Dear Beloved Family of Light of Love ~ December 21, 2020

as above with all company of Heaven and bellow with inner Earth Family with all Star Family with all Earth Inhabitants , and in Divine reunion as One with beloved Mother Father God or Supreme Creator of Great Central Sun and with beloved Mother Earth, and beloved Father Sun Sol, as a great circle of Divine Love and Light starting to bathing our beloved Planet, Mother Earth and all Her Inhabitants, for the Great Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on 21st December 2020 in Aquarius, the last time happen in 1623, with 26 degree to Sagittarius. This is important Event that will allow changing old era of 3 D of Duality, to New era of 5D of Unity with our beloved Father/ Mother God in Divine Love and Light, in Peace and Harmony with Abundance equally for everyone, with happiness and joy. But remind dark forces, still, trying to keep us in slavery ego mind program, so very intense pressure on light workers is happening right now, trying to prevent our Awakening and Ascending, or getting out from their artificial 3-4D hologram matrix of ego mind of slavery Fear program, controlled by Super Quantum Ai computer, still in hands of few very high negative Draco Reptilian beings. This program can be broke up by absorbing very high Love Light energies, coming directly by our beloved Father Mother God and in great reunion with our awakened Souls, as part of Divine Source and activating our inner Divine Love and light, presented in our Heart chacra, that will close our Ego mind. Overflow of Divine Love through of reunion of Hearts network of all Inhabitants, integrating with the Heart of our Mother Earth Gaia and Father Sun Sol, through 12 Portals, and Lay lines will activate Magical Box under Uluru, in Australia and that will activate Umbilical Cord with our Great Central Sun Alcyone in Pleiedian constellation with 12 and higher Dimensional frequency, the place of our Prime Creator or Divine Father Mother God.
That time just come now with conjunction Jupiter – Saturn with opening new and important Jupiter – Sagittarius Portal, being closed for eons of time of repeating cycles of reincarnation of our Souls, where Jupiter is false God, and Saturn is Judge and taking our Souls to Cigna Constellation and bringing back for another reincarnation. This important Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is closing dark portal and opening Light Portal to Sagittarius, with reconnecting with Pleiedian – Sagittarius Portal, that has been already open, allowing Divine Love and Light energy to flow through our Solar belt and bathing our Mother Earth and all Her Inhabitants. With this special Event, We are in great opportunity to change our 3-4 Dimensional form of creation of our Ego mind of Astral program of “ Many opportunities” of new War games of artificial time line of Hologram of Quantum Ai, to reconnect with our Divine Source, beloved Father Mother God, guided and leaded only by our Hearts, where our Divine Inner Souls of pure Unconditional love exists. Global Meditation for activation this Event, where Magical Box under Uluru and reconnection with Great Central Sun is not bring successful, because being guided with different instruction and mostly with visualisation without activating our Heart chacra, and among many was spread fear and panic, as powerful propaganda of dark side.
This is the main reason to activate my Avatar side with 144 000 connected white Brotherhood- Sisterhood Avatars through all Dimensions to our Beloved Father Mother God in Great Central Sun, involving all 12 Zodiac Constellation and all Multiverse to Cosmos, with all beloved Masters, Elohims and Great Central race and Seraphims, and Archangels, and Angels, and Star families and Friends and Inner Earth Families, and all Humanity and all beloved Souls in all Kingdom / Plant, and Animal / Whales and Dolphins, and Felines, and Birds and Canines an others and Crystal / and Elements / fairies, and our Ascended Dragon collectives, Pegasus and other Mythical beings, to open our Heart Chacra and fully absorb Divine Love and Light energies, coming from Great Central Sun, to activate completely outer and inner Crystal Grid, with opening all Portals and Nodes, and through Southern Nodes to activate Magical Box under Uluru, and activate completely Umbilical cord of our Beloved Mother Earth, and all Her Inhabitants to be connect with our Beloved Father Mother God in Great Central Sun of our Cosmos in Great reunion with all Beloved Divine Life forms in Cosmos. It is time to Light up all Cosmos with Cosmic Christ Consciousness as a Great Christmas Tree. The time of reign of dark side is over, and time of Freedom, and Divine Love and Light and Peace and Harmony, and Happiness and Joy, and Abundance and respecting each other equally with freely sharing new technology has been starting NOW and HERE.
All our Forgiveness and Love and Compassion for our , still fallen Brothers and Sisters in dark game to finish their Spiritual evolution soon on other 3-4D places, and rejoin to us through this still open portal.
All my Love to all in Cosmos, and Love and Healing energy to our beloved Mother Earth, Archangel Gaia, and beloved Sun Sol.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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