Dearest Beings of Light, We come to you today to entangle for a moment with the year to come, 2021.

It is no surprise when we tell you that your year of 2020 has been a very challenging year – a year perhaps full of mystery, confusion, broken patterns, and revelations.

It has indeed, and this will continue for a period yet to come, but that is not all that has occurred. These changes are part of a much Deeper Integration of LIGHT that is unfolding, one that is creating a Crystalline foundation for many New and Marvelous things.

This brings us to the power of 2021 – a year of Deep Crystalline Integration. As we entered 2020, we shared with you that the year 2020 would bring a powerful catalysis of Healing – one that would empower the inner Spiritual LIGHT of Healing to come forth in New and Amplified ways.

For those of you who have been working at the edges of Quantum Healing and the Integration of LIGHT in your Quantum DNA, you have come to understand more personally the Truth embedded in this message.

Many of you have witnessed the New and Expanding Energy, an Energy that holds a Great Healing Power, that comes forth in your Meditations and Healing sessions.

The LIGHT that is with you NOW is BEcoming increasingly palpable and increasingly visible. This LIGHT is a Spiritual or Quantum LIGHT, one that in many ways is New to your planet.

However, it is not just New – it Newly accessible to a larger HUman group for Integration. Equally, the Earth is changing in powerful ways that support the weave of this New Energy into the Crystalline Network of Gaia.

This network will serve as the bedrock of LIGHT upon which a New “TEMPLE OF LIGHT” will be built – a construct that is Awakening through the HUman Heart.

This year, 2021 will witness a profound deepening and expansion of this Integration. It is for this reason we acknowledge the year 2021 as the year of Crystalline Integration.

You see Dear Ones, as you each experience an unraveling of the veils of your own inner lamination – through the axis of your Quantum Crystalline DNA Field and your 24thChromosome – you are preparing to embody a New Energy more fully in form.

Simultaneously, your Earth is reweaving her Crystalline Network and Integrating a field of Galactic potential into the matrices of her body – to support her forward movement and of course, each of you.

The Nodes and Nulls of the Crystalline Grid are fully operational and working at LIGHT Speed to recalibrate the body of the Earth for the Majesty to come. This is leading to a clearing of old energy within the Earth’s Grids and instilling the Enlightened potential into which Humanity is NOW Ascending.

As this occurs, each of you personally is weaving a deeper connection through your own Crystalline network within your body of form Energy. This is enhancing your connection to the New Earth that is birthing, and simultaneously to your Galactic heritage – the Wisdom to which you have access through your inheritance of LIGHT.

All you need to do is to Trust, to acknowledge it, and make the space for you to receive that which there to support you through the Energy of these times while this New Connection develops within you.

In the parlance of your modern-day, this is akin to the building of a “network” – one of Crystalline support that is both a foundation and living system of LIGHT. This support is Interdimensional or Quantum – but creates a very necessary foundation for you to manifest the emerging powers and potentials which are opening before you in future days. A

s this network is more fully developed and functional – you will understand the power of the Living LIGHT within you, to Support you, to Teach you, to Balance you, to Restore you and to Heal you in the most Magical of ways.

You have BEgun to feel the first pulsations of this changing reality – cloaked in a world of Turbulence and Great Change. But this time on the planet shall pass, and you will emerge on the other side of the planet’s Great Changes, ANEW.

You will note that you have been called to “be still” and “be with yourself” in recent days – and there is Alchemical support delivered in this experience. It is in preparation for you to rely on your inner LIGHT to Know, to Choose, to Act and to Honour.

As you release yourself from the tendrils of occupation and busyness of mind – you are feeling and knowing your inner power.

You see, Dear Ones, how this is purely by Inspirited Design. As you attune more and more deeply to this LIGHT within you – you will begin to see more clearly where your beautiful planet is heading as the Crystalline Integration deepens in the year ahead and beyond.

So many beautiful things are just around the corner. Solutions to many problems that have plagued humanity for so long Now. New inventions, New Clean and Renewable processes for Managing Resources, a Shift in Leadership, a Maturing Consciousness of Global Relationships, Dismantling old outdated systems of cultural and societal survival that disempower the Human Spirit.

Healing, regeneration, and life extension will also be experienced by many. However, these do not occur “in isolation”. They occur which a much vaster system of Intelligence and Design that is supported by your relationship with this Great Crystalline Change.

It is, for this reason, we Highlight the Deep Significance of what is Happening in the year 2021. Since our focus is on Healing and the Ascension journey, through our dear channel, we say to you specifically that you will see greater responses in the 3D world to New Energy Healing efforts.

These results, too, are woven into your changing Crystalline Energy and the network of support that is emerging. It is therefore a moment of manifestation of something “long in preparation” – for this time.

The structural energy patterns, those that have created and held in form the issues you face in illness and so many other challenges, will be recalibrated and reorganized through your Crystalline Transformation.

You will witness many changes in your bodies, your relationships, and your experience of 3D reality, in the Magic that is to come as the Crystalline Integration Deepens. Do not be dismayed by world events – go deep within to rise in your Awareness of the overview of what is truly taking place.

Be in resonance with the HIGHER Energy that is within you. Humanity will be very busy in the years ahead bringing LIGHT into Darkened aspects, solving problems with profound New Energy of guidance, and emerging New Inventions that will facilitate a transitional movement on the planet into a time of Diamond LIGHT.

In the words of a beloved teacher, “You must learn to be in the world but not of it.” You may take solace in the living wisdom of these words, as you develop your Crystalline connection in resonance with the Earth, as she changes and postures herself for the Ascended BEcoming.

Walk a path of Wisdom and return often to the LIGHT in your own Heart – for it is there you will know yourself truly. Take time to experience the ever-deepening Crystalline connection that is developing through your Energy System and let it bring the gift of Peace and True Healing in its Wings. Walk in Beauty.

BE in PEACE. Through the LIGHT of the Eternal Sun… together with you, We are ONE.


Channeled through Dr. John Ryan 💜

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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3 Responses to THE DEEP CRYSTALLINE INTEGRATION OF 2021 ~ December 25, 2020

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    I’ve been feeling sooooo beat up snce monday, and sleeping can be a chore as well.

    Are we going to see ANY results?


  2. suzieq7775 says:

    God is the Light of the World. He is real. His Word is authentic. To get that inner peace, ASK, ACT, ACHIEVE


  3. Neil Vidican says:


    And I’m 41, now…….so, I ask where the FUCK is god? What the jerk doing, sitting on his/her/its/their fat ass?


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