That creative, computer-generated image of what they tell us is the corona virus is fake, too. They made it up.

Freedom of Information Act requests in England and Ireland have proven that they have nothing to show us that the Kung Flu really exists or has ever been isolated in a lab. It’s an engineered health crisis to control the population and get them to relinquish their rights.

First Known US Case of New CCP Virus Strain Confirmed in Colorado

We understand that at a time when many nasty people are “leaving us”, they will use COVID to save face for their families.

Some people, however, like to leave the public eye and go underground in an effort to escape their just desserts. I’ll leave it to you to sort it out.

No one needs to die of the China Virus or any other. Pathogens are not lethal unless you’re seriously ill with co-morbidities but this is a cleaner way to purge the criminals. They probably got nabbed and are safely ensconced at GTMO and this is a cover story. Bad apples are rotting away on both sides of the aisle in Washington, don’t you know.

GOP Rep.-elect Luke Letlow Dies of COVID-19

The criminals operate on both sides of the 49th parallel, too.

Nearly every world leader took the bribe and sold out their own people to make this tyrannical hoax a success. Check out the video at David Icke’s website via the link below.

Whistleblower Sends Email That Shows Canada’s Covid-19 ‘Crisis’ is Following a Script

The scope of the Human trafficking still has to come to Light, as well. Many people understand there are pornography rings and child sex trafficking but they don’t understand that it’s in nearly every community, right under their noses, and worst in the upper echelons of every organization. It fuels the livelihoods of many people and large corporations. People in power keep their own secrets—or else. When you’re guilty of inhuman crimes, blackmail is the most effective way to control people and protect the secrets.

This Tweet from a brilliant man provides recent updates.

100s of child SEX TAPES of high ranking Vatican members verified to link with the Pope @Pontifex in possession of China CCP!


— Cyrus A Parsa, The A.I. Organization, ✍ 塞瑞斯, AI组织 (@CyrusAParsa1) December 24, 2020

This is all they got for us, folks. Pathetic, isn’t it? Their cells at GITMO are ready and waiting with the appropriate appurtnenances for perverted “royal” lizards and dinosaurs and their boot-licking minions.

Police investigate bomb threat called into Region business; employees evacuated #NWITimes

— NW Indiana News (@NWINews) December 29, 2020

This rather amusing spoof of the Queen’s Christmas address is a welcome departure from her previous messages, one of which stated in the past that it was to be our “last Christmas”. They were planning to eliminate us and thought it was fun to hint at it, I suppose. We have it on good authority that Queen Lizzie has already been permanently dealt with, so ANY messages from her are “deep fakes”. Just so you know.

See the article here for more perspective. Great video.

I made my first foray into a Maricopa County retail store today without a mask and no one said anything. I worried for nothing, of course all I did was drop off a box at Walgreens’ Fedex depot, but we celebrated our success by getting Mica a pupaccino at Starbucks for his birthday.

The hysteria is visible while walking through the ‘hood and encountering a young woman who stepped outside her door to allow her young pup to tinkle and wore a mask to do so. People are easily trained. I’m not easily managed.

I’ll leave you with that as I bulldoze through boxes and sort out my life so I can bring the New Year in with some semblance of order. It works, you know: “Order out of chaos.” It’s happening, but I first have to paint the shelves of closets that look like they haven’t been attended to in the lifespan of the home. I can’t put my stuff away unless I can start fresh and clean. I know once I load up the closets and pantry that stuff is not coming out again until we move next time. I’d rather do it right the first time.

Kind of like what’s happening on Terra. We’re draining the swamp and getting rid of the disgusting sludge from decades of decadence and corruption so we can move forward with a clean slate. It was so bad, no one realized how deep and wide the swamp really was and it’s a formidable task. Persistence and patience will GET THIS DONE.

Timing is everything. I think the TKO is coming and the dark will never recover.

Ciao for now, my friends.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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