December 17, 2020: Justice is Gradually Delivered [videos] ~ December 17, 2020

A brief update today.

I concur. This is my expectation. It’s going to be amazing. Historic.

We are about to witness Trump end the globalist siege.
With his back to the wall and years of preparation for this one moment in time, he will go for broke, proverbial bayonet in hand, not unloading until he sees the whites in their eyes.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) December 16, 2020

We won’t tolerate perverts holding positions of influence. The media is rife with them. And the arrest of fashion mogul Peter Nygard in Winnipeg, Canada this week is a step in the right direction.

CNNLOL, however, who already has two others accused of sexual misconduct on its payroll (Ryan Lizza, who was also fired by the New Yorker, and Don Lemon), is apparently eager to make it a trifecta with Toobin.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) December 16, 2020

The comms are insane. Get a load of the messages posted HERE. Coded messages from the deep state bad actors. Very subtle and easily missed.

D486HF A typical brain with the left side depicting an analytical, structured and logical mind, and the right side depicting a scattere

It seems that regardless of how many years we tell people not to take the words and headlines literally, some people refuse to engage brain cells to examine the possible motives and meanings behind what is unfolding. “Nothing is what it seems” may have fallen on a few deaf ears.

We stated that NASA is putting out messages suggesting 6 days of darkness due to a solar storm—but why? If it does get dark—is it really because of a solar storm? We suggested that it might be time to expose NASA, and that there could be other things going on we’re not aware of, but it is a significant article. Timing is everything and we need to think outside the box.

The process we are witnessing globally now has been called, “The Storm” by President Trump. We get a lot of references to “storms”.


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 16, 2020

Some suggest there is a splitting of the NASA organization as this war progresses. Is there a mutiny within the Secret Space Program ranks?

NASA exposing themselves?
Has already been suggested that
there is a coup within SSP Darkfleet

There is also the possible reference to the ‘Solar Winds’ organization, which has been all over the news, and there is also the possibility of an uptick in the space war above us or some sort of operation up there.

The SolarWinds hack, if proven to be done by a nation-state, will likely be considered an act of war.

It behooves the intelligence community to spend a bit more time investigating before essentially forcing POTUS to declare war on whichever nation-state may be responsible.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) December 17, 2020

The 6 days of darkness could reference some communications going dark from specific organizations. Q has been “dark” for 9 days now. For years we have heard that there will be ten days of darkness. It is significant, and warrants discussion.

Several important and key figures in the independent news community have addressed the NASA headline so it IS important to acknowledge it. We may find out later exactly what this is referencing, but for now, we consider all the options.

If you think by sharing an article or video that we agree with it or that we take it literally or are suggesting you should, then you’ve missed the purpose of the independent media. Much of what we share is for DISCUSSION and research. By sharing what we see and hear, it opens the door to examine its purpose.

If you have no appreciation for champagne and caviar, it doesn’t mean it’s crap; it just means your palate doesn’t find the value in it.

We have been advised to stock up on supplies for some time now. It may be necessary, or it may not, but this is WAR and nothing is guaranteed in times of war.

The fact remains that we do not live where we have been led to believe, nothing is real, and anything is possible. There is a sun simulator in the sky that has malfunctioned a number of times whether accidentally or by design. We have already seen China go dark at 4 pm in the afternoon in 2020 so if you are ignorant of these things then you need to do some research before you tell US to do more research.

Research isn’t a 5 second visit to a debunking website where someone else tells you it’s bogus.

It’s 3.45 in Beijing and ALL OF A SUDDEN IT’S GONE DARK. 10 mins ago, it was light. Now it’s as dark as night #beijing #china

— Edward Lawrence (@EP_Lawrence) May 21, 2020

Most of the subscribers at this website welcome or share breaking news, intel, decodes, deeper meanings, historical references, the occult, and appreciate knowing about things that expose the reality.

If you can’t embrace alternative news and conceive of alternative or hidden meanings then you won’t find much value here. One-dimensional thought will be a source of frustration, so Yahoo news might work better for you.

Is this a photo of nurses and doctors dancing because they’re happy? It could be, or it could be a completely different and darker message. There are those who KNOW what it means.

I regret to inform you that they’re dancing again

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) December 15, 2020

In this video Charlie Ward and friends discuss the “days of darkness”, as well as GESARA, mass arrests, and much more. A very interesting conversation.

Good news here, as well.

Ultimately, things are going to be happening soon, by the sound of it.

That’s all I can manage today. Exciting times on many fronts. Thanks to the crew, the lights are still on.  ~ BP

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