December 16, 2020: Rule of Law Returns to Earth [videos] ~ December 16, 2020

In case you’re wondering, as I write this the sun will be up over the mountain in about 35 minutes. The sky is clear blue—no sign of a solar storm. Comms are fine.

With this talk of a solar storm I’m wondering if they’re going to show NASA to be the lying, treasonous, rogue agency it is. It’s no longer a government body—it’s private, from what I’ve heard. They protected the Secret Space Program while siphoning trillions of taxpayer dollars annually to fund it.

They have what most of us would consider miraculous (health) technology and they keep it for themselves while we suffer, all the while pretending there are no space craft or ETs and ridiculing anyone who mentions it. Off with their heads!

Russian military guarding a crashed saucer

Have you seen this video below? MUST LISTEN. Big Pharma is going down, and so are a lot of medical practitioners. No more death by medication. Warranties required. Liability. It’s about time.

Of course we all need to take responsibility for our own health. We cannot put doctors on pedestals and blindly follow their advice. The control freaks who have been running the planet spent a great deal of money “indoctrinating” those in medical schools and taking medical training, whether physical or mental.

If they had questioned rather than accepting the programming, they would have realized the dangers inherent in medical practices, but they did not. Many accepted bribes to willingly become drug pushers and mislead Humanity who trusted them.

The speaker, a planetary judge, then goes on to address elections and voting rights and procedures and the impossibilities we’ve just seen here in America. The citizens’ votes were stolen; the contract with the state broken. Outright fraud. Organized crime and mob rule.

He explains that the FEMA camps (with guillotines?) are filling up due to the fraud rampant in America and globally. Those who committed the crimes are LIABLE. Period. It’s all a matter of contracts that we are ignorant of. No longer.

“Anybody who disables you has broken Universal Law.” No more fraudulent maritime law, admiralty law, law of the sea: We acknowledge only Universal Law, natural law, common law, Law of the Land.

Now, this is Part 3 of 3. I’d love to hear the rest. He makes it clear the voter fraud is GLOBAL, and that We, the People, are not even considered “citizens”. We have zero rights in their system, and he explains the mechanisms for elections and how we can protect our rights.

He explains why judges always wear black robes. It is in honour of the dead. WE are all dead to them. Isn’t that right, RDS? And what of the ITNJ tribunal where he wears the black robe?

This is phenomenal stuff folks. A real education. It doesn’t mean the battle is over. It arms us to do battle.

You can learn more here at his channel. 26 minutes.

[” Breaking News – Global Arrests are Imminent. “] 3 of 3.

The Earth Alliance continues to expose the dark cabal’s established trickery in elections. One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises stated his administration would shift the power back to The People, where it belongs. If you can’t elect the individual the majority chooses to run the country as well as who represents you locally then you have no power, n’est-ce pas? Canada knows; as do many other nations. Democracy? That is an illusion. That’s the mockingbird media trying to drill it into our heads that it exists. It’s a Republic—“if  you can keep it”.


We also find it interesting to see that in addition to Joe Biden coming apart at the seams mentally, and Nancy Pelosi has been a mere caricature for some time, now they claim Dianne Feinstein is suffering from cognitive decline. No problem. I hear the new expansion and upgrades at Guantanamo Bay are designed for decrepit, aged psychopaths so they can serve their sentences with dignity. Totally accessible. If they didn’t commit high treason (and I believe they did) the military tribunals will ensure they get exactly what they deserve. Unlike the psychopaths who have been running the world, we deliver Humanely and LAWFULLY.

The fact is, there are a helluva lot of guillotines collecting dust and I hate to see taxpayer dollars go to waste. Do we get to at least try them out? Some suggest that public hangings or the lobbing off of heads might be a powerful deterrent to wayward people who wish to continue their treasonous ways.

LOOK! All I did was type that and this notification popped up. It worked!

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to loosen COVID restrictions on bars, gyms and youth sports

Simon Parkes has a 7 minute update I haven’t seen with valuable clarification. Many are confused by the current process underway due to the disinformation pumped out by the media and the demonrat party. There’s a huge difference between reality and what the lying, treasonous media claim. The White Hats know what they’re doing, folks.

14th December Update Current News Follow-up

BCP has it all figured out and shares his expert commentary.


And We Know… Trump will be inaugurated for his second term. We just know. Wait and see.

12.16.20: AMAZING courage DISPLAYED throughout the NATION! Coming in for LANDING!

And here’s Dave’s take on it from yesterday’s X22 Report. See the video or listen to the audio at the link.

The Case Is Being Built, Crime Of The Century, The Eagle Has Landed – Ep. 2354

The foreign interference from China is so much bigger than we thought. Congress is going down. The system is broken and deeply compromised. Betrayal like we never imagined.

Mitch McConnell is married to Elaine Chao.
Elaine Chao’s sister is Angela Chao.
Angela Chao is married to billionaire venture capitalist Jim Breyer.

Jim Breyer is very close with the CCP chairman Xi Jinping.

— Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) December 16, 2020

14 Attempts to Undermine Trump Revealed | Declassified | Gina Shakespeare

Q told us we had more than we know. Indeed.


— re5iGaM (@re5iGam) December 16, 2020

Asymptomatic Covid-19 spread isn’t real, so why are people still wearing a mask?

If the above link doesn’t work, use this one.

Here’s the latest on Julian Assange from Project Veritas just released today.

Veritas Obtains Recording Of Call Between Wikileaks Julian Assange & Lawyer In Clinton’s State Dept

I have to get back to packing. My other half is putting me to shame with the volume of work he is accomplishing and I still have walkies to do. One day I forgot to take Mica out but he was bounding down the trail with enthusiasm yesterday so I redeemed myself. Forgiven.

Please don’t take the outrageous claims the mainstream media make seriously—even some alt media. It’s all under control, folks. Dream sweet dreams of your glorious future and stay informed. Facts matter. BE the change. NO FEAR.

Thank you for your support of all kinds. It’s much appreciated.  ~ BP

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