Natalia Alba ~ December 25, 2020

Beloved Ones, At this crucial phase in which we find ourselves now, we are again, seeing in nature, in the movements of the Planets, and in all Creation the same message of masculine and feminine integration, as it happened on the Winter Solstice with the numbers 21, 12. This last phase of the year, is very important for us to choose where we focus our energy and where we need to create more understanding, inner work and releasement, for it is pivotal, if we have chosen to break free from an obsolete reality and continue stepping into a more illumined one.

The peak of these unifying energies will come at the end of the month with the Full Moon in Cancer, which sextile Uranus, as it is not precisely about the Moon, but about the conglomeration of the many alignments surrounding it, what makes of this time a wonderful one to work in the restoration of our distorted feminine, which is linked to the Moon, as well as with the integration of the authentic essence of the masculine, for we cannot manifest, if we are not empowered enough to bring into creation what the feminine nurtures from within. Indeed, the process of polarity integration that make us whole, is not an easy one. However, it is the most important one if we desire to align with the current energies. For these energies do no longer reside in a dual plane, as we have passed from a three dimensional space, to a more illumined one, in which both energies are in complete integration, and anything that tries to separate them is automatically dissolved.

If we wish to co-create and exist within this frequency range that reigns our new space, then we need to focus on the intentional alignment required for this to occur, or we will be still oscillating between two realities and energies, something that is no longer compatible where we have chosen to go next.

Therefore, if you are trying to bring something important for you into fruition, and you are having difficulties in manifesting it or simply what you created is not what you truly desired, it may be due to an aspect of you that still resides in the past dimension that you no longer wish to dwell in, and/or in the still inner fragmentation within you, that is being reflected in all you create.

There are many signs that will help us discern where we are heading. One is in the people with whom we co-create with, as they tend to reflect where we are and traits of our personality and current state of being. As we move towards the Full Moon in Cancer, we are going to be experiencing many soul gatherings that will show us how our journey has shifted, as others show us the result of the frequency that we posses now. This has nothing to do with the Moon, for as you know and I said many times, it is an artificial satellite, but about the conglomeration of all the energies that align, surrounding the Full Moon.

Remember as well, especially at this confusing time, the importance of clearing your mental plane of programmed beliefs, negative thoughts and of everything that impedes you seeing with clarity who you are and what is truly taking place. The mind can be a good tool when it is cleared. However, when it is filled with negativity, our own fears and doubts, it can lead us to create outcomes that are not aligned, for they are based in our fears.

During this time, remember to embrace your uniqueness, for you are not meant to be and behave like everyone else, and follow only the path that your soul traces for you. Doing this will not only shift the course of your human life but that of All, as every movement, thought and act contributes to foment healing and expansion, or to destroy and contract.

Yours is the choice, the power and the Will.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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1 Response to Natalia Alba ~ December 25, 2020

  1. gratzite says:

    In appreciation of referring to the Moon as being artificial, but somehow still relevant in Astrology.


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