Rick Jewers ~ December 29, 2020

On Dec 21st, a most confirming Event occurred. Before then, and expediting NOW, are confirmations, connecting and validating, beliefs and prophesy of antiquity.

We currently have Sun/Son spots, which are Twins, numbered 2795 and 2794. Numbers 94 and 95 are significant, as well as the conspicuous timing of these two spots/representatives, considering human odds that these two numbered spots would arrive at this most auspicious time.

Then, We must consider the timing of the Twin quakes in Croatia today, the odds and rarity, close to a place that may translate into the word “stone”, and metaphorically where a quake may leave “no stone unturned”, perhaps mentioned in Revelations. Both of these quakes coincide with the Twin Sun/Son spots currently, and the spots originated in timing, from the Dec 21st conjunction, of Jupiter and Saturn, to Create the Star of Bethlehem once again, as a marker for the New Golden Age, the Reign of Christ, or Christ Consciousness. Both quakes today came with important numbers as well, they were BOTH 5.2 M. 52 IS AN INTERESTING NUMBER, “In Hebrew, the numerical value of the word Elohim is 52 by using the gematria in “n”

: 1+12+5+10+24=52.”. Both quakes also have other numerical qualities within the time, position and depth, that offer other Divine clues and confirmation of the Divine Signature. And also this; “The 52 treaties of Nag Hammadi (texts or sacred writings) discovered on 1945 in the village of the High Egypt, hidden in a cave dug in the mountain of the “Djebel el Tarif”. The place is called Nag Hammadi.”, which are essential the Gnostic Scrolls connected to Jesus Christ.

And this; “The ancient Mexicans divided the time in periods of 52 years, waiting the end of the world to the term of each of they. It is the number of the Aztec century, 13 x 4, called the small cycle. We find it in the ligature of the years for the duration of the suns, in particular the first and the fourth sun, which have a duration of 676 years, are considered as being the most perfect since they contain only the two numbers 13 and 52 whose product gives 676.”

There is also a Jupiter/Christ connection to the number 5.2.

You may also wish to entertain the idea that Croatia, the countries borders, are the shape of a DRAGON. If You are able to accept that the area of the quakes are in the wing area, it may resonate with You, that the wings of the Great White Dragon are being powered up. I also share, that Fem and I are currently in Croatia.

Now, let us look at the symbolism of “94”, which is one of the Sun/Son spots, but also how it connects to number 52, and has the Christ/Elohim/Divine Signature upon it.(4 x 13=52) “Represent the cosmic solidarity, 90, existing between the creatures within the creation, 4, by the observance of the divine law applied at the same time in the mutual relationships and in the mechanism of functioning of the universe, 2 x 47. This universal harmony being possible thanks to Christ living in the heart of his creation and his creatures, 9 + 4 = 13.

Symbolize the knowledge and the divine wisdom acquired by the man during his terrestrial incarnation, because of his intimate communion with God and his many tests undergone.”

Some more significance of “94”; “ The numerology number 94 resonates with global circumstances and concerns, being realistic, and a focus on the welfare of humanity. 94 is both pragmatic and idealistic.

It realizes humanity as a whole has its own dynamics. It also realizes the inertia can be affected and tides turned.

When 94 decides to do something, it determines the method and steps required to accomplish it, then applies its focus to that method and those steps until the goal is reached.

The focus of 94 tends to be on specific, attainable goals that, in time, yield long-term positive results.”

And when We look at “95”, from Sun/Son spot 2795, We get this;

“ The mass of Saturn is 95 times that of the Earth.

The Divine meaning of the above equation goes very deep, in the least meaning, that Gaia/Divine Feminine/Mother has just become very powerful.

Just some more clues, confirmations and dots to connect to complete a picture.

Love and Light


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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