December 14, 2020: Cosmic Chess; Fighting for Our Planet and Humanity [videos] ~ December 14, 2020

In a situation that seems to evolve by the minute, if you blink you’ll miss key headlines. So much is happening it’s impossible to stay on top of it, never mind cover it on a website but we’ll touch on some highlights.

Powell Alerts SCOTUS of New Evidence Filed in Michigan Case

Finally—a study on vaccines and the results, which confirms what many of us knew for a long time. Vaccines provide no protection for what they claim, but they do provide a compromised immune system in many people.

The Human Body is an incredible organism; intelligently crafted with its own defense system. Vaccines disable and weaken our immune system and sometimes people come down with the very disease the vaccine was said it would prevent against, if not something worse. Steer clear of the Medical Industrial Complex and thrive.

Ten year study shows that UNVACCINATED are far healthier than their vaccinated peers who suffer from more respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, etc.

The media is compromised. Despite how they portray themselves “on stage”, they are not journalists fairly reporting on what is happening in the world. For decades, thanks to the controllers’ (CIA) Project Mockingbird, we have been betrayed, brainwashed, and programmed. We now have the opportunity to see reality for what it is.

What a weird thing for @nytimes to ignore.

In a completely unrelated matter, the owner of NYT, Carlos Slim, happens to have extensive business ties with the Chinese Communists.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 11, 2020

TWO MILLION. Holy crap.


Here It Is: First Section of 8,192 Chinese Communist Party Member’s Names, Positions, Etc. – Leaked to Public

Comms. Definitely comms.

SCOTUS comms?

9 doggies

— re5iGaM (@re5iGam) December 13, 2020

Here’s the latest update from And We Know, because when you watch LT’s videos, you DO “know”.

12.13.20: Our COUNTRY tis of THEE?? or CHyN@’s? Starting to ALL make sense now!

Mike Adams brought us an informative interview with a fellow who has an alternative plan to secure America with a version of Martial Law, a term bandied about daily now whereas a year or so ago it was taboo and if you mentioned it some said you were fear mongering. Martial Law has been invoked 68 times before, according to some accounts.

America (and the world, actually) are in a state of emergency. What many don’t understand is that the globalists have peppered the planet with armies of mind-controlled, demon-possessed assassins who will do what they’re programmed to do without compunction or conscience. No empathy or compassion. No sense of right or wrong; fair or not.

If things in America don’t go the way the cabal wants, they might very well activate those killing machines and wreak havoc on our cities and towns. The conversation below is a deep discussion concerning many things we may not have considered, depending on the various ways this current situation in America could go as the election is resolved.

It MUST be resolved, but there is still time. They stole the election from the American People and that will not stand. We’ll have to see how it goes, but it could get a little dicey so I hope you’re stocked up and prepared to shelter in place in case you choose to do so for your safety. The US military is ready for anything.

Tom Zawistowski tells us he gets impassioned pleas from people in other countries who know that if America is not pulled out of the tailspin it appears to be in, that they are doomed as well. People get it now. The Patriots, as I said, did a marvelous job of waking up a large portion of the world.

I was very glad I listened to this one as it gets into the Constitution, legal obligations, and options.

We the People Convention Founder calls for martial law, NEW elections

Great catch

— re5iGaM (@re5iGam) December 12, 2020

TS & length

— re5iGaM (@re5iGam) December 12, 2020

The world has been misinformed. Take note: (from an expert—but not the fake Fauci kind)

Information about that face diaper you’ve been wearing.

— Michael Barden (@MichaelBarden8) December 12, 2020

What a charming fellow Fauci is. Is it clear now that when we said the Covid measures weren’t only temporary we were correct? They always do this. It’s only temporary; it’s only short term until… and then it ramps up rather than going away. Many of us had issues with being muzzled like a dog with a piece of paper or cloth that does nothing to prevent the transmission of a disease. Now there are more of us. Where’s the tipping point? When will the masses see the mask as symbolic?


Michael Jaco and Jay Campbell had a fascinating discussion about a number of things including med-beds, which a lot of people are asking about. They also speak of the Higher Beings overseeing our liberation and the extermination of the Draco and vaccines. There’s lots of cutting-edge info here many will find intriguing and well worth the time if you value an education about reality.

Crushing the Dark with Light Information. Vacs are OK, Big Pharma Will Be Exposed.

Venturing more deeply into the woo-woo… for your consideration. Isn’t it interesting that the three Giza pyramids in Egypt are perfectly aligned with the three stars in the constellation of Orion’s belt. Coincidence?


— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 14, 2020

Giza plateau pyramids, Egypt

And while we’re “out there”, Gina did a presentation on something related.

There were factions who wanted to bring us disclosure long ago but others blocked it. That would have meant the end of their control over us, and their food supply down here on the farm.

They tried telling about Alien Species

I’ve got an itchy trigger finger and my tape gun beckons so I’ll sign off for now.

You can peruse the comments beneath each post for the juicy and provocative information the crew shares. They’ve got the bridge.  ~ BP

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  1. Neil Vidican says:

    I’m 41 now….WILL I be both ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy ET contact?

    It’s the ONLY thing that’s kept me from either becoming a drug addict, or putting a gun to my head yet.


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