Welcome To The New Frequencies Of Light! ~ December 23, 2020

Welcome To The New Frequencies Of Light!. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

December of 2020 has been filled with powerful cosmic energetics almost as if the entire year has been compressed into one strong month of up–leveling to higher influxes of galactic vibrations.

On December 17th, for example, the portal opened for the arrival of the Winter and Summer Solstices (in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres) and the conjunction on the same day of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (Tropical Zodiac) and in Capricorn (Sidereal Zodiac) today, December 21st, at 5:02 A.M. (EST).

Beforehand, on December 19th, the Sun of our galaxy merged with the Great Central Sun sending out a powerhouse of LIGHT.

Still earlier in the month, as further preparation for December’s continual dynamism, Earth/Gaia moved on “Her” axis at an amazing 800 and then lower 200 cycles per second when the anciently–known “normal”, which has been a relative constant in our modern day, is only 7.83 cycles per second which has been termed variously as “Earth’s Heartbeat”, as the “Schumann Resonance” (named in 1952 for the German Physicist, Dr. Weinfried Ottto Schumann, who studied and published his findings on the planet’s vibrational turnings), as the planet’s “Energy of Consciousness Currents”, and as its “Power”.

The planetary amplitude, the strength and depth of the potent cosmic energetics affecting the inner core, have also been registering at low levels of “7” or “9” or “12”, etc. and at higher levels in the “20s”, the “30s”, all the way into the “60s”, the “80s”, and even into the “100s”.

New Frequencies Of Light

In fact, now, both the vibration and amplitude of Earth/Gaia is referred to as its “Power”; for indeed, they both work in unison to give us, via modern-day scientific equipment readings, information about our planet’s swirls, jumps, and stretches—its rhythmic dancing to the tunes of cosmic music at the inner realms and the outer fields.

All of the energetics that have and still are affecting Earth/Gaia and the entire galaxy have created a cosmic theatre production of NEW FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT, and the crescendo has been reached with the coming on-stage of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which has not occurred in the specific zodiac signs mentioned above since the “Star of Bethlehem” at the physical incarnation of Yeshua Ha Messiah thousands of years ago in 7 B.C. E. (“Before the Common Era”) and then again a little over 800 years ago A.C.E. (“After the Common Era”).

These two planets coming into each other’s arms look in the night sky like one huge bright star. We have entered a new space/time continuum.

Let us travel deeper in analysis. A “frequency” is an “energy wave”; “energy” is “life force”; and a “wave” is a “movement of life force up and down and back and forth”. For example, a “Plasma Wave” is a billowing gaseous group of particles of radiation, sometimes coming from outside of our solar system and sometimes coming directly from our Sun driven by “Solar Winds” at high speeds.

Thus, a “Plasma Wave”, like everything in creation, has “life force”. With the arrival of the planetary conjunction mentioned, we have received a higher dose of LIGHT FREQUENCY—of the ENERGY OF LIFE FORCE.

The New Frequencies Of Light - Great Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn

New Frequencies Of Light

Thus, our dioxy-ribonucleic acid (DNA) has been further re-adjusted and re-aligned and attuned to SOURCE FREQUENCY, and our cellular records have been swept cleaner of old programming. Most “Earthlings” and all “Galactic Citizens” will find themselves having different thoughts and feelings about philosophical frameworks, spiritual beliefs, and their functions in this NEW FREQUENCY OF LIGHT.

Jupiter is the blueprint that will expand the process, and Saturn is the blueprint that will anchor it in and do the organizing and work to insure the decisions made are manifested in the best way.

However, this will happen only for those who are sincerely oriented towards the betterment of both themselves as well as the human collective.

No selfishness or false ego will be tolerated. A new era of LOVE, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE can begin as we push out further into “Sattva Yuga” (“Age of Peace”) while still releasing the dross of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”).

We have been given a greater indwelling of BRAHMA (Sanskrit language)–the aspect of SOURCE which is the “EXPANDER” and its ALEPH (Hebrew language) the vibration which is the OUT-THRUSTING ENERGY OF CREATION. Our ANKH (Medu Neter—ancient language of Kemet) or LIFE FORCE is more vibrant.

Meditating on particular symbols will assist our pineal and pituitary glands in acclimating to the new LIGHT so that we can receive greater knowledge and wisdom.

These can be an ANKH, an AUM (OM), or a KEM SEB —the interlaced triangles which are often referred to as the “Star of David”, but which had its beginnings in Kemet and was known as “Potent Star”.

These are three of the most powerful symbols in the multiverse (cosmos), and there is an ancient teaching that “People are transformed by symbols.”

The symbols can also be worn as sacred healing and protective talismans and amulets.

They are reminders in this modern era that although we still have obligations of a “3d” nature (work responsibilities, paying bills, family activity, etc.), we must now focus more avidly upon spiritual modalities (the rituals of our individual paths) which are the “forceps” of our “re-birth”.

Interestingly, also on today, December 21st, the Moon is “Void” from approximately 5:25 A.M. (EST) to 5:35 P.M. (EST)—about twelve hours.

When the Moon is “Void”, this is when it has reached its last degree in a certain zodiac sign before moving on to the next sign. There are 30 degrees between signs.

As a simple example, think of moving a chair across a room. The space between where the chair originally sat to the new place where you want it to be is the “Void”. Thus, the “chair” (which represents the “Moon” ) is moving from one “place”( which is the ” zodiac sign”) to the next “place” (“sign”).

The Moon is “Void” for varying amounts of time. Sometimes it is “Void” for a few minutes, sometimes for several hours, and sometimes for an entire day and into the next day.

A “Void Moon” is an excellent time in which to relax more, to read, to meditate, to perform Yoga. In other words, it is a special time to refrain from the usual daily rigors of activity (if possible) because during a “Void Moon” if activity is forced which is actually unnecessary, it will not work out as planned, and will often need to be done all over again.

This is similar to when Mercury is retrograde as it will be early next year from January 30, 2021 to February 20, 2021.

The Moon is our fastest moving orb. It stays in a zodiac sign for only about 2 1/2 days or 48 to 60 hours with some of that time being “Void”.

Perhaps today’s lengthy “Void Moon” is a gift to us so that we can work on anchoring in the new powerful FREQUENCY OF LIGHT.

The Moon governs our emotions and biological processes. After all of the experiences of 2020, we need calmness and healing of our emotive responses and our nervous systems.

SOURCE is most definitely the “Conductor” of the “Great Conjunction” opera, and we are a part of the “Symphony” and are consistently being “tuned-up” by solstices, equinoxes, planetary alignments, solar flares, solar winds, etc.—the “lyrics” and “tunes” are written by the DIVINE ABSOLUTE.

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