December 21, 2020: Planets Aligning—A Sign of the Times for a Critical Week? [videos] ~ December 21, 2020

Tonight is the night! Jupiter and Saturn align in a 400-year spectacle. Here in Arizona we’ll be watching in clear skies.

… it will happen just after sundown on the evening of Monday, December 21, just after sunset officially occurs at 5:23 p.m., which is when both Jupiter and Saturn will get brighter in the sky. The conjunction will be visible for approximately 90 minutes or so before the planets move below the horizon. Source

Will it appear to be a “star of wonder”? We’ll find out.

I wish I could provide a skillful analysis of what has been happening but after several days of moving house and being disconnected from the outside world and trying to put life back together, I am the one seeking updates and analyses. I wish I could have a pow-wow with the crew but their comments will help flesh out the news I need to know.

I must say it’s a relief to get back online and the cable company had its challenges but as you can see—we’re back in business! (ignoring the annoying static “ticking” noises in my speakers that didn’t vanish in the move and hubby says means they’re toast)

Simon Parkes did an excellent update on the 18th I found very helpful. He checks in on many topics, including Q and the cosmic chess game unfolding with the assistance of a Quantum computer to anticipate moves by the dark, etc. Fascinating stuff. Most of the Q&A involved the liberation process as well, since it’s so important to so many people.

2020 12 18 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

A friend sent this post below from 8kun. Most intriguing, and it sounds legit. Take it for what you will.

The Q team, President Trump, the military… have all let us know that we are in good hands, that a major operation to save our planet and Humanity is underway and that we must be strong, steadfast in our belief in good over evil, and to ignore the lies and propaganda. I believe most of us are at that point. Choose love over fear, and call your angels.

They informed us and trained us over years to prepare us for this time. We can do it. We have far more support than we know. We’re making history.


Dear Patriots,

Some of you may recognize my name. I have daily briefings with POTUS and have posted here before a handful of times as a “helper”.

What I’m about to disclose is the most important post you’ll read before the inauguration. Q will not post here again, at least not for a while. The operation is ongoing but must run silent at this point. Once we wind down you will not hear from Q again. Don’t let this worry or upset you.

We are in perhaps the most critical juncture of American history. POTUS is fully aware of the gravity of this time period. We have prepared from before 2015 for this exact moment. I am not asking for faith in us. Q should have already used logic, reason, and multiple proofs to establish our credibility.

What happens this week will change history. We are asking you for now to stay in your homes and do not under any circumstances interfere with the operation. You’ll soon see things unfold that many would think impossible. POTUS is insulated and 100% safe. Our plan is almost complete. The DS has already lost. Everything you’re seeing in the MSM and on Twitter is a last ditch attempt. Why has Kamala not yet left the senate? Where is Joe? Where is Joe really? Hunter has turned himself in.

We asked you at the beginning to prepare. Your role is crucial and your task is to help the population deal with what is about to be revealed. Those patriots who have been here from the start will understand and recognize this directive.

Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. Do not believe the MSM over the next week. Do not for a single minute give them any credence. We have legally won this election and what comes next is the greatest mop up job in the history of the world.

Patriots, we thank you. We could not have gotten here without you. Now is our time. Hold the line.

You will receive no further messages on this channel from us until the operation is over. At that point, the entire world will know.
Thank you and God bless. Pray for us, POTUS, and the United States of America. We are in the most dangerous phase and the stakes could not be higher.

The election nonsense is still playing out. How do they think they can fool anyone?

They are very scared of having those machines audited in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The fact that the Maricopa County Supervisors are covering up crimes by refusing to comply with a subpoena shows you just how bad it really is.

— Mike Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) December 21, 2020

For those who have the time and aren’t schooled in these topics, Michael Jaco has an informative show. I wonder if he’s been asked to address this stuff to get people up to speed. I haven’t been able to listen yet, but it is important for the world to know about these things that have been kept hidden for so long. The reality is far more colourful than we were ever led to believe.

Vril Reptilians, Witch covens, Illuminati Families, Draco Reptilians and the End of the Deep State

I’m going to close with today’s update from And We Know, because I still have mountains of boxes to unpack so we can function here.

12.21.20: White House Pics provide AMAZING CLUES! Without VICTORY there is NO SURVIVAL!

Ciao for now folks. You are the warriors asked to be here to assist in this operation. You know what to do.  ~ BP

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